Costumes in Black and White

I know Halloween was, like, so last month, but I came across my costume as I was organizing my apartment and decided to share. For the first Halloween of my twenty-four thus far, I decided to be a typical Halloween character: a black cat. Meow.

I don’t even like cats but the costume seemed cute and easy enough. “Easy” until I discovered that all the local costume stores had sold out of the cat sets. I was too invested in the idea at that point, so I set out to make my own. I made my cat ears out of black velvet, which I sewed to a base of cardboard and affixed to a velvet-wrapped headband with a needle and thread. This was no easy feat. I designed the tail to dangle from my wrist so it moved when I moved. It’s raggedy, but in a good way. I’m pleased with the results.

Since I ran out of steam to make a Wonder Woman outfit for Cookie, I dressed her in last year’s Halloween costume: a French maid dress! I bought it at Target and I swear it was the best $10 I ever spent. Cracks me up. Every time.

French maid pet costume

DIY cat ears and tail

dog in French maid outfit

homemade kitty cat tail for Halloween costume

dog looking out window in French maid costume

do it yourself cat ears

sleeping dog

Oh, we humans get a kick out of humiliating our canine companions, don’t we? ;)

Every year after Halloween, I feel inspired by everyone’s creative costumes and vow to remember a few for the next year. Yet I always scrounge for ideas when it rolls around because I never write down my favorites! I’m going to share mine with you so I don’t forget.

Next year I want to be Minnie Mouse—but I won’t wear a standard, store-bought outfit. I’m going to be an old-fashioned Minnie Mouse, the Minnie who wore a little red hat with a white flower popping out of the top. I’m going to make it all myself.

What were your favorite costumes this year? I really want to know; I’ll pull your favorites for a post next year!


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    hahahahah such adorable pics of cookie…looks like she enjoys dressing up! i saw some pet costumes at target this year that seriously made me laugh out loud…so cute

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