Denver adventures

In the past I’ve appreciated Labor Day as a random day off, but this time around, I took the holiday as an excuse to drive up to Denver for four days. I had a fantastic time visiting college friends and cousins in their natural habitats. It’s no wonder they’re so fond of their new-found homes in the mountains.

We couch surfed across the Denver area, spending nights in Downtown Denver, Boulder and Golden. Each town has its own vibe, but I found the prevailing mood to be relaxed, friendly and outdoorsy. The air is crisp and clean, and the food is fresh and organic. Well-behaved dogs, large and small, trotted down the streets alongside their owners.

Below are a few pictures from the trip. The first few are of Boulder’s Farmers Market, the likes of which I’ve never seen. The variety of produce and gourmet food was spectacular. The fresh fruits! The colorful vegetables! The bouquets of local flowers! I’m still amazed. The next few are of the Coors Brewery in Boulder. We toured the facility which, by the way, is the largest single-site brewery operation in the world. We did a lot more waiting than touring, but it was still a neat experience. Lastly, you’ll meet my new friend, a schnauzer mix named Jack. And yes, he has a mohawk!

Vegetables at Boulder's Farmers Market

Beautiful sunflowers and fall flowers in Boulder

farmers market vegetables and workers

Golden Colorado mountains

Coors brew kettle

Scenery from Coors brewery

Schnauzer dog with mohawk


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