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Happy Tuesday to all! I thought I’d post something fun today. After enjoying this collection of silver screen actresses with their dogs (thank you, neo-trad!), I felt inspired to post pictures of several furry, four-legged companions I saw in Seattle.

While I was looking through my photo library, I realized I’ve snapped pictures of dogs all over Europe and the U.S. I culled through thousands (thousands upon thousands) of my old photos and pulled all the dog photos I’ve taken on my trips.

And yes, this is how I spent my weekend—looking through old photos as dishes piled up in the sink. Oh well.

If you love dogs and travel as much as I do, I think you’ll get a kick out of these. Enjoy!

golden retriever puppy

This golden retriever puppy was sitting on the side of Rue St. Catherine in Bordeaux, France. And yes, the dog was sharing a blanket with two pet rats. Je ne sais pas pourquoi.

Black pug in Bordeaux

A friendly little black pug in Bordeaux. We stopped to pet him.

Westie in Paris

A disgruntled-looking westie and her owner in Montmartre, Paris, near the steps to the Sacre Coeur.

girl with dogs in Dublin

This cute little girl played with two dogs on the steps of the Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

dog on leash in Phoenix Park

We took a break from eating soft service ice cream to meet this little white dog in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

retriever in London

This dog was a dedicated retriever. London was drizzly and cold that day. Brr!

white dog in London

This white dog got his paws wet in London.

fluffy dog in storefront in East Berlin, not far from the Fernsehturm.

A funny fluffy dog in a store window in East Berlin, Germany.

woman reading newspaper with dog in bordeaux

A woman reading the paper with her dog outside the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux.

dog in shearling coat

A scruffy little fellow waiting for his owner outside a supermarket in Bordeaux.

big dog with band in Barcelona

This big dog took a nap during his owner's lively street performance.

cat on a leash in barcelona

Ok, this isn't a dog. It's a cat... on a leash... in Barcelona. I couldn't help myself.

spaniel in Venice

Gorgeous spaniel on a bridge in Venice, Italy.

puppy in Venice with flowers

This cute little Venetian dog greeted guests at a local shop.

another spaniel in venice

Yet another beautiful spaniel in Venice.

Scottie dog in Bordeaux

A solemn Scottie dog at Bordeaux's annual spring fair in Quinconces.

kids with dogs in Bordeaux

A couple of Bordellaise girls stopped to say hello to two kid-sized dogs.

Greyfriars bobby dog statue in edinburgh

A statue of famously loyal Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh. He was a Skye terrier that supposedly guarded his master's grave for 14 years. (And yes, I just looked that up on Wikipedia).

husky puppy in norman ok

A beautiful husky puppy at the University of Oklahoma Campus- Norman.

cocker spaniel sitting in field

Venice isn't the only place to find beautiful spaniels! This one was at a tournament in Tulsa, OK.

yorkie wearing outfit

This yorkie went to a local event in style.

dachshund in basket in ballard

This chubby little guy kept his owner company in the front basket of his scooter in Seattle.

Two corgis at Ballard's farmers market

Two corgis enjoying the atmosphere of the farmers market in Ballard, Seattle.

white dogs at inersection in Seattle

One white dog says hello to another at an intersection in Seattle.

my dog in Norman Oklahoma

Last but not least, the best dog of them all: Cookie! ...on a walk in Norman, Oklahoma.

Which is your favorite dog? How about your favorite location? I want to know!

p.s. Don’t forget about Jack, the dog with the full-body mohawk that I met in Denver.


  1. says

    ha! i love this! i’m always guilty of ending up with a lot of dog photos after vacation, too.

    p.s. thank you for the e-mail! i’ll be getting back to you very soon — and, by soon, i promise i don’t mean 7 weeks.

  2. says

    awwww u have no idea how much i love this post. i’m always oooohing and aaahhhhing over dogs anywhere i see them. so awesome you captured these cuties throughout your travels. the daschund in the basket is simply adorable…

  3. says

    You are too cute…”oh well…”

    I’m not as big of a dog person, but I am forwarding this to my friend at work who is doggy-obsessed!

  4. shayna says

    Hey! i was doing homework and i typed in “statue norman ok” in google and I saw a dog that looked like cookie, AND IT WAS! haha. :) I still need to meet her!

    I hope all is well.. i miss you!


  5. Kerry says

    My fave is the one sitting on the bench with the lady reading the paper in Bordeaux. I’m a fan of large breed dogs but something about the whole scene of it is really engaging/appealing :)

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