Fat & Happy

Fat squirrel eating pumpkin

Feeling a little overstuffed? Me too. I thought we could all relate to this big, fat THIEF of a squirrel. I caught this guy orange-handed (har, har) on my back porch last year. He ate the face off my carved pumpkin!

Squirrels aside, how was your Thanksgiving? Fully of family and laughs and good food?

Mine was lovely. My mom and I drove to small-town Woodward, Oklahoma yesterday to eat dinner with my grandmother and the rest of my family. Our Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t vegetarian-friendly, but I made do. Appetizer? Grandma’s white chocolate and cranberry cookies. Entrée? Mashed potatoes and salad. Dessert? A slice of homemade apple pie (yum!). It took a while to recover from simple carb-induced jitters, but I made it. Fat and happy.


  1. Laurita P says

    i’m a vegetarian too so it was all about the sides…cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad…yum. what a great holiday, huh?

  2. says

    omgoodness this put a smile to my face! look how chubby this fella is. sooo cute!
    i can see how he’s been puttin’ on the pounds if he’s been eating your pumpkin. :)
    glad to hear you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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