Halloween? Boo!

Hello lovelies, how was your Halloween weekend? Mine was rather tame. I rue my college days and the spectacularly fun times we had around Halloween. The costumes, the parties, dancing all night with all my favorite friends… Back then, Halloween wasn’t a one-night celebration. It was a three-day phenomenon—an extended holiday of epic proportions.

I suppose life in “the real world” is partially to blame. Boo. I can’t believe I’m going to be twenty-five years old in less than two months, but that’s a post for another day. Before I go on moaning and groaning about these creaky old bones of mine, here are some photos of my weekend with Cookie.

Carved pumpkins

My boyfriend and I carved pumpkins. Can you tell which one I made?

I made pumpkin beer bread. I'm now obsessed with beer bread. Post coming soon!

I decked out my table with mini pumpkins! Have you ever seen anything like them?

Cookie in what would have been her Wonder Woman outift... but I never finished it. Fail.

Pumpkin custard. Enough said.

I want to hear about your Halloween festivities! Did you dress up and go out? Or stay home and munch on Halloween treats?


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    Thanks for the comments, Molly, Kirsty and Degaine! I must agree, Cookie is awfully cute. She’s snoozing on the couch next to me now. I used a picture of her fur for the header on this blog.

    To answer Molly’s question, Cookie is a mystery mutt. I adopted her when she was a year old; she came with nothing more than her name! Someday I’ll splurge on dog DNA testing because the suspense is killing me. Silly but true.

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    both pumpkins are fantastic in their own way, but i would have to guess yours is the one with the perfectly carved diamonds (love the pattern btw!). :D cookie looks so cute in her costume. if beer bread is anything like soda bread, then count me in!

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    Hey! Your blog is really cute, I love the script titles. This was my first Halloween out of college and I reallllly miss the week long parties and next year I am going to have to have my own week long celebrations because 1 night isn’t gonna cut it!!

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      Hi Sharilyn! That bread is a riff on the basic beer bread you can find here. It’s been a while, but I think I just used pumpkin ale and maybe added some grated cheddar cheese? It didn’t taste a lot like pumpkin. Here’s my more traditional pumpkin bread.

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