Lighten up with Pearl, the French Bulldog

Well, it’s Monday, so to the office I go. To brighten your day, I thought I’d share some photos of my friend Camille’s darling French bulldog. Pearl is a sweet, funny little girl, but like most young dogs, she likes to chew on things she shouldn’t.

Here’s a photo of Pearl, my favorite French bulldog, on a good day…

Pearl the cute French bulldog
French bulldog after she ate/destroyed a yellow highlighter
…and here’s Pearl on a bad day. Yes, she ate a yellow highlighter. She bruised her ego but she’s otherwise unharmed. This photo never fails to crack me up!

Thanks to Camille for sending me the highlighter photo! You can see Camille and Damon’s save the date photo shoot here or visit Camille’s vintage handbag store on etsy!


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