Mason jar lights

A cute new coffee shop and bakery called Crimson and Whipped Cream opened up near my place in Norman. I’m a big fan of their cold brew iced coffees, piping hot espresso and tasty cupcakes. However, the shop’s unique décor is as noteworthy as their edible offerings. I was particularly struck by the mason jar lamps hanging neatly over butcher block-style tabletops.

Curious, I searched around online and found a couple of tutorials on how to make similar mason jar lamps. The coffee shop’s lamps were clearly professionally installed, but I think you could pull of something similar on your own by following these instructions or this mason jar lamp tutorial. I’m not sure what type of bulbs would be best as far as safety is concerned, but IKEA’s halogen bulbs seem to be a good choice. While these lamps don’t fit with my home décor, I thought they might pique your interest as they did mine. Enjoy!

mason jar light
diy mason jar lamp
hanging mason jar lampcupcake at Crimson and Whipped Cream in Norman OK


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