San Diego vacation

I’m home! After six days of exploring San Diego, it’s nice to be back home with sweet, snuggley Cookie. I know I said I’d try to post some pictures while I was away, but Paradise Point charged fifteen bucks per day for the internet. Ridiculous, right? I decided to spend that money on a few drinks instead. :)

Despite nearly constant quibbling amongst family members (if only those drinks had bestowed more tolerance!), it was a wonderful break from everyday drudgery. San Diego was suffering from what the locals call “June gloom” so it wasn’t the warm and sunny oasis I had envisioned. On occasion, when the sun came out to play, San Diego turned into a beautiful, vibrant city—a city I could see myself living in.

We certainly did a lot of sightseeing while we were there. Here are some photos of our more touristy activities:

San Diego Bay

That's right, that's a statue of the infamous couple kissing in Times Square after WWII. To the right is the USS Midway, which is a massive old Navy aircraft carrier turned museum.

learning about the USS Midway

The Navy (well, all of the military, to be honest) is foreign to me. We learned some mind-boggling details about how aircraft carriers operate, etc.

peacock at San Diego Zoo

The next day, we spent hours at the San Diego Zoo, which certainly lives up to its stellar reputation. How gorgeous is that peacock?

zoo aviary

A monkey and an extra-large aviary.

Panda at the San Diego Zoo

We had the chance to see some beautiful panda bears. Would you believe that pandas eat twenty to thirty pounds of bamboo per day? That

owl encounter

I had a close encounter with a beautiful owl before we happened upon the zoo's bird show.

monstera deliciosa at zoo

The zoo also had beautiful landscaping with a variety of succulents and tropical plants, like this monstera deliciosa plant.

pssst… I have a smaller monstera deliciosa leaf in a vase on my dining room table.

aerial view of San Diego beach

Our friend Larry owns a helicopter (don't you love it when your friends share their hobbies?) and took us for a spin. I could go on a helicopter ride every day.

Delta Mariner in San Diego Harbor

And just in case we hadn't seen enough, we took a harbor cruise, which is where I spotted this funny orange submarine. Steve Zissou, are you on board?


We lunched at the legendary Coronado Hotel and enjoyed the Coronado beaches.

Paradise Point backyard

Of course, we spent plenty of time relaxing at Paradise Point Resort. This is the view from my parent's back porch.

hibiscus and bird of paradise

Birds of paradise and hibiscus.

Well, that sums up our trip. I’ve relished the past nine work-free days and I’m not ready to go back to the 8-to-5 routine. I’m dreaming of a life of leisure, spent relaxing on Coronado beach, with a good book and a mojito…

Good night.


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