Seattle in Review

Now that I’m back from Seattle, I find myself in the midst of a messy apartment and an overwhelming work load. Regardless, memories of my blissful four-day weekend have been crossing my mind since our plane touched down in Oklahoma City late Sunday night. Since I have no immediate plans to make it back to Seattle (though I’d go in a heartbeat), here are a few of my favorite things about the city for now:

  • Gray skies and cool breezes
  • Watching the sunset over Puget Sound
  • Enjoying the hustle and bustle and beauty at Pike’s Market in the mornings
  • Browsing through boutiques in Ballard (though never buying)
  • Sipping on [good] local wines
  • Beecher’s famous macaroni and cheese–for breakfast.
  • One dollar stems of dahlias for our side table
  • Jacket + scarf weather
  • Fish tosses at the market

And here are a load of my favorite photos from the trip:


  1. says

    these pics inspire me to plan a trip to seattle! enjoying your photographs…love the first one of the public market sign, the fish wearing sunnies and of course the one of the dahlias to name a few.

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