Spring at last!

I emerged from this painfully frigid winter a grumpy, lumpy woman, pale and starved for sunshine. Spring snuck up on us in Oklahoma–a few precocious flower buds played a peep show in March, then we experienced a blizzard on the first official day of spring–but I now declare with confidence that spring is here! I’m in pure bliss.

Thankfully, Cookie and I have gone on enough long walks for me to shed the few pounds I gained during my phase of near hibernation. Dreaded muffin top be gone! I am, however, still ghastly white; after twenty-four years of life in this skin, I’ve given up on achieving any real tan. My personal version of “tan” is considered “one shade short of pasty” by everyone else’s standards. Shield your eyes accordingly.

Alright, enough self-deprecation for one day. I’d like to share a few of my favorite photos from the past couple weeks; all of which were taken within blocks of my shabby peach abode. Without further ado:

bird silhouette in flowering tree

Cookie would totally try to catch (and destroy) this bird. “Try” being the key word.

new leaves on tree

This tree looks like Maleficent’s dragon on Sleeping Beauty… Do you see her?

flowering branch at sunset

Mmmm, sunsets.

spring blossoms on flowering tree

It’s not every day that you see blossoms sprouting out of a tree limb.

yellow flowering vine on gate


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