Wedding Photography, Take 1

When my photographer friend Hannah asked me if I wanted to shoot a wedding with her earlier this week, I said, “I do!” [Gag, forgive the pun.] Here are just a few of my favorite detail shots from the day.

red and yellow wedding bouquet in windowsill

wedding bouquet and couple playing piano

Russian dolls as wedding cake toppers
The wedding was an intimate, atypical affair with only about fifteen guests. The radiant Russian bride, Maria, wore a gold wedding dress. We got a glimpse of Russian wedding traditions at the reception–we watched the two eat Russian bread with salt and admired the little Russian dolls, which Maria painted herself, atop the wedding cake.

The day was a crash-course in wedding photography and I enjoyed every bit of it. I learned so much by observing Hannah in action. She hasn’t been photographing weddings for long, but you would never guess it. She’s creative, professional and took every request in stride.

While none of my photos are technically perfect, I’m pleased with the way they turned out. I realized that I need to save up for a whopper of a lens, and more than anything, that I have much to learn.


  1. says

    I love the photos, looks like a beautiful wedding. I think you’d make a fabulous wedding photographer, of course I think you’d make a fabulous anything!

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