Summer Snapshots

Lately I’ve been talking a lot about food on this blog and not much else. To change that, today I thought I’d share a little about my summer so far. I’d love to hear about yours, too.

Record high temperatures aside, it’s been lovely. Last year, I was working six days a week, which left little time for typical summer activities. I watched the sunrise on hectic morning commutes. Sun rays beckoned through the window in my office building. It was the antithesis of fun childhood summers; grown-up summers won’t ever be so carefree, but they should be enjoyable nonetheless.

This year, I have been determined to experience summer and all that it has to offer. Summer is, after all, the season for long conversations on porches, watching fireflies in the field across the street, and lounging by the pool. Warm summer nights are destined for bike rides and sitting on bar patios with friends.

summer instagram collage

I thought I’d share some of my summer experiences through Instagram photos I’ve taken along the way. First and foremost, my best friend gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Ruby. She has ten fingers, ten toes, and a load of dark hair. I’m so excited to watch her grow.

A few days after Ruby was born, I spent four glorious days in the Denver area. Ninety degrees has never felt better! My family and I witnessed my cousin’s wedding vows in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. My college friend Kirsten graciously offered me her guest room in Boulder [not pictured]. In the span of two days, we biked along Boulder Creek, crashed a hotel pool, and sipped and dined all over Pearl Street. Literally.

Cookie has been staying cool on my bed, napping by the fan. Staying cool is our primary motivation during the feverishly hot afternoons. Oklahoma’s statewide average temperature in July was the warmest on record for any state during any month, a fact that made my formerly very pregnant friend cry. I’ve wanted to cry, too.

I’ve also consumed gallons of cucumber water and loaded up on local fruit and veggies at the Saturday morning farmers’ market. I couldn’t have done peach week without those hardworking farmers.

Summer hasn’t been all fun and games, of course. I’ve been working hard from home, and working hard on this blog. I work for a local magazine, and got promoted to art director earlier this summer. I sent off my second issue to the printer last night. I’ve taken more photos of food than can fit on my hard drive, which seems to be paying off! I’m growing tired of the college town I’ve called home for the past seven years, and I’m contemplating a move.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate the changing seasons, and I don’t think I could go without them. They used to be a given, like the phases of the moon, but I’ve realized that the weather remains somewhat constant in other areas. I don’t know how I would mark the passing of a year without the four seasons—I would feel like I lived in Neverland.

The seasons are more to me than just changing weather patterns. They seem to be mother nature’s reminder that we can’t have it all, all the time. I’m trying to focus on the positive aspects of summer, but damn, it’s hot! I take comfort in the fact that I could be, say, eating watermelon by the pool right now. In a couple of months, I’ll be able to enjoy apple oatmeal for breakfast, followed by long walks with Cookie in crisp fall air (I can’t wait!).

What does summer mean to you? Do you live in an area with marked seasons, or more consistent year-round weather? I’m eager for your perspectives!


  1. Alyse says

    Your summer sounds very exciting! I’m glad you liked the slideshow, and I look forward to trying out all of the drink recipes you’ve been posting for my upcoming birthday. If you’re ever in New York, let me know!

    • says

      I love it when you visit my blog, Alyse! Thank you for your help with the feature. New York is near the top of my list of cities to visit. I’ll definitely let you know if—no, when—I make it up there!

  2. says

    I live in Australia and our summer is sweltering!!! Think humid, sticky, frizzy hair, late still evenings. We are always glad to see some cool weather arrive. Great post and congrats on the job promotion.

  3. says

    Ruby is so cute with the pink bow on her head full of hair! :)
    I used to wish that everyday is like Spring or Autumn coz I didnt like the extremes…but like you, I think I am starting to appreciate having distinct seasons! Too bad where I live, it doesn’t snow during winter (or get sub zero)…but during summer it can get reallly HOT!

    seems like you’ve had a great summer and are looking fwd to the oatmeal days haha. I am looking fwd to the upcoming warmer weather…when the days will feel longer and make me want to go out more :P

  4. Erin says

    Colorado is simply beautiful, my Dad lives there and I really need to get out more often! Cookie is adorable and unusually similar looking to my dog Snickers (who is an Australian Shepherd + German Shepherd mix), what breed(s) is she? Shes the first dog I’ve ever seen that looks anything like mine!

  5. Erin says

    Aha, I just read your About Me page (should’ve done that first!) and read that Cookie is a mystery breed! Snickers is also much larger than Cookie but has similar “splotching”– I bet Cookie is part Aussie Shepherd though! :)

    • says

      I think you’re right, Erin! I asked the vet what he thought she could be, and he guessed an Australian shepherd mix. She’s super smart and agile, so it makes perfect sense. I just wonder what else she could be… must be an awfully small breed(s), because she only weighs 18 pounds!

      I bet Snickers is a beautiful dog. I just love dogs with merle coloring (splotches!).

  6. kirsten says

    I love the photos in this one. That little baby is perfect!

    Glad you are enjoying your summer. We just tubed down the creek yesterday (the water is a little lower than when we biked along the side of it!) and I thought of your stop through here last month when I got to be a ‘tourist’ for a day. haha. The very first little drop off I capsized and lost a pair of sunglasses which just happened to be under a walking bridge full of spectators. That water is COLD! Perfect this hot late summer weather. :)

    Also, every person I share your blog with falls in love with you and Cookie and your beautiful photos. I think you will soon have to collect all of these recipes into a book, and come out here for a signing because we love you. :) Keep em coming!

    • says

      Hey! So good to hear from you. If I had been tubing with you, I’m sure I would have flipped right over with you! That reminds me of the time we went floating down that pretty green river near Austin. I’m pretty sure I lost my sunglasses on that ride.

      Thanks for sharing my blog. It makes me really happy that your friends love it! You know I’m always down to visit Boulder. :)

  7. says

    Hello beautiful lady and cute cookie. Just thought I’d pop in and assure you we don’t just love you for your recipe photos! ;) Looks like you have had a lovely summer. We are heading into spring here in Australia and it’s lovely. I can smell jasmine in the air, the sun is shining and the grass is getting greener. I love early morning walks before it gets too hot in summer, and late night walks after dinner. In the middle of the day it’s nice to be in a cafe with friends or at a house in the shade, enjoying cool drinks.

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