Last Minute Super Bowl Recipes

Oops, I thoroughly meant to post Super Bowl recipes on Friday but evidently Friday has come and gone (when did that happen?). This atypical workweek has got me all mixed up. My office was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the blizzard/snowpocalypse/macaroon-fest, and I’m working ten hours a day non-stop through Valentine’s Day to make up for it. The day of the week is irrelevant at this point.

If you are scrambling for last-minute ideas, here is a collection of my most Super Bowl-worthy recipes:

salsa preparation
Black Bean Salsa Recipe

baked sweet potato fries close-up
Baked Sweet Potato Fries

vegetarian sweet potato chili recipe
Vegetarian Chili

close-up of apple cheddar quesadilla
Apple Cheddar Quesadillas

baked pumpkin cookies topped with powdered sugar
Pumpkin Cookies

What are your Super Bowl plans? Once I bust out of the office, I’m heading to my best friend’s house to watch the game with my best girlfriends. And by watch, I mean chat and eat pizza while the game is on. Yeah!


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    After a previous visit, I made both the sweet potato fries and pumpkin cookies. They were amazing! On half the batch of pumpkin cookies I sprinkled the confectioner’s sugar. On the other half I added chocolate chips.

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