Tomato and Goat Cheese Toast

tomato and goat cheese toast

How was your labor day weekend? Revitalizing, I hope? I spent the greater part of three days in Kansas City with my favorite bunch of friends. We ate dinner at Beer Kitchen, brunch at You Say Tomato, grilled out on the back porch and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast club (Kansas City edition) with Jordan‘s tasty oatmeal waffles. I even got to—wait for it—put on a sweater at night. A sweater! I’m thankful for a refreshing break full of good company and good food, which was just what I needed.

Today I thought I’d share my new favorite easy summer meal: goat cheese and tomatoes on toast. Almost too simple to post, it’s too good to keep to myself. You all loved the strawberry goat cheese toast in my simple summer breakfasts post so I’m hoping you feel the same about this one. This toast would make a great light lunch or dinner, snack, or even appetizer. With creamy goat cheese, crisp whole wheat bread and fresh tomato, it’s a meal that you’ll never want to end!

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Tomato and Goat Cheese Toast
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  • Whole wheat bread, preferably sliced thick
  • Goat cheese (I used crumbled but I bet sliced rounds of goat cheese would be easier to manage)
  • Tomato (the freshest, plumpest tomato you can find)
  • Olive oil
  • One clove of fresh garlic, finely minced or use a garlic press
  • Sea salt and black pepper (optional)
  1. Preheat the oven or a toaster oven to 450 degrees with a rack in the top position.
  2. Slice your bread, if necessary, and lightly brush each side with olive oil. Brush some minced garlic on the top, too.
  3. Add a layer of goat cheese, topped with sliced tomato. Brush a little more olive oil and garlic on the tomatoes.
  4. Bake for 7 to 10 minutes, until the bread is toasted and the goat cheese is melting and slightly golden. Enjoy!



  1. Erin says

    You just made me so hungry, this looks scrumptious! I’m absolutely getting the ingredients for this on my grocery run tomorrow! Yum! :)

  2. ACraig says

    Yuuumm :) I make a version of this from a Cooking Light recipe, but you add basil (a favorite flavor of mine)…it’s a twist on the caprese salad that is very tasty. Thanks for sharing yours looks awesome!

  3. says

    its usually the simple recipes like this that i fall for!! well at least that means i won’t have to keep a long shopping list or spend too much time in the kitchen! the flavours sounds soo wonderful together..garlic, goats cheese and my fav tomatoes!

  4. Mark K says

    Didn’t have goad cheese, so substituted gorganzola left over from the Orichiette and spinach recipe. Otherwise made it exactly as written. My wife and I loved it and it was very easy to make. What a healthy snack!

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