Weekend Highlights

Well friends, it has taken me until Wednesday to publish this post. Here we go!

The weekend was full of good music and good company during our annual music festival and arts market. On Saturday morning, I wrecked my bicycle and had to get my chin stitched up, but that was the only blemish in an otherwise great weekend.

Here are some highlights:

Other Lives is my new favorite band. Mark my words, they are about to hit it big! Other Lives recently opened for The National and The Decemberists, and they’re embarking on a national tour next week. They also released their new album on iTunes yesterday, so go get it!

Next up is my lovely friend Carly’s band, The Workweek. She has a great voice. Check them out on myspace!

Hide the Good Scissors embroidery

Lucky for me, the Dustbowl Arts Market brought my talented friend Jordan and her husband down from Kansas City. I could hardly resist the urge to snatch up everything in her booth! My apartment is already decorated with her embroidery, screen prints, and tea towels, but I added a set of pretty yellow napkins to my collection.

Hide the Good Scissors homemade by Jordan Strickland Morris

Hide the Good Scissors handkerchiefs by Jordan Strickland Morris

Jordan Strickland of Hide the Good Scissors

Jordan sells her beautiful embroidery pieces and other homemade housewares online. Check out Hide the Good Scissors on Etsy!

Only three days until Friday! Locals, did you make it to Norman for the festivals? Everyone, what do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. says

    You have some talented friends! Sounds like a fun weekend, minus the bike wreck. I fell off my bike one time and it was quite traumatic, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting back on it! No plans for the weekend just yet. Enjoy your Wednesday!

    • says

      My friends are talented indeed! I’m always inspired by their creativity. I’m glad you got right back on your bike. Mine is in the shop (fixing the flat tire that caused the wreck), but I’ll be riding again in no time!

  2. Retta @ RunRettaRun says

    Glad you had a great weekend! My older sister is all about embroidery and crafty stuff too. No plans except for Mother’s Day. Have a great week, Kate!

  3. says

    I do hope your chin is feeling better. I’m sure Cookie is being a good nurse?! Sounds like a lovely weekend. Do you like/know Xavier Rudd? Love his music. He’s from here in Australia.

    • says

      My chin is feeling better, thanks! I’m a little nervous that Cookie is going to paw me in the face, though. She’s ornery, my Cookie. :) No, I haven’t heard of Xavier Rudd, but I’m definitely going to check him out! Thanks!

  4. says

    What a great weekend. I love me some live music + art festivals…. those yellow napkins are indeed lovely! I’ll also have to check out Other Lives (um.. now!) I like the Decemberists a lot, so if they are in the same vein, might be a match! Thanks!!

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