Weekend in Review

Sometimes a weekend full of friends and laughs is exactly what the doctor ordered. My dear friend Jordan and her husband came to town, so we spent the weekend catching up and hanging out at our favorite happy hour spots.
Of course, we reserved Sunday morning for a Breakfast Club at my place, during which about ten friends came over to cook and eat breakfast. Coincidentally, Breakfast Club fell on the date of my good friend’s birthday, so we paused to sing him happy birthday and presented him with a special ice cream-topped waffle.
24th birthday waffle

I feel invigorated after so many belly laughs with my friends this weekend. What are your favorite traditions with your friends? Do tell!


  1. Kerry says

    That 4th photo with your friend laughing in the back is a classic! Looks like you had fun, breakfast club is a great idea.

  2. says

    What fun that sounds! These pictures surely do tell a 1000 words including fun, laughter, friendship, and many, many more! :) Breakfast Club is a GREAT tradition to have!

  3. says

    aww great pictures. I wish this weekend could have lasted longer. I sure did have a lovely visit. Thanks for putting me up! I miss our slumber parties

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