Cookie and Kate’s Photo and Recipe Policy

Can I publish your photos or recipes on my blog/website?

I am flattered that you appreciate my photos/recipes. Thank you! Please keep in mind that all of my content (photography, recipe instructions and writing) is copyrighted material and I have worked very hard to produce it.

Here is my policy:

If you want to promote a specific recipe or my blog in general, you may post one photo as long as you link back to the post where you found the photo (the permalink). Please also provide a link to my home page, You may not republish the recipe itself. Please let me know if you promote my work!

If you want to use my photography to promote or illustrate anything other than my work, you must request permission beforehand. I do not allow my photos to be used as clip art or stock images unless we have worked out a deal.

You may not republish my recipe(s) without my explicit permission. I occasionally allow other websites to post my recipes; this is decided at my discretion on a case-by-case basis. Please abide by U.S. copyright laws for recipes.

Thank you for your understanding. Please email me with questions or to request permission.


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    Hi Kate

    In Crete we traditionally always bake with olive oil – we do have rather a lot of it! I love your recipe for Olive Oil, Lemon and Rosemary shortbread, a winning combination. Having baked it I’ve shared it on our Facebook page and Twitter, obviously crediting you with a link to your site. Hope that’s ok. You can see it here

    Have only just discovered your lovely site and look forward to a lot more exploring.

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