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My cookbook collection started out on a shelf, grew to take up all the space underneath my coffee table and further expanded to include the piles of cookbooks on every side table and desk. I can’t get enough! Below, you’ll find a collection of my most-loved and referenced cookbooks. I love some of them for their inspiring photographs and intriguing recipes, others for their brilliant simplicity, and the big fat books for their wealth of knowledge.

I’ve started listing my latest favorites at the top of the list, so check back soon for new recommendations. You may also be interested in my year-end cookbook gift guide and holiday gift guide.

Updated books list coming soon!


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      I love Plenty! I have yet to cook anything from the book but I’ve earmarked at least 30 recipes to try. The flavor combinations are intriguing and inspiring; my only concern is that some of the ingredients will be hard to come by here in Oklahoma.

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        I LOVE “Plenty”! Probably my favourite vegetarian cookbook! Such interesting recipes and combinations of flavours! Love your website Kate! Thanks for sharing!

  1. amber medland says

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking so much time and love over such a beautiful web-site – it is inspiring & exactly the kind of food I love to eat – keep up the good work!

    amber xx

  2. Natalie says

    Hi Kate,

    I found your site last week and I’m super excited to try some of these recipes. I already told a co-worker about your site because I can just tell they are going to be delicious. Yesterday I ordered America’s Test Kitchen Healthy and In Defense of Food (using your widget :)), can’t wait to check them out!


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      I’m so sorry about that, Serena. I didn’t know that McDonald’s ads were showing up on my site. I requested them to be removed immediately after I found out. I can’t control every ad on my site, but I do what I can to keep them in line with my eating philosophy.

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