Apple Cheddar Quesadillas

Apple cheddar quesadilla by Cookie and Kate

This almost goes without saying, but I overindulged this holiday season. Didn’t you? Since my pants are feeling a little snug, I’ve been on the look-out for light, healthy meals that will get my eating habits back on track. These apple cheddar quesadillas certainly fit the bill.

To make the quesadillas, I used organic, whole wheat tortillas, sharp cheddar cheese and crisp, thinly sliced granny smith apples. Cheese and apples alone didn’t have quite enough flavor, but adding a thin layer of dijon mustard to one half of the quesadilla before cooking took it to a whole new level. Thinly sliced shallot is nice, too.

End result? A yummy combination of unexpected flavors, melted to perfection. Try it! I paired the quesadilla with my sweet potato fries.

granny smith apple

sliced granny smith apple

how to make an apple cheddar quesadilla

apple cheddar quesadilla and sweet potato fries

apple cheddar quesadilla recipe

quesadilla with apple slices and cheddar cheese

Have you ever tried cheddar cheese with apples before? This was my first try and I’m going back for seconds. :)


  1. tracy says

    Goat cheese, sweet red apples, and red onions make a great combo…especially with spinach and dijon on a quorn chicken sandwich. Meow.

  2. says

    Those look so good! I’m way too obsessed with quesadillas. I even have a quesadilla maker. I’ve never added apples to one but I bet it would taste great. I’m going to try your recipe!

  3. says

    Beautiful quesadillas! I’ve never tried the apple/cheddar combination, but it always looks so wonderful. The sweet potato fries also look great! What a perfect side to that meal.

  4. says

    Apple and cheddar is one of my favourite combos! These look delicious. I’ve been making caramelized apple and grilled cheese sandwiches all autumn/winter. Sooo tasty.

  5. Jane says

    Apples and cheddar is one of my favorite combos! I just wrote a post about it over at my Shape blog but it’s not up yet.

    Love your blog and all your healthy recipes! Definitely adding it to the blogroll!

    Happy New Year!
    xx Jane

  6. Anna says

    I have just come across this wonderful site of yours.. and I am wow-ed! I just tried this recipe about an hour ago.. (See how quick the food went? haha) I was skeptical of the combination at first but… it’s wonderful! So yummy! Love it! I am actually bringing soba salad (your recipe of course) to work tomorrow… and I hope to be back here with raving news too! <3 <3

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