Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Pancakes

Gluten-Free Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Pancakes

To move, according to Merriam-Webster, is simply “to change one’s residence or location.” The past week has been so much more than that. This move has meant saying goodbye to friends and farewell to an old crush, feeling guilty for increasing the distance between me and my family, and asking for lots of help. There has been a lot of packing… and unpacking… which is hard work if you’re a food blogger/borderline hoarder. It has meant drinking wine and scrubbing cabinets on a Friday night, and resulted in quite a few stubbed toes followed by curses and more wine.

gluten-free blueberry yogurt pancake ingredients

This move is bittersweet. One minute I’m filled with optimism, the next I want to cry and run home to my friends and family. While my family will be in Oklahoma for the foreseeable future, my closest friends are leaving the town I’ve called home for the past 8 years. I took their exodus as a cue to leave—the town was feeling too small as it was, like a shirt that’s too tight.

The boxes are slowly clearing and my new space is feeling more livable. I’m taking this opportunity to downsize, which isn’t entirely a choice given that I have half the storage space in my new kitchen. I’ve amassed far too many breakable glasses and serving piece over the past couple of years. Would you believe that I filled an entire box with oils and vinegars?

gluten-free blueberry lemon yogurt pancakes recipe

I’ve been subsisting on take-out leftovers for the past few days, so after I finally got my kitchen halfway organized yesterday evening, I decided I deserved some comfort food. My kind of comfort food isn’t biscuits and gravy, it’s blueberry pancakes doused in real maple syrup. For dinner. I served it with a glass of white wine, because why not? Speaking of which, I’ve learned that in Missouri, I can buy chilled wine, in a grocery store, on a Sunday. I cannot do any of those things in Oklahoma. Maybe this place is all right.

blueberry lemon yogurt pancakes

One last thing—I adapted these pancakes from my banana oat pancakes recipe, which has been a huge hit with all but a particular treat for gluten-free eaters. The beauty of these gluten-free pancakes is that they only require one type of flour and a few standard ingredients.

In this adaptation, I just traded plain yogurt for the mashed banana, adjusted the spices, and added a bit of lemon zest and a cup of ripe blueberries. If you’re in the mood for more blueberry lemon goodness, check out my blueberry lemon muffins and scones, which are made with yogurt as well.

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Pancakes
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Recipe type: Breakfast
Sweet and tangy blueberry lemon yogurt pancakes made with oat flour, so they are gluten free.
  • ⅔ cup plain yogurt*
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • ½ teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice (about 1 small lemon, juiced)
  • 1 teaspoon real maple syrup (or honey)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup oat flour**
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ⅛ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup blueberries
  1. In a small-ish bowl, stir together the yogurt, butter, lemon zest, lemon juice and maple syrup. Beat in the eggs.
  2. In a medium bowl, whisk together the oat flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon.
  3. Form a well in the center of the dry ingredients and pour in the wet ingredients. With a big spoon, stir just until the dry ingredients are thoroughly moistened. Do not overmix or you’ll run the risk of getting tough pancakes! Fold in the blueberries.
  4. Let the batter sit for 10 minutes. Heat a heavy cast iron skillet (or nonstick griddle) over medium-low heat. If necessary, lightly oil the surface with butter or cooking spray.
  5. Once the surface of the pan is hot enough that a drop of water sizzles on it, pour ¼ cup of batter onto the pan. Let the pancake cook for about 3 to 4 minutes, until the top edges of the pancakes are more matte than shiny and the underside is golden.
  6. Once the bottom side has cooked sufficiently, flip it with a spatula and cook for another 90 seconds or so, until golden brown on both sides. You may need to adjust the heat up or down at this point.
  7. Serve the pancakes immediately or keep warm in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven.
  • Adapted from my banana oat pancakes recipe, which is adapted from King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking.
  • Yields about 10 pancakes.
  • These pancakes are gluten-free as long as your oat flour is certified gluten free.
  • *I used plain, low fat yogurt. I'll try Greek yogurt next time and see if the pancakes turn out fatter.
  • **To make oat flour out of old-fashioned oats, simply pour one cup of oats into a food processor and process until it is ground well. One cup before and after grinding measures just about the same, believe it or not!
  • I intended to top the pancakes with slices of peaches and blueberries, but couldn't find the paring knife to make it happen.

P.s. Behind the scenes:

my big mess


  1. says

    So glad you made it! Huge hugs to you. Moving is a b. We may live in this apartment forever so that we never have to move again. Ha. PS—your pancakes look delish. xo

  2. says

    Oooh, these look divine and I am jealous of your bright, white photography spot!! I absolutely love oat flour. Good luck with the unpacking + organizing!

  3. says

    Hooray- so glad you finally got moved and the apartment looks full of good light! As for comfort pancakes- I’m right there with you (including the glass of wine.)

  4. says

    These look awesome and good luck with the readjusting. Moving far away was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…especially moving to cities where you don’t know anyone.

  5. says

    Awesome recipe! I have been scouring the internet for different pancake recipes that aren’t so heavy on the chocolate or the cream. This is perfect for summer and seems so light! Do you think it would work well with almond flour too?

  6. says

    Yay! I’ve been hoping for a move update. I relate so well to all those bittersweet feelings, even having relocated over a year ago. This is a brave, big step, and I’m so happy for you. PS – Ha! to being able to buy wine at the store! I hear you.

  7. says

    yay! you made it to your new place. i just moved into a new apartment a month ago too and did not even think twice to give or throw away stuff that i have not used for over a year. moving is indeed a good time to get rid of unnecessary things. love the blueberry pancakes and looooooove the room with tons of light!

  8. says

    Glad to hear the move was successful! Congratulations on a new phase. Thanks for the instructions on how to make oat flour, too! These seem right up our alley (in fact, having them for dinner as you did sounds perfect!) :)

  9. says

    Oh I love that little porch with its brick walls, how wonderful! I was wondering how the move was progressing and I’m glad to hear that your settling in. Change is always scary and weird and hard but a nice glass of wine and a few pancakes can make all the difference.

  10. says

    The worst part of moving is packing / unpacking the kitchen. 1 box of oils and vinegars = totally believable! How many boxes of single linens and random plates did you move? ha!

    • says

      Ha! At least one big box of those things. I’m selling a bunch of the stuff I don’t actually use at my friend’s garage sale soon. Good riddance!

  11. says

    We just moved to a new place in January and I remember what a pain it is. We just moved across town, I can’t imagine to a whole other city. The new place looks adorable, and the pancakes are mouthwatering!

  12. says

    Oh honey good luck with the move. I know it will all work out for you. This recipe is going to be one I try for sure. Looks divine for GF daughter and me too ;) I’m pinning it.

  13. says

    Congrats on your move! I did mine a month ago, and we are still settling in! I love the white window spot – and the bright blue graphic carpet. And these blueberry pancakes look delicious! I just ate my latest box fresh from the container, but I may get another one this weekend and try this recipe out :)

  14. says

    I’m excited for you, moving to a new city with a new place. At least the moving is over! I HATE moving.

    I love that these pancakes use oat flour! Oat flour pancakes always just taste so much better than whole wheat. And blueberry lemon (or any berry + lemon) is one of my favorite combinations. I’ll definitely try these at some point!

  15. says

    Two thumbs up to delicious pancakes and wine.

    Your new place looks absolutely adorable. And I love the exposed brick – it’s still considered “exposed” even if it’s painted, right?

  16. says

    Although challenging, it sounds like this move is going well for you. There’s nothing quite like forcing yourself to downsize and hold on to the things that mean the most to you. As for running back to family and burying yourself in familiarity… the more time that passes, the more proud of yourself you’ll become. So happy to hear that the move went well overall!

      • Bill Harper says

        Kathryne, I will tell you something that one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met once told me. She is a writer/author, and her name is Olympia Vernon. “I can’t be lost, because I’m here now. So take Cookie and the chilled wine out to your new sunroom and, as it creeps into your head and heart that you miss your friends and family greatly, tell yourself that, and maybe get a hold of one of her books, but whatever you do, you’ll be happy wherever you are.

  17. says

    Your place looks so charming and cozy. I hope the rest of the unpacking and settling goes well for you! I can relate to the lack of kitchen storage. My cupboards look like a food bomb went off. I just discovered today a bag of pudded millet exploded on the bottom of it all. Should clean that up at some point… ;)

      • says

        hah oh the things we find in the freezer. I remember cleaning out mine when we moved and it wasn’t pretty.
        Oh and I meant to say PUFFED millet, not pudded. ;)

  18. Jennifer says

    I love pancakes for dinner! These look awesome! Glad someone else shares my love. Wine sounds perfect! I think you should move to Wisconsin. I need a pancake pal.

  19. says

    these look DIVINE! Oh I feel your pain about moving, I vowed never to own anything ever again after I moved the last time :) — that plan hasn’t panned out too well, ha!

    I am going to be making these asap — for dinner as well!

  20. says

    I hear you a place feeling too small.. and the time to make a shift.. but its never easy!!! and i absolutely heart these gluten free pancakes.. hadnt seen them earlier.. now that i have.. have to make them.. only thing…i wish we got blueberries in India!!

  21. says

    Having just also moved house twice in the last year I feel your pain!! You just want to have that settled homely feeling asap! I have also been surviving on lots of red wine and takeaways but finally got the kitchen sorted last weekend, I will be making these this weekend for breakfast on the quest for feeling settled and healthy.
    Good luck!!

  22. says

    These pancakes look delightful and like something I need to make once I, too, am settled into my new home. Best of luck getting everything in order and making things work because I know how complicated and challenging and emotional it can be. (My husband and I move later this month, and we started the arduous task of packing all our belongings this past weekend. It’s overwhelming.)

  23. says

    These pancakes look incredible – blueberry pancakes are definitely one of my favorite comfort foods too :) I just recently moved too (and wrote about it on my blog) so I can relate to what you talked about – it brings up so many different emotions! Anyway, love your blog!

  24. says

    Moving is such a drag, I’m in the process of it right now myself. These pancakes look so delicious! I nice distraction from your home being taken over by cardboard boxes!

  25. says

    moving is tough, we’ve literally put it off for years. hope you’re feeling better about it soon. Those pancakes look gorgeous and it looks like you’re getting lovely light in the new place!

  26. says

    Kate! All my best in your move! I moved to Atlanta from St Louis last year- as it is such a anxious and at times daunting experience…. But it makes you a better person! I was just in KC last weekend! The plaza is such a hidden gem and I went to a resturant called Lydia’s this trip and it was fantastic!!

    Enjoy! Stay positive and open minded!

  27. Bec says

    Congratulations on the move! Sounds like it was a tough decision but also the right decision. :) I’ve also just moved house, and as soon as I’ve finished my morning internet perusal I’ve got to go an start unpacking more boxes. I cannot wait for it all to be done and everything to be organised! These pancakes look like they might be the perfect celebratory treat for my partner and I this weekend. :)

    • says

      I hear you, Bec! Boxes have been the bane of my existence the past week. So glad I’ve finally emptied almost all of them, hope you are feeling more at home and organized now.

  28. says

    Welcome to Missouri, I have lived here for 52 years we have a lot to offer.
    Check out Mo Botanical Garden Lantern Festival…/lantern-festival.aspx
    Then coming up is the St Charles Festival of the Little Hills, It has a lot of fun Art.
    I am a new follower of your Blog. I love your recipes. I don’t eat sugar and dairy and your recipes are a big help.
    I live in Missouri if you have any questions just ask me, Elythe

    • says

      Thank you, Elythe! I am looking at the festivals now. My banana oat pancakes don’t call for dairy, just eggs, so you might enjoy those!

  29. Sini says

    I wish you all the best in your new home! Sometimes it’s good to leave the familiar things behind and move on. It surely isn’t an easy thing to do but soon you’ll look at your decision and realize how damn brave you were. And then you’ll be broud of yourself. And realize this is how it’s meant to be.
    These pancakes look really delicious! Yumminess.

  30. Rachel says

    Brava to you for having the courage to pack up and start a new life on your own! I know moving comes with so many challenges, and it’s never easy no matter how ready you are to get away. I’ve moved three times in the past year and a half and am about to move again in three weeks, and this time I probably couldn’t really be farther away from my family unless I moved to another country. Madness!

    Good luck with all of the moving-in! I always find it’s so exciting to unpack/decorate/rearrange/make your new place feel like home. Have fun! Your sunroom is darling, love the light in there!

    Also, feeling some regret that I didn’t get that big 2-pint box of blueberries that were on sale last night at Whole Foods… would have been making these right now!

    • says

      Thank you for your encouraging comment, Rachel. It’s good to be reminded that others are in my boat! Moving is hard. Best of luck moving in upcoming weeks, and hope you get a chance to make these blueberry pancakes before you pack up!

  31. says

    Aw, pretty soon you’ll wonder how you ever felt so disoriented. I’m a Californian who really wanted to try the New York experience, so my fiance and I packed our things not too long ago and resettled in Brooklyn. I like it—and know that whenever I want to go home, back to California that is, it’ll be there waiting for me. :)

  32. says

    Wow! Those look amazing! I must try them soon, but made egg and dairy free :)

    Moving is definitely a pain! I moved 4 times in 5 years, and I’m so happy that I just resigned my lease for my current place, which I have been at for a year. I don’t think I am going to be moving any time soon!

    Hope your move goes smoothly! (and that you can find everything you need without too much trouble!)

  33. says

    Kathryn, Moving is so hard, but I bet the change will be inspiring. Is that last photo of your new place? It looks SO charming. Great light too for all of the shots you’ll be taking.
    Wishing you the best,
    PS Love the GF pancakes.

    • says

      Yes, that is the new place, and I finally cleared out the boxes! It’s starting to feel quite homey. Thanks for the lovely comment, always.

  34. says

    Hi Kate! I’m Erin. I just stumbled onto your blog, and I don’t often comment on blogs but your words in this post moved me to come out of the shadows. My husband and I recently (3 weeks ago!) moved 12 hours away from our home, family and friends in western NY to midcoast Maine, and I’m totally getting the “optimistic one minute, wanting to run home the next” thing. Life’s an adventure, and we’re trying to embrace that, but not without a hefty dose of homesickness.

    Anyway, I decided to start a blog to chronicle our journey here, and I’m still trying to find my voice, but I wanted to pipe up and say hello, because more than anything over the past few weeks, what I’ve wanted is to find folks in my boat – newly displaced from “home” and making it work.

    Gosh, do we ever actually feel like bona-fide grownups, or do we always want to run home just like we did as little kids?

    (PS – being in Maine, we’re overrun with blueberries! Must make these pancakes ASAP.)

    • says

      Best wishes as you settle into your new home, Erin. I’ve been letting all my regular obligations go by the wayside as I try to make this place feel like home. It’s hard!

  35. Kate says

    I made these pancakes this weekend after a hiking trip in Whistler BC, and they were AMAZING!! Us girls are GF, but our boyfriends love a good slab of white bread and they were impressed too. Mine actually told me he thought we should have them again for dinner.

    The “let the batter sit for 10 minutes” is a very important step, don’t skip it (no matter hungry you are!)

    Thanks again for the amazing recipe, I love following your posts,
    xo Canadian Kate

    • says

      That’s great, Kate! I’m glad you all enjoyed the pancakes. I don’t avoid gluten myself but love these pancakes just as much as any other. Love oat flour!

  36. Anita says

    I just discovered your blog via an article on that was linked in my Zite app, and I love it! And I am definitely trying these pancakes tomorrow! Can’t wait to read more of your yummy looking recipes.

  37. Jill says

    Hi Kate, I am so happy to have found you! I am new to trying my hand at cooking and new to being gluten free as well. Which brand of baking soda do you recommend? I am so ready to try BOTH pancake recipes so please respond ASAP!
    thanks so much

    • says

      Hi Jill, I’m glad you found my blog! I have always used Arm and Hammer baking soda, just be sure it’s fresh (check the expiration date). When it comes to baking powder, be sure to buy aluminum-free baking powder (I use Rumford brand, which seems to be widely available).

  38. Debbie B says

    My daughter and I went to stay with a sister friend (someone who loves to cook, bake and eat as much as I do) and we made these pancakes for breakfast. They are probably the best pancakes I have ever had. None of us have restrictive diets, but I love baking (certain things) with oat flour and who doesn’t love lemons? The Greek yogurt makes a very thick batter, but it can be thinned out with a little milk (I have made these both with thin and thick batter and either way they are just as delicious). My daughter begs me to make these and even though I am not a morning person, it’s worth getting up on a weekend (the two days I don’t make breakfast) to hear a very happy, pleasant tone of voice come out of my otherwise typically snide fourteen year-old daughter’s mouth when she realizes what I have made for breakfast! Oh and my husband and younger son also loved these (well, my son would prefer them without blueberries, but he’s weird that way!)

    • says

      Thank you, Debbie! I’m glad your family enjoys these pancakes. Hearty pancakes like these are such a nice way to start the day. If you haven’t tried the banana oat pancake recipe, please do! I based this recipe off of that one.

  39. says

    thank you so much, this recipe was amazing lemon and blueberry is by far one of the best combos! kudos.. ever since i’ve been on a doctors order to go gluten free honestly this is one of my favorite foods i’ve been missing out on! delicious =)

  40. says

    I made these this morning, but I had trouble flipping them over? They tasted great, but it was really hard to flip them over without crumbling them into all sorts of different pieces :( I used Greek yoghurt, could that be the reason why?

    • says

      Hi Yii, I’m sorry you had trouble flipping the pancakes over. I don’t recall running into that problem. Was your batter really thick due to the Greek yogurt? If so, you might try thinning them out with a dash of milk next time. Are you sure they were done on the first side before you tried flipping them over? I’m sorry I can’t offer any other suggestions!

  41. Thess Solis says

    Hi Kate,

    I must say YOU ARE THE “GODDESS” when it comes to BEST DELICIOUS RECIPES.
    I really enjoy all of your recipes.
    Thank you very much!

    • says

      Hey Nick, I’m sorry for my delayed response. I haven’t tried using steel-cut oats to make oat flour but I suspect you will have trouble grinding them up sufficiently. Let me know if you try it.

  42. Victoria says

    I made these tonight and they turned out great! I used full-fat, plain yogurt and frozen wild blueberries (did not defrost, just tossed them in there!) and they turned out wonderful. I’ve portioned them out and froze some for quick weekday breakfasts or snacks. Thanks for the lovely gluten-free recipe!

    • says

      Victoria, I’m so glad you enjoyed the pancakes! I think you could use this pancake recipe as a base for all kinds of different flavors. I’d like to try it with orange zest and fresh cranberries before winter is over!

  43. Naomi says

    This pancakes didn’t work for me. They crumbled in the pan. I added an extra egg and normal flour and they finally turned out ok.

    • says

      Naomi, I’m so sorry the pancakes didn’t turn out well for you. I’ve remade them a couple of times since receiving your comment because I want them to turn out great for everyone. They turned out fine for me as written, but held together better when I reduced the yogurt to 3/4 cup. I’m sorry again for your troubles! I don’t know why these pancakes are more finicky than my other versions that call for banana or pumpkin puree.

  44. Jessie says

    Quite impressed by how organized and generous this site is. I was surprised at the fact that these recipes are indeed very well thought out (some even with a twist) and was excited at the fact that it is also vegetarian and gluten free. :)

    Im especially excited to try making this recipe, and wanted to ask about the baking soda and if I could take a chance and attempt to do without. Will it make a huge difference as for the rising or can it still be eaten?

    Thank you! :D

    • says

      Thanks, Jessie! Not all of my recipes are gluten free, but these pancakes are. I haven’t intentionally tried making these pancakes without baking soda. One time I forgot to add baking soda to my pancakes and they were very flat and rubbery (not fluffy at all). I would recommend using the baking soda.

  45. Mike says

    Lovely recipe (as are the others on your site) but why oh why do you insist on underlining every single piece of text? It gives me a headache just trying tor read it!! Underlining is designed for emphasising ONE point or piece of text not every single word on the page! It just makes it very hard to read for many people who may not have 20/20 eyesight – it can make the text “swim” around awfully.
    Just something I think you should consider for future recipes.

    • says

      Hey Mike, I’m sorry about that! I was horrified to find that all of my text was underlined for a brief span of time and fixed it right away. If you still see underlined text everywhere, please clear your browser’s cache and it should go away!

  46. Lindsey says

    These are the best pancakes I have ever made! I made a few small changes based on what I had on hand (GF flour mix instead of oat, plain kefir instead of regular yogurt) and I added baking powder on a whim bc of some success with fluffier quick breads using both. these were thick and fluffy, cooked up golden brown with crispy edges, and the hint of lemon was perfect. I love how little sugar they have (with maple syrup on top, they were the perfect sweetness). Do you think the baking powder had any effect?

    • says

      Hey Lindsey! Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I’m not sure about the baking powder, do you remember how much you added? I know I’ve tried replacing the baking soda with baking powder but my pancakes just had lots of holes inside (they weren’t any more fluffy than the baking soda pancakes, just holy!).

  47. Justine says

    Delicious! I did change a few things (pastry chef in me won’t let me make a recipe without a few adjustments!)
    Had to up the flavor since going thru chemo makes taste buds not as acute, but my husband loved them as well and he did not think there was any flavor that was too strong.
    Removed 1 TB oat flour and replaced with 1 TB non-GMO corn starch for a bit of crisp, browned the butter, used honey, no lemon juice, 1rounded teaspoon lemon zest, 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/8 tsp almond extract and a whopping tsp of Saigon cinnamon, and we could not wait 10 minutes for the batter to sit so PANCAKES WERE FLUFFY, last one was thin. I do prefer the thinner pancakes so we will let the batter sit next time, but they were still wonderful!
    I would never know these pancakes were not made with wheat flour!!!!
    Off gluten for the duration to keep inflammation down and pancakes/waffles have been sorely missed as most recipes have potato flour and that is a night shade famliy food also not great for anti-inflammatory diets, or they are grainy or just odd.

    Thanks so much for the recipe!

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