Midwest Marvel: Kansas City, MO

Well, before I start my spiel about how amazing Kansas City is, I’d like to explain my absence this week. After a fantastic, stress-free and restful weekend exploring Kansas City with Jordan and Dane, I awoke on Monday with what I’d like to call a sudden-onset sinus infection. I spent a couple of totally un-glamorous evenings in bed, sniffling and snuggling with Cookie (my dog), Harry Potter (the movies), and a roll of toilet paper (for my nose!). Fortunately, I discovered a miracle cure* and have been on the up and up ever since.

Now then, for my spiel: Kansas City is surprisingly beautiful. The city features lots of Spanish-style architecture and clay tile roofs, which are practically a novelty in the storm-ridden Midwest. And the food? Fantastic! I was on vacation from work and vegetarianism during the weekend, relishing prosciutto (hello, my salty new favorite!), salmon, and pepperonis with pineapple.

On our first night, we sipped on fresh beer at a local brewery in Waldo. On Saturday morning, we explored the farmers’ market in Kansas City’s River District. It’s open 7 days a week when it’s warm outside and boasts a variety of fruits and vegetables, comparable to Pike’s Place in Seattle.

salmon salad at cafe in Kansas City

The best salad of my LIFE! Featuring fresh greens, roasted vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives & capers, crisp carrots, feta, creamy balsamic vinegar AND oven-roasted, herb-encrusted salmon. I could go on.

Decadent bite-sized chocolate treats, the likes of which I've never seen, at Dean & Deluca.

Also unfortunate: I was so absorbed in Kansas City, so busy soaking up the sunny environment, that I failed to take pictures of my favorite things about the city. I don’t have pictures of my friend’s new home, which is as lovely and comfy and fantastically decorated as I’ve come to expect of Jordan. I don’t have pictures of the city as a whole; I was too busy ogling the landscape in person.

I don’t have pictures of the Nelson Atkins Museum because we ran out of time to visit. Instead, we spent Sunday eating crêpes with Nutella and meandering through Dean and Deluca, Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma. (Gifts for a December wedding: check!). I don’t even have a picture the three of us hanging out in KC.

Why am I telling you about all the photos I don’t have? Because they’re my reasons to visit again, and soon! This weekend, I caught Kansas City in its fall glory, and I look forward to seeing it under a veil of snow this winter. I heard it’s gorgeous during the holidays. I can’t wait!

*Two words: Neti Pot


  1. says

    based on these pics, looks like i need to make a visit to kansas city! love farmers’ markets…always a feast for the eyes (and stomach!) glad to hear you’re recovering from being sick.

  2. What Happens After F says

    I love these pictures and I’m absolutely obsessed with your blog! Beautiful!!


  3. says

    This post warmed my heart! KC is my hometown (I live in Austin now), and the last time I visited (Christmas of last year), I ended up snowed in for most of the week I was there, so I didn’t even get to see/do all of the things I love about the city. I’m glad you have a great visit!

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