Cashew Milk

Cashew milk recipe

Let’s talk milk. Do you like milk? Milk and I have a tumultuous past. As a kid, I boycotted milk for a solid ten years, during which time my mother fretted about my calcium intake and swore I’d turn into a decrepit, brittle old lady. May the record show that I have not once broken a bone.

These days, I’m still not much of a milk drinker. I like a splash of it in my coffee, but I accidentally stopped drinking coffee two months ago. I can’t say I’m a fan of store-bought milk alternatives, either. Soy milk, rice milk and almond milk all have a funky aftertaste that I can’t abide. Homemade almond milk is pretty good, but straining the pulp from the liquid mixture is more trouble than it’s worth.


Homemade cashew milk, however, is a different story. It’s my one exception. It’s easy to make and it’s absolutely delicious. Cashew milk is the creamiest of homemade nut milks and the most refreshing, in my opinion. Since the nuts blend entirely into the water, no nuts go to waste in the process. That also means that the cashew milk retains all of the fiber and nutrients present in the cashews. Did I mention that you don’t have to strain the mixture? I’m a fan.

soaked cashews

Cashew milk is full of redeeming nutrients, like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and zinc. The fat in cashews is mostly unsaturated and they are a good source of protein (source).

I’ve made this cashew milk recipe in my old blender and my new fancy pants blender (courtesy of Blendtec). Both blenders produced creamy milk that didn’t require straining, so don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy pants blender. Soaking the cashews first helps them break down in the blender, too. Generally, soaking nuts before consuming them helps release beneficial enzymes. I’m not sure that’s true for cashew milk, though, because even “raw” cashews have already been through two roasting processes to remove their inner and outer shells. “Raw” cashew milk/cream/cheese may be a misnomer.

A cold glass of cashew milk is super refreshing on a hot day. Add cinnamon and it reminds me of horchata. Mix some into Assam or black tea with spices for a riff on Chai tea. It would be great with muesli or cereal for breakfast. Apparently you can even make ice cream with cashew milk, though I admit I’m skeptical. Have you tried it?

cashew milk blendingHow to make cashew milk

Cashew Milk
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Recipe type: Nut milk
Cashew milk is creamy and refreshing, nutritious and easy to make. You shouldn't need to strain the mixture after blending if you have a decent blender. That means less hassle and less waste!
  • 1 cup raw cashews
  • 4 cups water (divided)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey or agave nectar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Dash sea salt
  • Pinch cinnamon (optional)
  1. Soak the cashews in water at least 4 hours, or overnight in the refrigerator. Drain the cashews and rinse until the water runs clear. Add the cashews and two cups water to a blender. Start on a low setting and increase the speed until the cashews are totally pulverized. This could take 2 minutes in a high-powered blender or longer in a regular blender.
  2. Blend in 2 cups more water*, your sweetener of choice, vanilla extract, sea salt and cinnamon (optional). If your blender can't totally break down the cashews, strain the milk through a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth. Store the milk in a covered container in the refrigerator. It should keep for 3 to 4 days.
  • Yields about 5 cups cashew milk.
  • *The ratio of water to cashews (4 to 1) in this recipe yields milk that is somewhere between 2% and whole milk in terms of creaminess. Use less water for even creamier results.


  1. says

    My entire milk making world was changed when I started using a nut milk bag for straining! It makes such a huge difference in comparison to cheesecloth. I would always end up squeezing the pulp through the cheesecloth because I didn’t have enough patience to wait for it to strain and it always seemed to get clogged up with the pulp. :) Since buying the nut milk bag (which I despise the name of, haha) I haven’t bought a single carton of nut milk since! Love that first photo!!

  2. says

    Love this. I tried almond milk for the first time last week and it was so much better than store-bought. However, the straining was kind of annoying. Glad you don’t have to strain this one and it looks so creamy! Great for breakfast or even dessert.

    Two questions- where do you find is the cheapest place for your raw cashews? I’m on a hunt! Also, what’s your opinion of the blendtec vs. vitamix? Can you make fruit-only sorbets with the Blendtec?

    • says

      Hey Katy! Great question. Probably the best place to buy nuts is Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or a health food store with high turnover. They are a little pricy, but at least none go to waste in this recipe. I haven’t had a chance to test Blendtec vs. Vitamix personally. I haven’t made sorbet in my Blendtec blender yet, but I see a berry sorbet made with fruit and ice cubes in their recipe book, so I think it can be done.

    • Melita Joy says

      Delicious. I added a dash of maple syrup and removed all other flavours. Its amazing and no need to sieve. I strained once just to check and there was only 1 teaspoon of very soft sediment. I didn’t even soak the nuts. I used my nutribullet first to pulverize the nut then added syrup. Delicious and super fast.

  3. says

    Ash is right on the nut milk bag being so key. It makes the process kind of fun and it better preserves the nut pulp for other uses. But! There are definitely merits to the no-strain milks like cashew and my fave, hemp seed milk. Yum yum yum.

  4. Inés says


    about your question concerning the ice cream: I often use cashew nuts in ice cream! Not cashew milk-though, but either cashew nuts + ice cubes + dried fruit/cocoa or frozen berries + few ice cubes + cashew nuts. I think using milk would make the whole thing maybe a bit too warm when mixing, depending on what else you are using in the ice cream.
    Using cashew nuts in ice cream is fantastic, as they make the whole mixture taste very creamy.

    Besides, I always use cashew milk when “normal” recipes call for milk or cream. Here I use a 1:5 ratio of nuts:water when substituting cream and 1:7 when substituting milk. I’ve never had any problems with that, it works fantastically =)

    • says

      Thank you so much for your input, Inés! I’ll have to give cashew ice cream (your way) a go soon. It sounds delicious.

  5. Christine says

    Thanks for this delicious-looking recipe and well-researched information.

    I am tempted by all of your recipes — especially your vibrantly colorful, creatively constructed salads — but I’ve forced myself to resist your tempting nut-based recipes (rosemary-roasted nuts, gingerbread granola, pecan butter) because the price of nuts is so darn high, and climbing, out here where I live. Do you have any tips or sources for finding affordable cashews, pecans, almonds, or walnuts? I know that nuts are protein-rich, filling, and packed with healthy fats, which makes them a worthwhile component of a healthy diet, but I just can’t justify that $12.99 per pound.

    • says

      Hey Christine, thank you so much for commenting. I’m sorry nuts are expensive where you live! I know that my grocery bill is definitely higher than usual when it’s time to stock up on nuts, but I try to think of the expense in terms of nutritional value, and then they’re worth it. I have been buying my nuts at Trader Joe’s, which seems to have high turnover and reasonable prices. Whole Foods or a health food store with high turnover might be your best bet. I try to avoid using pine nuts since they are so very expensive! Hope you can justify the expense of the cashews for this recipe.

  6. says

    I’ve been pouring Aldi brand almond milk in my cereal for months now. I know it’s not the best thing for me, but being lactose intolerant, I can’t handle regular milk even with the enzymes I take. I knew it was a pretty big hassle to make your own almond milk, but this sounds totally doable! Also, my Mexican husband LOVES horchata. It’s a win-win. I’ll be trying this soon!

    • says

      Hope you both enjoy the cashew milk, Megan! You might add extra cinnamon and maybe a little more sweetener to make it taste more like horchata.

  7. Natasha says

    We can’t buy almond milk in South Africa, but I’ve made some. I’m definitely going to try this. Anything that’s less effort is worth a try. Cashews are also the cheapest nuts, so that’s a big plus.

  8. kristina says

    Whole Foods sells a cashew milk ice cream- in pistachio flavor!- which is fantastic! Easily the best dairy-free ice cream I’ve tried so far.

  9. says

    I’ve tried my hand at making almond milk, but not cashew! Also, the non-dairy milks work surprisingly well in ice cream, you just have to bulk it up with frozen bananas or coconut milk : )

  10. says

    I accidentally stopped drinking milk a couple of years ago and hadn’t tried almond milk because it seemed like a lot of work, but this sounds fantastic as I adore cashews. The idea of cashew milk ice cream intrigues me too. Sounds like something I have to try!

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been a stalker of yours for some time.

  11. says

    As I saw your first photo I was reminded of the fact that I keep meaning to try making my own cashew milk, but still haven’t invested in a nut milk bag. THEN I was overjoyed to read that you don’t actually need one! I was a huuuuuge milk drinker as a kid but have sort of gone off of it in favour of almond milk now because it keeps longer in the fridge. I will be giving this a try!

  12. says

    That is the EXACT story of my relationship with milk. “boycotted” is a good word for it.. I usually just eat yogurt instead but nut milk seems like a nice thing to try.

  13. says

    I love milk, but I also love cashews and have dabbled in cashew sauce before. I bet this would be so good with a bowl of cereal! I need to make this ASAP!

  14. says

    This is a wonderful idea – I love that there is no wasted or leftover nut meal at the end of it. I was taken off dairy for years as a little girl because of allergies – I do now drink it but it’s great to have alternatives!

  15. says

    I love nut milks and their natural sweetness. They bring something to recipes that ordinary dairy milk doesn’t. I will have to try making cashew milk since I already love cashew cheese!

  16. says

    I’m actually a BIG almond milk fan but I wouldn’t say that I drink it religiously or daily or even weekly…it’s more like whenever I happen to have it around. I’m thinking I need to try a homemade variety of nut milk and you are really selling this cashew milk!

  17. says

    I’ve never liked milk (I even preferred my cereal dry!) but I am quite into nut milks these days. I don’t make it myself often, but I am excited to try this out.

    • says

      Haha, I refused to eat cereal with milk as a kid because it seemed like “cold soup”. Hope you’ll give cashew milk a shot, it’s really lovely. P.s. I owe you an email, I’m working on it! xo

  18. superdutch says

    Cashews and nuts such as macadamias and pistachios are hideously expensive in my neck of the woods (Antwerp, Belgium). This recipe will easily set me back USD10-12 for the one cup of cashews. I make my own granola as store-bought granola (or store-bought anything, in my view) is just so blah after tasting the joy of homemade, so I need to cut down on other things to afford the multitude of nuts that go into it. But over the years I have simply grown more and more accustomed to cut down on loads of things in order to have a good budget for food year round. A life without good food just about each day is just not worth it, now is it?

    So yes, I will be making this cashew milk soon! And cashews being my favourite nuts…

    • says

      I’m sorry nuts are so expensive in Belgium! I agree, though, I couldn’t go without them. Hope the cashew milk proves worth your time and effort.

  19. says

    I don’t often drink milk straight up anymore, but one of my fav things to do with it is drizzle it over my hot oats after they’re cooked–so nummy– and also make some lovely chai tea :) This cashew milk looks like a winner and I will definitely try it!

  20. says

    I am not a milk person, not a huge fan actually. Mom still tells tales about how she had to make me drink milk! huh :D The husband on the other hand drinks milk everyday, even now. So I will try this for him. He will love it :)

  21. Ashlinn says

    I had (amazingly delicious) hazelnut sorbet at Hen of the Woods once, and I’ve been curious if just using sweetened nut milk and an ice cream maker would approximate it. Now I need to try it with cashew milk–thanks so much for sharing your recipe and lovely photos!

  22. says

    I love cashew milk! When I did a juice cleanse a while ago, the cashew milk at the end of the day was my saving grace! I totally agree that a dash of cinnamon really completes the drink. This would go great with those GF chocolate chip cookies you posted a while ago!

  23. Alicia@ eco friendly says

    Oh this cashew milk looks delicious! I just bought two pounds of cashews so I will be making this asap. I just did a post on Vegan Caesar Dressing using cashews and it is wonderful.

    • says

      I’m really not sure. If you have a great food processor, it might, but I think you will have to strain out some leftover bits of cashews at the end.

  24. Melissa says

    Almond milk is not that difficult to make with a nut milk bag. Maple Pecan milk is really good. I have made cashew cream but not milk, I will have to try this. Oat milk is also good but you have to make it carefully or it will turn to slime. Almond/Coconut milk is good. It’s all good!

    • says

      Maple pecan milk sounds wonderful! I’ll have to try that soon. I really enjoy the flavor of cashew milk, and it’s nice not to have any pulp leftover to deal with.

  25. says

    This is very similar to the Cashew milk I make for my daughter. I didn’t want to give her any dairy so I did some research and found cashew milk is a great alternative for kiddos. Best part is with the Vitamix you don’t have to strain with a nut bag! Love your recipes-thanks!

  26. Eva says

    I’ve known I have milk protein intolerance for 6 months now, and I have tried every nut , seed and grain replacement for it that I could find. None of them were very good, because they either had a weird aftertaste or a yucky texture. But this recipe has sort of saved my life, and

  27. Jennifer Lewis says

    I was wondering if they absolutely HAVE to be raw cashews? Nutritional value or not, I have a strict $250/mo food budget for a family of five. We are EXTREMELY “green” to going vegan. Actually, only on day two, but we are committed to making this happen. If roasted cashews will work, I thought I’d mention that Dollar Stores, such as Dollar General, and Family Dollar have tins of cashews for only $1-$2 here in Kansas, but even on the East coast, the price is about the same. I’m not sure I could even buy raw cashews in my town. We don’t have a natural foods store for over 20 miles (and I don’t have a car), and our natural foods section at the local Wal-Mart, is less than one full side of one aisle (unless you count the produce section). Any good tips on buying dirt cheap vegan foods? I’m very, very interested in trying this recipe! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, I do believe the cashews should be labeled raw. I’m not sure the golden, roasted ones will break down as well in the blender. I suppose you could try, though. I would definitely not use salted cashews or cashews that are coated with added oils. Nuts are on the pricy side, but I don’t buy meat so I think it all balances out. I’ll ask my facebook followers if they have any suggestions on where to buy affordable nuts and will report back if I get any good suggestions.

  28. Amanda says

    Thanks for this recipe. I have been trying to stay away from store bought milk substitutes as they tend to add “extras” but making almond milk is such a pain and I honestly don’t like it that much. Cashew milk is the perfect alternative, it has such a mild flavor and I don’t bother adding sweetener to mine. I’m curious to see how it does in some of my vegan recipes as I usually go with soy milk in those. Can’t wait to try.

  29. Kate says

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I just made the cashew milk and it’s delicious!

    My only mistake was to add it to my coffee. Will never do that again, the taste just does not match. Do you know another substitute for regular milk to use in coffee (though I know that you don’t drink it anymore :) ) ?

    Thanks again Kate, you are an inspiration!

    • says

      Hello Kate! I wish I knew of a good milk substitute for coffee. I’ve tried almond milk, cashew milk and coconut milk, and none of them tasted right. One time I tried store-bought hazelnut milk and the flavor paired pretty well, but of course it tastes like hazelnuts. I gave up and just keep half and half in the fridge.

  30. Andrea Reese says

    Woke up this morning and realized I am out of almond milk! I have always wanted to make my own cashew milk ( I used to make my own almond milk). I have a bag of raw cashews in the fridge and have decided to give your recipe a whirl (pun intended ;-) ) The hardest part will be waiting out the 4 hours to soak the cashews! Oh well, I often eat breakfast in the afternoon on the weekends…….I’ll let you know how it goes but it sounds DELISH!!! :)

  31. Diana Price says

    I live in Brunei and raw cashews are easy to find, however I have only just tried cashew nut milk for the first time a few days ago and used a chopped date in the blender with the nuts for sweetness and it is delicious…Diana

    • Ai says

      Hi Diana! I just got back to brunei and have no idea where to get any raw nuts here! Could you point me in the right direction? Raw supplies are so hard to find here!

  32. kdoll says

    As a person who is lactose intolerant and allergic to almonds I am so happy to have found this recipe!
    I have tried other non-dairy milk such as coconut, soy, rice, and almond (before the allergy kicked in) and I have to say that this is my favorite. I followed your recipe but cut in in half, I didn’t want to “waste” a bunch of cashews if I didn’t like it.
    Thank you!

  33. Mark says

    A GREAT website for getting RAW cashews at great prices (especially when they’re on sale) is at The Raw Food World. You can get them in bulk too if I remember correctly.

  34. G-Fred says

    Finally tried this and so glad I did! It’s incredibly easy and really tasty! I love the addition of cinnamon! I’ve got some chia pudding going in the fridge now, and I’m also looking forward to adding the milk to my smoothies!

  35. Jamie says

    Hi there,

    This recipe sounds great, I can’t wait to try it but I just have one question about the water that you initially soaked the cashews in, which is discarded when you strain the cashews before blending. Are any nutrients lost in this process? Would there be any benefit in keeping the strained liquid and adding back into the blender with the cashews, or is the point of discarding the water to minimize the starch content?

    Thanks alot!

    • says

      Hi Jamie, I’m not entirely sure why, but all nut milk recipes I’ve seen emphasize the importance of draining and rinsing the nuts before blending. I suspect it’s because the stagnant water might harbor some bacteria or off flavors.

  36. Caitlyn says

    Okay, so I love almond milk and am dairy free and mostly grain free, but my hubby just recently decided to join me on this path and he HATES almonds… So cashew milk is AWESOME! But… after running my raw cashews (they soaked for 25 hours) through my Kitchenaid food processor I still had a lot of grainy texture. So I poured the stuff into my Magic Bullet, seemed smooth so I added some to my coffee, it separated, yuck… I decided to pour this through two layers of rather fine knit cheese cloth, actually I made a dipped net into a quart Mason jar and poured in my milk/nut mix, it took two hours to strain, sitting in the fridge… I finally have milk, and its AMAZING!!! But the whole “no-straining-necessary” didn’t work for me. One of these days I’m gonna get a vitamix, until then straining worked, and the stuff left in the cheese cloth is literally like WHIPPED CREAM! So, that’s going on some berries with maple syrup and granola for breakfast, nothing wasted… Just wish this really was “no-strain” . I wanted creamy milk so I blended my 1 cup cashews with 2 cups water, and will definitely do it again!!! I got 1 cup of milk, and about 1 cup of whipped cashew

    • says

      Hi Caitlyn, I’m sorry you had to strain the cashew milk! I’m a little stumped by that because the milk came out smooth even when I made it in my $30 blender. Maybe I should give that blender more credit! My only other thought is that maybe your cashews weren’t as fresh as mine? No idea.

  37. Barry says

    Hello Kate,

    I have started making cashew nut milk but have one problem with it.

    I do strain it through a nut milk bag but when I add it to my coffee it separates out from the coffee within seconds and won’t stay mixed in.

    Is this to be expected? I don’t understand why it won’t stay mixed in, in the same way that dairy milk does.


    • says

      Hey Barry, I’ve experienced the same problem. I wish I had a solution for you. I suspect that the cashew milk separates because the cashew particles are still heavy enough to sink, whereas milk particles are totally emulsified. I’d love to find a natural non-dairy creamer with a neutral flavor. Sorry!

  38. Bonnie says

    Vixen’s Kitchen makes ice cream from cashews. It is local in Humboldt,CA and is amazing! She makes all kinds of flavors but the vanilla is my favorite. My kids love it! It may be available by web.

  39. Kendall says

    Love the cashew milk, cashew white sauce, cashew hummus and will try cashew cheese again (later can share my big oopppss)..
    I strained my cashew milk.. Lots of extra fiber left.. what can I do with this.. right now. (as I write) added a bit of honey and eating with a spoon.. can I dry it into a granola bar, sweet candy or dried flakes.. ?? any suggestions would be great..
    Your recipe is the best for the mild…

  40. Blair Norris says

    We tried making cashew milk but ours came out tasting exactly like carmex. Any idea why? The texture was brilliant and the thickness too but I am not sure what went wrong. Do you have any suggestion as to why this happened or how to fix it? Thanks

    • says

      Well, that’s weird! There are only a few ingredients here, so I can only assume that one had gone bad. Did the cashews taste good before you blended them up? I’m not sure how the cashew milk would taste if it got overheated during blending, but I’m guessing that the overheated milk wouldn’t taste like Carmex. I’m stumped, I’m sorry!

  41. ela s. says

    LOVE this recipe! I can not thank you enough. The nasty chemicals and additives in commercial nut milks are horrible! Even the packaging of commercial nut milk is not settling to my body, stomach, or mind.

    • says

      Hey Zach, you’re right, they aren’t cheap. I buy nuts at Trader Joe’s and Natural Grocer’s. Another reader recommended but I haven’t investigated their pricing.

  42. mark says

    Kate, thanks for posting this recipe. I’ve used it several times now and will continue to! A quick question: any particular reason why we rinse the soaked cashews until the water runs clear before adding more water to blend. I’m curious if we could just blend with the water they’ve been soaking in and what effect this might have. I’m wondering if we’re tossing some nutrients out with the rinse water?

    • says

      Hey Mark, that’s a good question and I wish I had a solid answer for you. Someone else asked the same question a while back. All the nut milk recipes I’ve seen emphasize the importance of draining and rinsing the nuts before blending. I’m guessing it’s because the stagnant water might harbor some bacteria or off flavors.

  43. Kahli says

    Not to sound dramatic but this is life changing! I have the vitamix and that thing whips this up SO fast. And it’s so good! No more stocking up on nut milks from the store with who knows what inside! :) Thank you!

  44. Leah says

    Hi Kate!
    Thanks so much for the recipe, I’ve been wanting to make my own cashew milk for a while now! Do you happen to know if one cup of cashews would equate to 8oz on a scale? I know one cup is 8oz but when I measured the cashews with just a measuring cup, on the scale they turned out to be 5oz, and I didn’t know if adding more would mess up the recipe!

    • says

      Hey Leah! One cup is 8 fluid ounces, and cashews aren’t liquid, so 5 ounces in a cup sounds about right. I’d go with 1 cup/5 ounces of cashews! I measured mine out with a measuring cup, too.

  45. Brittany says

    Wow! This is the best alternative milk for coffee! Creamy, no annoying nut-bag straining sessions, easy to make in smaller batches…Glooooriouuuus!

  46. Robin says

    Made a half batch this morning and I’m loving it! I used 1/2c soaked nuts + 2.5c filtered water and it’s the perfect consistency for me. I sweetened with a medjool date and a few English toffee stevia drops. Also added half a scraped vanilla bean. It seriously made the PERFECT base for my iced latte this morning! Added 2 shots of cold brew to 1c milk and I was in sweet, caffeinated cashew heaven. Thanks!

  47. olive says

    I just made this recipe, the flavor came out wonderful! The only problem was it was pretty grainy.. is it suppose to be that way at all? I just have a ninja blender, i blended it over and over to see if it wouldn’t be as grainy and i have a strainer not a nut strainer and it did help, but i hate straining stuff because of it losing nutrition. Any ideas?
    Thanks love!

    • says

      Hey Olive, no, it shouldn’t be grainy. Maybe your cashews are old and particularly tough, or the Ninja just can’t do the job. I’m sorry! I wish I had a better solution to offer you.

  48. Holly says

    I don’t know if you would consider this an alternative to soaking, but I had a recipe I wanted the cashew milk for and I wanted the milk in an hour, not four hours, so I brought them to a boil in just enough water to cover them plus an inch, then turned off the heat and let them soak for thirty minutes. Then I blended. It actually turned out terrific! My blender is an inexpensive Oster 2-speed, so I figure in your more expensive models it would work just as well. I don’t guess I’d do it with almond milk, since I like that to be legitimately raw. Thoughts?

    • says

      That’s a great idea, Holly! Thanks for sharing! I’ve heard that in high-powered blenders, you can just pulse the cashews until they are flour, then add water and blend again. Heating the water probably effects the nutrition, but I bet it’s still plenty good for you!

      • Holly says

        I’d be willing to bet that it affects the nutrition just a tiny, since (as you mentioned before) raw cashews aren’t actually raw due to their processing. And I wouldn’t do it if I was thinking ahead–I still think soaking is best because it doesn’t require the power involved in heating, minimal though it may be. But I did want to mention my recipe tweak because you just never know when someone might be impatient and need a quicker route to cashew milk! Great site, btw :)

  49. Kelly Johnson says

    Just a heads up, Kate: I buy my raw cashews at Al Habashi at the City Market, and I do believe they are quite a bit cheaper there than at Trader Joes. Have you been in that store? They have amazing bulk dried fruit and nut options. :)
    Thanks for the recipe, btw. Just made it and it’s truly lovely.

  50. says

    Hey Kate! I just found your blog while I was googling for “cashew milk recipe” and tried by halving the recipe. I should say that it was a wrong decision because the cashew milk is so creamy and addictive that I had to control myself from drinking the entire batch :D I did not use vanilla extract because I did not have any and the vanilla extract available are heavily processed, but it was delicious regardless. Being a vegetarian transitioning to vegan, this recipe is certainly a keeper. Thank you again Kate!

  51. uzor samuel o says

    Thank you for your teaching, but my problem is how to pill out the cashew (caju) nut from the thick cover.
    And how long it will stay before its expire?

  52. says

    There was an inquiry earlier in the comments about using roasted vs. raw cashews. Well, I used the roasted (unsalted) cashews I had on hand, and took care to add the water slowly while blending. It turned out beautifully in my 15-year old cuisinart blender. I strained through a mesh sieve, and very few solids remained. Thanks for the recipe. The milk is wonderful!

  53. TPorter says

    I just recently discovered cashew milk. Silk. It is very good plain unsweetened. My only problem with these milk substitutes is (with the exception of soy) where is the protein? I figured that most people don’t only drink milk for calcium, but for protein too. It agitates me that these substitutes are advertised and they do not measure up to milk. I have become lactose intolerant in my later life. I can’t do regular milk and have to really limit ice cream. Bad grumbly tummy…

  54. Pat says

    Just whipped up a batch of the Cashew Milk and it is delicious! It was a breeze to make. I did soak the cashews overnight and made sure to leave the blender running for quite a bit. Perfect. It is great!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

  55. Jessica says

    Homemade cashew milk is amazing!! I make ice cream with cashew milk and full fat coconut milk. It is incredible! I recommend it :)

  56. Charlene says

    Looking forward to trying this. Has anyone made it without the sweetener? If so, I’d be interested in their feedback!

    • says

      Hey Charlene, I sampled my cashew milk before adding the sweetener. It’s a little blah without it and a small amount of sweetener made it taste pretty fantastic. Up to you, though!

  57. Olivia says

    This sounds fantastic! I stumbled across your page while trying to find an alternative to cashews in a juice cleanse. I’ve been dying to try to make a similar milk to cashew milk, but without nuts and I haven’t had any luck. I was wondering if you had any ideas for nut alternatives? I have allergies to all tree nuts and peanuts, but I’m so eager to try a recipe like this one.

  58. Sarah Joy says

    How did it turn out? Freaking delicious! I could drink this whole blender full right now. THANK YOU!!! Best milk I’ve had since giving up dairy.

  59. cait says

    Since you like the creaminess and non-straining, you may also like hemp milk. I do 1/4 of a cup of raw shelled hemp seeds to 2 cups of water plus a small pinch of sea salt and about a tsp. Of pure maple syrup. Delicious!

  60. Leeanne says

    Hands down it’s cashew milk for me! I have tried the Silk almond milk flavors and Silk coconut milk as well (the coconut milk had too strong a flavor for me) Too bad the hardest to find in my area is the cashew milk (it’s available in most stores around me but seems to be VERY popular)so when I do manage to find it I buy three or 4 to last me awhile. I might try making ice cream with it-sounds yummy!

  61. Eric says

    Dairy and almond milk, step aside! My family is totally hooked on this now. So simple and perfect–thank you!

  62. Zu says

    Hi Kate, I recently came across your blog about two weeks ago when I was in search for the best, yes, the best cashew milk recipe, and I found yours. What a joy! While I was eager to make it upon sight (15 minutes later from finishing up the sunflower butter) -I had to wait (the blender burnt out; the horror, the horror.) so after a weeks wait, I took the plunge and purchased a fancy blender, because after all, a recipe of this nature sure require a much better blender than the Black & Decker. As the cashews swam in the jar of water for more than 24 hours, I couldn’t help to bask in this goodness my tastes buds would soon taste. So after much wait, I am happy to say, it’s a keeper. I made the milk yesterday; absolutely rich, creamy and delicious. Thank you, thank you :)

    P.S. Did I mention this is my first time attempting any type of nut milk?

    • says

      Hi Zu! I’m so glad you found my recipe. I hope you are loving your new blender! Delighted to hear that you enjoyed the cashew milk. I still maintain that it is the most delicious of the nut milks!

  63. David says

    I have to say that having experienced soy milk (and almond milk which was just awful) I was not expecting much. I bought a big bag of cashews thinking that if it didn’t work out at least I could munch my way through them in front of the TV.
    This recipe is brilliant. I might try watering down a little as suggested because it is quite a creamy texture, but it tastes great. I tried it in my tea and I think I’m ready to eliminate goats milk from my diet – another step towards cutting out all dairy.
    Kate – thank you for posting this.

    • says

      Thank you, David! Delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the cashew milk so much. It is so much better than the rest, if you ask me!

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