Curried Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cherries and Cilantro

Curried Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cherries and Cilantro

There comes a time in every food blogger’s life when she starts to experience serious blender envy. It started for me a few months ago, when I was cursing my cheap blender for its utter uselessness. I decided it was about time for a fancy blender of my own. So I contacted Blendtec (makers of the finest fancy blenders) and they kindly offered to help this poor food blogger out.

Not only did Blendtec send me the most gorgeous of all fancy blenders—the designer series—but they also agreed to let me give one away to one lucky reader! I wish I could pull an Oprah and give everyone a blender, but this is the best I can do.

curried red lentil soup ingredients

This new blender works like a charm, guys. So far I’ve used it to make this ultra-creamy vegan soup (more on the soup in a minute), as well as coconut butter, hazelnut butter, cashew milk and avocado salsa verde.

I made the coconut butter first and the blender blew me away. What took me 15 minutes with my hand-me-down KitchenAid food processor took less than 45 seconds with this new blender, and I didn’t have to stop and scrape down the sides once. I just might retire the old food processor in favor of my new blender. I get giddy thinking about all the homemade pesto, hummus and nut butter we will make together.

red lentils and chopped ingredients

Perhaps my favorite aspect of these new blenders is that they don’t have any knobs to catch drips (I’m messy) or look cluttered on the counter (I hate clutter). Thanks to a digital touch interface, the blender looks like a beautifully ambiguous machine when it’s not in use. It’s so easy to wipe clean with a damp rag. It’s also made in the USA and built to last, and the jars are made with BPA-free plastic.

Blendtec Designer Series Blender with Wildside Jar

My dear future blender winner, I should warn you that you may have trouble deciding which color to get. Champagne like mine, black, cream red? I deliberated on the choice for a while. I wanted a color that would coordinate well not only with my current tiny, dishwasher-less, crooked-cabineted kitchen, but also with my spacious and bright, white-subway-tile-backsplash-with-a-giant-dishwasher dream kitchen. Champagne seemed like a nice, neutral color and I think it will look dreamy in my future kitchen.

curried red lentil puree

But maybe you already have a fancy blender. Maybe you want to hear about some soup you can make with it! I came across this one when I was flipping through Martha Stewart Living’s latest cookbook, Meatless. The cookbook is full of creative, easy vegetarian dishes that are right up my alley. I couldn’t decide what to cook first, but the title of this spicy, hearty soup captured my attention with the words “dried cherries” in the title. I adore tart dried cherries and the idea of incorporating them in a savory soup intrigued me. At first bite, I thought it was a bit of a funny combination, but after the flavors had a chance to meld, I really loved the addition.

Out of curiosity (read: I can’t stop playing with my new blender), I decided to try puréeing a bowl of soup after making it according to the cookbook’s directions. Though it produced a lusciously creamy bisque, my taste tester and I agreed that it was better when it retained some of the distinct textures and flavors of the ingredients. Bottom line: strain out some of the vegetables before pouring the rest in your blender as stated in the recipe below. It’s worth the extra trouble and the soup comes together quickly regardless.

Curried Red Lentil Soup

Curried Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cherries and Cilantro
4.8 from 50 reviews
Recipe type: Soup
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
Spicy vegan soup with bold Indian flavors, including curry powder and coconut milk. Fresh cilantro and tart cherries round out this hearty soup. This soup's flavor depends on your selected curry powder, so choose one you love! Serve with a side of whole wheat naan, if you'd like.
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 piece (about 2 inches) fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
  • 6 garlic cloves, finely chopped (about 2 tablespoons)
  • 1 large shallot, finely chopped (1/4 cup)
  • 2 large carrots, peeled and finely diced (about 1 cup)
  • 1¼ teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • ¾ cup unsweetened coconut milk (reduced fat or regular), divided
  • 5 cups water
  • 1 cup dried red lentils, picked over and rinsed
  • ⅓ cup coarsely chopped tart dried cherries or cranberries
  • 3 tablespoons finely chopped cilantro stems, plus 3 tablespoons cilantro leaves for garnish
  1. Heat oil in a medium Dutch oven or saucepan over medium heat. Add chopped ginger, garlic, shallot and carrots. Sprinkle a dash of the salt over the vegetables and cook until softened, stirring often, about 7 minutes.
  2. Add curry powder and cook, stirring continuously, until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add the rest of the salt, ½ cup of the coconut milk, the water and lentils, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until lentils and carrots are tender, about 8 to 10 minutes.
  3. Pass 2 cups of soup through a fine sieve into a bowl to separate the solids from the liquids. Reserve the solids for later and return the strained liquid to the pot of soup.
  4. Let the soup cool slightly, then puree the soup in a blender until smooth. You may need to do this in batches as you do not want to fill the blender jar more than halfway. If necessary, reheat soup after blending, then stir in the reserved solids.
  5. Reserve some cherries for garnish and stir the remaining into the soup, along with the cilantro stems. Ladle soup into 4 bowls and swirl in remaining ¼ cup coconut milk (1 tablespoon coconut milk per bowl). Garnish with cherries and cilantro leaves. This soup is great with a side of lightly toasted whole wheat naan.
  • Recipe lightly adapted from Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes from Martha Stewart Living.
  • On using a Blendtec blender for this recipe: my wildside jar was large enough to accommodate all of the soup that I needed to blend. I used the soup preset, which warmed up the soup as it blended it. So convenient!
  • The recipe suggested to serve the soup immediately, but I preferred the next day's reheated leftovers.

Blendtec Designer Series Blender in ChampagneUPDATE 2/14: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Heather for winning the Blendtec blender!

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Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Blendtec. Blendtec sent me a blender to review and keep. Opinions expressed are my own, always. Disclosure: Affiliate links are used in this post and I’d be much obliged if you used them. Thank you.


  1. Emily says

    I would LOVE to win this blender and would use it for all manner of things! Green smoothies, nut butters (raw, salted almond!), blended soups…I’m sure I could think of more uses. Thanks for the chance!

  2. K says

    We’re having a bit of a soup month in our house. I’m dying to try Sarah Britton’s recipe for White Velvet Soup and a blender would be an enormous help! (Thank you for this recipe, Kate!)

  3. sarahem says

    Like some of the other commenters have mentioned, I would also use this blender to make smoothies. Big fan of soups too, though, so I guess really I’d use it for both!

  4. Meghan says

    I’ve been dying to make a cauliflower crust pizza and the blender I have now just won’t do a good job! So this blender sounds perfect!

  5. Carolyn says

    I feel like my food processor just does not do chocolate coconut butter well- I would love to try it out in a Blendtec!

  6. says

    I can’t enter because I’m not a US resident, but I just wanted to say that I love your dream kitchen/home board! Going to follow it now and keep building my own. Call me a nerd, but I like to fantasize about backsplash and cabinet space and double-door fridges (oh, and fancy blenders too!)

  7. Courtney Good says

    I would LOVE this blender so I could *sip* my green smoothies instead of chewing them :) My poor little stick blender simply can’t handle the kale, carrots, and celery! I’m sure it would be perfect for making almond milk too!

  8. kate says


    (and I follow via RSS). Your black-eyed pea salad and refried bean tostadas are two of our very favorite dinners. Thank you :)

  9. Pam Ring says

    My 12 year old granddaughter has recently made the decision to be a vegetarian. I’d use the blender to cook wonderful veggie meals with her!

  10. Christina says

    I would love a Blendtec! I would use it to make almond milk, green smoothies, nut butters, and many other goodies!

  11. Jen says

    With this blender, I would embark on a grand smoothie-making adventure. I don’t really make smoothies right now, and I would love to experiment.

  12. Geraldine says

    I just started following you on Pinterest. I was already getting your posts via RSS feed. Love the recipes you pick and your photos always look great!

  13. Kimberly says

    the first thing I would make is almond butter. I eat it everyday and I want to add some of my own flavors to it (cinnamon-maple almond butter anyone?)

  14. Amy says

    I would make vegan cultured cashew cheeses, definitely. My current blender is just not up to the task! (Your soup looks great too. :)

  15. Katie Teixeira says

    I’ve heard it can make hummus! And I’ve had a can of dry chickpeas to make the stuff from scratch since August! I need a blendtec!

  16. Megan Rummel says

    I will use my wonderful new blender to create nut, seed, rice, and oat milk(s) so I can find an economic way to replace dairy.

  17. Sabrina says

    I would definitely make some healthy breakfast smoothies. I’d also make tons of guacamole!! I’d absolutely adore this blender!! :)

  18. says

    Wow! I am in constant envy of fancy blenders and juicers… But all those are too pricey for poor me. I would make pureed soups and nut butters if I win this blender!

  19. Katie says

    Smoothies! I’m also intrigued by the coconut butter idea. My current blender is, well, a piece…so this would be a major upgrade!

  20. says

    oh my goodness. what wouldn’t i make with this blender? I totally understand the blender envy. I have been wishin’ on a nice blender lately too. I regularly make almond milk so I am sure that would be the first thing!

  21. Lori says

    Looks like a great blender for my daily green smoothies. Follow you on FB, Twitter and Google Reader. Thanks for the cool giveaway.

  22. Heather says

    I would definitely make avocado sauce for pasta! I’ve tried to use my sub-par blender for this and it’s basically useless. So I’ve now been relegated to just mashing it up by hand. So sad. Also, I subscribe via google reader!

  23. Jacquie says

    I’d make nut butter- almond, cashew, hazelnut, any and all. I eat so much that it’d be fun to play with recipes.

  24. says

    I would use this to make hummus, pesto, nut butters (I can’t believe how fast you said it makes coconut butter!) and smoothies. I would love to be able to have just one appliance for this instead of both a food processor and a blender- I live in a tiny apartment that can’t really accommodate my love of cooking :)

  25. Andrea says

    With my Blendtec I would make hummus! My current blender is not powerful enough to make a smooth hummus! Perfect for parties! Oh and spicy black bean dip too.

  26. neen says

    I also signed up for the weekly newsletter from blendtec! Hopefully I can put some of the recipes/ideas to good use! ;)

  27. misie says

    omg – this is probably the best give away i’ve ever seen on a blog!!!! Love the blendtec – my nutritionist taught me how to re-imagine food and that was her greatest teaching tool. whoop!

  28. misie says

    for my second submission – i’ve had you in my RSS feed for a year or so now – absolutely adore your recipes!

  29. says

    Holy wow! I, too, have been dreaming of a new blender. I would make chocolate peanut butter first. Definitely. And the. Of course some type of soup to counteract the guilt I’d most certainly be feeling after devouring all of the chocolate peanut butter I had just made.

  30. Kathleen says

    This blender looks amazing. I would use it to make green smoothies, nut butters, pesto, hummus, soups. We use our current blender daily, sometimes multiple times, and it is on its last leg. Thank you for the lentil recipe. I think it is going to be dinner tomorrow.

  31. Melissa says

    I’d make lots of nondairy smoothies! I can’t even imagine what my smoothies would taste like without the icy little chunks my kids and I have gotten used to.

  32. Erin says

    Raw peanut butter. And a smoothie–to carry me from the 3:00 school-pick up to bedtime with far more grace than I have now in my little blenderless life.

  33. Christine says

    I would love a blender like this! I’ve been on a HUGE soup kick since November. I’ve made a spicy zucchini soup, roasted cauliflower soup with Moody Blue Cheese and chive garnish, split pea soup with smoked turkey, and curried lentil soup. I want to make more pureed soups. I’m eager to try your roasted red pepper and tomato soup too! Send the blender my way and it’ll get really good use!!! :D

  34. Marie LaHaye says

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Thank you!!!!

    I just want to play with this blender! How amazing to be able to make nut butters in your own kitchen. And your soup looks absolutely divine. I hope to be able to try it properly!

  35. Hannah M. says

    What *wouldn’t* I make with such a blender? Smoothies, soups, quick bits of oat and nut flour, hummus…the possibilities are endless!

  36. says

    I have recently developed some serious blender envy as well, and have been dreaming of these Blendtecs on a strangely frequent basis. Thanks so much for doing a giveaway, Kate!

  37. Janie Cook says

    Since I am brand new to blending, I would make every green smoothie under the sun & as I grew more confident, I am EXCITED to try so many of your recipies!! Totally changing the way my family is eating & trying to get my autistic sons to try new foods! I am so happy I found you on fb! :). You have so many wonderful entries to choose from, good luck!!

  38. says

    The stained tops from the spatter of using an immersion blender, to say nothing of what has stuck to my walls over the years from said immersion blender, has left me finally wanting a proper blender. I have held off for years due to my tiny city kitchen. But, my fella and I are moving. There will be room. And where there is room, there are silkier soups, and smoother smoothies, and frozen margaritas for everyone. Thank you for the opportunity. And keep up the great work!

  39. Victoria says

    My dad got me a blender for a wedding gift. It’s been two and a half years and the blender still works, but I need to put my green smoothie ingredients in a certain order, or else it will not blend anymore. A Blendtec will be awesome! I would love to make my own flours and soups.. but I would love to use it every morning for my daily smoothie! What a great giveaway!

  40. Janna says

    So many blendery choices… I don’t have a good blender now but love my immersion for soups etc. So I will go with smoothies- such a mess with the immersion but I haven’t been able to justify a new blender purchase- and I want to start yogurt smoothy making for my baby!

  41. Adrianna says

    I would make nut butters and pesto. I have an immersion blender with a shopping attachment but that can only take me so far with my blending needs.

  42. Megan Lane says I would pee my pants if I won this. I would make all sort of nut butters with this, and smoothies. And lots of other things. Crossing my fingers!

  43. says

    I follow your every post with my google reader via rss feed-and thank you especially for this lentil recipe. It looks so yummy, I’m making it tomorrow.

  44. Gracie Fred says

    Hey there! The soup sounds yum and I love the idea of straining out a few of the veggies so the texture of this soup isn’t completely homogenous. Leaving a bit to chew on :)

    I subscribed to the Blendtec blog newsletter – just got a hand me down food processor so maybe I’ll get some good blending recipe ideas even if I just stick with what I’ve got.

  45. Ericka Allin says

    What wouldn’t I make with this blender?. I think I would start with nut milks, then smoothies and then some nut butters. Looks fantastic and this would be an awesome additional to my cooking arsenal.

  46. Emily says

    What would I make? This soup is high on the list, actually, since I’ve been on the lookout lately for a good red lentil soup and with the addition of cherries, I’m in love already. But pesto would be a close second.

  47. Ericka says

    Not sure my first comment went through, but it would be so exciting to own a Blendtec. I would start with some nut milks, then smoothies and then nut butters.

  48. Sarah says

    Another awesome post – thank you! This blender sounds amazing, I would love to win it and would definitely make this soup. I would also make a LOT of nut butter! Particularly if it didn’t take at least half an hour as is the case with my current, old blender! Thank you :-)

  49. Jamie Cohen says

    I would make delicious almond milk and nut butters. And obviously would have to try this delicious looking soup!!

  50. says

    Wow – this soup has all my favorite flavors in it! AND I have all the ingredients on hand. I know what I’m making soon! As for the blender – well, I definitely have blender heaven. I stopped using blenders entirely because if it’s not a really good one (ie Blendtec or Vitamix) I’ve found them basically useless! So I’d use this blender to make everything – but I’d start with nut butters, which has been on my list for a while.

  51. says

    First, your soup sounds delectable, and the combination of curry and cherries is so genius! I think the first thing I’d make with the blender is definitely a really good smoothie. And there would probably be chocolate involved!

  52. Katherine H. says

    Oops! I guess that should have been two separate comments – Consider this one my comment on what I would make – My morning smoothies!

  53. Charlotte says

    Hi Kathryne!

    While I know that I will only get “credit” for one future blender plan, I have to write many more than that! I would make smoothies galore, in all colors of the rainbow (though in winter, green seems to be what I always crave). I would blend soups and sauces! I have been doggedly seeking to recreate a fetish peanut butter chocolate milkshake from my favorite café, and I think this shiny new machine might could help…

  54. Charlotte says

    And I subscribed to Blendtec, too! (Desperate? Nah…. Don’t ask me what decade my handmedown blender hails from ; )

  55. says

    i would LOVE this blender! what excites me most is the attachment for nut butters. i am currently using my mom’s 30 year old food processor to make my nut butters. it would be nice to give my mom back her food processor ;) plus, i’d love to have a hearty blender for smoothies, gravies, soups, etc.

  56. Lauren says

    I would love love love to have a blender! I’ve been living without one for two years now and I would love to make homemade soups and salad dressings!

  57. Paula says

    I would ditch my old, sad blender and use this to make my favorite breakfast smoothie (among other things!), which consists of 1 ripe banana, 4 frozen strawberries, 6-7 frozen blueberries, 1 cup or so of vanilla almond milk, 2 tbsp wheatgerm, 2 tbsp ground raw almonds/old-fashioned oats blend, 1 tbsp honey and ice. Yum!

  58. Steph says

    What a lovely soup! You can see how silky and smooth the blender makes it.

    If i had Blendtec blender (and I do need one!) I’d make this exact soup, but incorporate some sort of roasted butternut squash and roasted onions.

  59. Shirley says

    Delightful recipe and gorgeous photos, as always. I’d make a green smoothie every morning if I had this blender.

  60. says

    I would start making my green smoothies in the morning again. I disliked that my blender can’t blend the greens enough, so they are stringy in the smoothie.

  61. Catie says

    I would use the blender for a lentil “meat”ball recipe I use. It’s sooo delicious, but dragging out the food processor is a pain!

  62. Julia says

    I would probably try to make my mother’s delicious homemade tomatillo sauce/salsa for enchiladas, mexican inspired breakfasts (chilaquiles anyone?) and just to say I was able to make it from scratch!

  63. says

    what an AMAZING giveaway! that soup looks BOMB — i, too, am a huge fan of tart dried cherries, and have never thought to pair with indian spices. looks like a real winner.

    were i to win the blender, i am DYING to try making my own nut milks and butters. and oat and nut flours!! my current crap-ola blender just doesn’t have the capacity to get things ground that finely.

    thanks for hosting!

  64. Elizabeth M says

    Hi Kate, I follow your RSS feed and am really excited about this giveaway. I am an owner of a pitiful blender and would love to upgrade. Thanks!

  65. says

    …and i just subscribed to the blendtec newsletter. thanks again! <3

    p.s. your photos are soooo pretty… can't believe you aren't already IN your "dream kitchen," looks like such a clean space with beautiful natural light!

  66. says

    This giveaway is an amazing opportunity – thanks for offering it!

    The first thing I would make would be some kind of nut milk..I’d love to try making my own almond milk!

  67. says

    And I subscribed to the Blendtec newsletter. Also, thank you for this recipe and the tip on the new cookbook…I hadn’t heard of it yet! Looks great.

  68. Sarah Aneyci says

    I just had a baby and I make all his food and this would be perfect!!! I would love a red one to match my kitchen…..

  69. says

    I would make my morning shake with this blender. It consists of: frozen blueberries, banana, coconut milk, a raw egg and chia seeds. I really do need a new blender – my current one leaks so that I have to blend as quickly as possible and pour it into a glass asap so as little ends up on the counter as possible!

    Love the blog, by the way!

  70. Cheryl Sims says

    I would love this blender. I would make a mushroom soup by sautéing the mushrooms with some onions and then putting them in the blender with some half and half. I could do the same thing with cauliflower. I adore soups.

  71. Meg D says

    I make a smoothie every morning with frozen berries, pineapple, silken tofu and a splash of oj/almond milk and a tsp of flaxseed oil. Best way to start the day! But, alas, my blender has seen better days…would love a new one!

  72. Grace says

    Whoa! This blender looks incredible. Nut butters in a flash? Sign me up! Cashew milk?! Why have I never tried this? This is a must. Also, this soup looks incredible. Red lentil is among my very favorite soups.

  73. Uma says

    oooooh! I will make the heck out of some nut butters and nut milks. and everything else I can get my hands on that’s blendable.
    i’m following you on pinterest, facebook and instagram :)

  74. Grace says

    Okay now I see that I need a new blender (mine barely makes smoothies) so I’m leaving another comment. I follow you on twitter, instagram, etc. because you’re awesome!

  75. says

    Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity! I would use the blender to make tasty spring soups using things like peas, asparagus, and (for cool fruit soups!) melon.

  76. says

    This would be so nice to have. My immersion blender cracked and I make soups al of the time with it. I would really love to have this giant of a blender to make my weekly soups.

  77. Ketki says

    I would make my morning smoothies with this and also fresh homemade ice creams with fresh fruit and whipping cream. Thanks for the recipe.


  78. says

    My blender broke last October, right in the midst of a love affair with smoothies (that’s probably WHY it broke) so I would definitely be making smoothies with this, but I’ve been a bit consumed lately with making my own nut butters. That would be next on the list.

    Great giveaway! Thank you so much for doing this.

  79. says

    what i would do for a good blender! my current blender is a cheapo that only works about 1/3 of the time i go to use it. :/

    i would use this guy to make nut butters, smoothies, hummus…oh, the possibilities!

  80. Autumn says

    Ohhh this soup looks so yummy!!! I would love to win the blender and I have to make your Coconut Butter!!!! Somehow I missed that recipe when you first posted it!

  81. Emilie says

    I would make… everything! hummus, guacamole, soups, smoothies (no more strains or bits and pieces!), cocktails, sauces… your soup looks so smooth, i envy you so much!

  82. says

    This blender looks awesome. I have a hand-me-down blender from my grandmother that I swear is as old as she is! It barely chops anything. My husband and I loooove making breakfast smoothies and have subsisted on using the food processor for now. It’d be great to whip up smoothies from a blender that worked nicely!

  83. Amy says

    Oh the smoothies I would make!! I make a lot of vegan sauces-dressings that usually entail me grinding up almonds or making my own tahini, I bet a blendtec blender would rock that job!! But like you said…what color?!? :)

  84. Natalie says

    I’ve been coveting a Blendtec since I saw some great recipes using it on Pinterest! As an overworked, not paid med student, this seems like a life saver to whip up quick, healthy dishes. I’m dying to try out some new fresh squash soups! And make frozen banana “ice cream” – just frozen chopped banana, cocoa powder and cinnamon. A guiltless treat for an insatiable sweet tooth!

  85. CC says

    This giveaway is perfect timing…I have been searching for a new blender and this one looks great! I would make smoothies, soups, salsas. I love using my blender!!

  86. Christopher says

    cool blender

    i’d have to go with my red pepper and tomato pesto w blanched almonds, garlic, basil, EVOO, cherry tomatoes, red pepper flakes, s+p

  87. Elena says

    I’ve become a big blended soup fan in the winter, and I make smoothies every day in the summer! I’ve also been wanting to try homemade almond milk…

  88. says

    I’ve actually never owned a blender so my envy is through the roof! Seriously. My soup envy is also starting to pick up after seeing this. It looks SO.GOOD.

  89. says

    I broke my Kitchen Aid blender and while back but it was ancient so…time for a new one! I’d love to start making smoothies for me and my daughter. Thanks!

  90. says

    I would make soups (butternut squash, tomato and quinoa, pumpkin), make some yummy sauces with non fat greek yogurt with cilantro and roasted garlic, hummus, smoothies, soo much more

  91. Meg says

    I’ve been in the market for a new, high powered blender for a long time and one of my few choice blenders is a BlendTec (especially after seeing their lovely YouTube series, “Will it blend?”)! The very first thing I would make me some delicious and nutritious green smoothie–without all the little chunks of spinach and kale that my current blender leaves behind!

  92. Amy says

    I would make coconut butter! It’s been popping up in a bunch of recipes and since I’ve had to cut a lot of dairy out of my diet, coconut is my new best friend! Thanks!

  93. jennifer b says

    I would use this every single day for my morning smoothies, plus am really jonesing to experiment with home made hummus recipes!

  94. jennifer b says

    Just signed up for the Blendtec blog and checked out the products and recipes. Makes me want one even more!!!!!!!

  95. colleen b. says

    I would use this to make some amazing green smoothies! My current blender just isn’t making the cut anymore. I’d also make this soup of course! :D

  96. Avery says

    I would make smoothies on the daily, as well as a host of baked goods (requiring blended nuts) that I have been drooling over for months because I have no blender or food processor. Plus, homemade hummus would be awesome. :)

  97. Jessica says

    First, I would make that delicious looking Curried Red Lentil Soup and then I would make a Creamy Broccoli Soup I’ve had my eye on.

  98. says

    I would make green smoothies that don’t require me to CHEW! And coconut butter that doesn’t fill my kitchen with the roasted smell of a dying food processor! And creamy hummus that doesn’t somehow wind up with whole chickpeas left in it! And the myriad of other food items I love that my crappy blender and food processor absolutely suck at creating! Oh, to dream of a better time…

  99. says

    Subscribed to Blendtec:

    Subscription Confirmed

    Your subscription to our list has been confirmed.

    Thank you for subscribing!
    Blendtec Inc.
    1206 S 1680 W
    Orem, Utah 84058

  100. Natalie T says

    I was just discussing with a co-worker about how my food processor doesn’t make very smooth hummus or pesto! So those would be great! Also, I’m just getting into experimenting with nut butter…a quick blend would be a charm!

  101. Kerry says

    I get sick of lumpy post-run recovery smoothies… a Blendtec blender would make my PBbanana smoothies sooo much better!!!

  102. Katherine says

    What wouldn’t I make with this blender? Pureed winter squash soups and hearty sauces in the winter, pesto and smoothies in the spring, salsas and more smoothies in the summer. I’d keep it on the counter for easy access every day.

  103. Megan Moses says

    Well, I would make all kinds of stuff! But I need a new blender for making Margaritas and Squash soup, among many other things.
    PS. I follow your blog via email

  104. Elizabeth says

    I would definitely make the red lentil soup as my husband would love it and he was just diagnosed with head and neck cancer. We’ve been told the simultaneous radiation and chemo will leave him having a difficult time eating so this would also come in handy making protein/vegetable and fruit shakes.

  105. Jessica says

    I would make hummus with the Blendtec as I love super smooth, fluffy hummus! I’d also make smoothies… can’t stand having seeds in smoothies… this blender would probably help with that!

  106. says

    I think I’m going to make this soup tomorrow! I love making things in my mom’s blender! I’m getting married and moving out so I know I’m going to greatly miss it (the blender and my mom)! Happy Blending!

  107. Kate says

    I have also subscribed to the Blendtec newsletter.

    I love the sound of the soup–the cherries are a great touch…

  108. MaryB says

    I would make soup first and since I just bought red lentils, this particular soup seems to be calling my name! Thanks for offering the chance to win.

  109. Lisa J says

    I’d put just about everything in this blender! I would start with Zucchini Watercress Soup from The Silver Palate Cookbook and then I’d let my imagination run wild.

  110. Julia Stratman says

    I just subscribed to Blendtec’s blog—looks like some great recipes to peruse. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  111. Marissa says

    Homemade almond butter and hummus!! I have been wanting a blender/food processor for a while to be able to make more homemade goodies.

  112. Marissa says

    I follow you on instagram, pinterest, google plus and facebook! (Sorry, i haven’t jumped on the twitter bandwagon yet)

  113. Steph says

    I would make so many smoothies. So many. Starting with a banana almond or a banana peanut butter. Mm. Right now I only have a tiny three-in-one food processor/stick blender, alas.

  114. Thess Solis says

    I came across Cookie + Katie Websites and since then I subscribed to the site because she has fabulous very one of a kind recipes. The recipes are out of this world really great and tasty. I am always looking forward to new recipes and the blog.
    Thank you.

  115. Linda Cronin says

    Heart Health Month and a Blendtec – a perfect and economical jumpstart to reinforce my commitment to Heart Healthy living – kale smoothies, lentil soups, homemade almond milk, and so many red soups – roasted red pepper, tomato bisque, the beet soup on Blendtec’s site, scandanavian berry soups – yum! I am getting hungry, please send one my way!

  116. Tina says

    I would make my son’s favorite banana, peanut butter and chocolate smoothie and for me roasted cauliflower soup, yum! I would love to win a Blendtec. Thank you!

  117. says

    hmmm. What wouldn’t I make with this blender? Probably something with liver — not that I eat liver any way, but somehow the vision of a liver mousse popped into my head as I thought about a dreamy blender and that sort of grossed me out. So no, no liver.

    I would make some delicious mousse like thing though – -sweet and soft. And I’d use it to prepare soups (of course) and it would likely lead to adventures in cocktails as well. I suspect we’d find much to do together!

    I also receive your emails/blog posts in my very own email box and I follow you on Facebook as well… I need to give a shout – out to my friend Maria Gamb, in case she’s one of the 400 commenters ahead of me – she’s the one who told me all about you!

  118. Linda Cronin says

    Thank you for the opportunity – I did subscribe to Blendtec, and I already receive your blog posts by email. I think I would like red – to sit on my counter tand remind me year around about heart healthy living.

  119. Kate Murphy says

    Since I live in Hawaii I would make my own hot sauce using local Hawaiian chili peppers and Maui sweet onions with a little bit of fresh mango from the tree in my backyard.

  120. Anna says

    I’d love to have this blender to make fruit and vegetable smoothies (I heard it’s the best for tough green leaves and such), as well as trying my hand in making homemade almond milk.

  121. Shiraz says

    Kate, I’m making this now and am super excited! I think you forgot to list the amount of salt that the recipe calls for. Can you update the recipe? Thanks!

    • says

      Shiraz, I’m sorry for the delayed response. Hope your soup turned out great. I just corrected the recipe to include 1 1/4 teaspoons salt.

  122. Belinda Berryhill says

    Kate, I have coveted a blendtec even longer than I have loved your blog! I would likely make gobs of creamy soups and fresh smoothies with mine. I would also give try making a nut butter with that attachment!

  123. Elaine Miller says

    For about a year now my husband and I have been swithering between the Blendtec and the Vitamix. The Vitamix is just so darn ugly and lacks any sense of style so I am very much drawn to this Blendtec. It’s hands down a winner in the looks department and from what I’ve heard from friends it works great too. Would love to have one for green smoothy breakfasts and oodles of soup making.

  124. Karen says

    I just began following your blog and this is the first post I’ve read. The soup looks amazing and fits perfectly with my current cleanse. I’d use the Blendtec for thick smoothies that my current blender simply can’t handle (with ingredients like avocado, flax seeds, oats, and nuts).

  125. Sarah Graves says

    Thank you for posting and sharing the op for the Blendtec … I certainly would greatly appreciate winning something that would be of great use to me and my family. We have discovered some intestinal health challenges recently and have to change our diet radically to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet- which means absolutely no grains at all. I have to make almond and coconut milk at home along with any nut butter we would like to have to eat. Soups and stews are pretty much a staple on this diet and we’ll need to be on it for year or more. I have a little peppy red Oster blender I have had for a very very long time- leaving most of what I have blended ‘chunky.’
    It would be great to upgrade ;-)

  126. Jeannie Rickard says

    I would love to replace my 25 year old blender! Of course the 1st thing I would make is Curried Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cherries and Cilantro.

  127. Traci says

    I’m obsessed with the Blendtec. I would use it daily to purée health veggies in sauces and smoothies so I could get my 12 year old son to eat something healthy…even though he wouldn’t know it! I follow you on Pinterest and am adding you on Facebook. I am also signing up for Blendtec’s weekly blog. Keep doing what your doing…I love it and Nutella of course.

  128. Kate says

    I subscribe to your email posts. My current favorite of your recipes is the baby spinach fritata with sweet potato crust. I have sucessfully substituted a pint of liquid egg whites for the whole eggs as well as substituting Laughing Cow light cheese and adding 1 tsp tumeric and a whole chopped jalapeno.

  129. says

    What a beautiful soup! I am currently shopping around for a new blender, juicer, and a new couch. Random, I know. But just so overwhelming! So many choices. Winning this would at least help cut my list down by one.

  130. April says

    If I had a Blendtec blender, I would make: All of the green smoothies. All of the soup. All of the nut milks. All of the salad dressing. ALL OF IT!

  131. Erica McCarthy says

    Hi Kate!

    I really love your site. You are among about 4 food blogs that I follow :) I am starting my own food blog this month and I think a blendtec would be beneficial. Right now, all we have is a magic bullet and that surely isn’t doing the trick. I would love to win! thank you for your wonderful site!

  132. says

    The soup looks scrumptious; I can’t wait to try it! I would make my mango, blueberry and kale smoothies and homemade hummus to start with in the Blendtec blender. As a fellow photographer, I want to tell you what lovely images you take of your food!

  133. Mary Whittaker says

    I have another very well known performance blender (which will remain un-named) and I have had terrible luck with it. I would love to have one that really really works! I would make “green soup” as my husband named it. Spinach, broccoli, peas, mint, veggie stock, cream, if so inclined. Hot or cold …yum

  134. says

    holy moly look at all these comments! If I had a nice lovely blender, I would make smooth soups, just like this. I like chunky most days, but I would love to make a velvety one! Great recipe and photos, my dear!

  135. Sylvia Wulf says

    I’ve been an email subscriber for a while, and absolutely love your recipes – and this one sounds fabulous! I only recently seriously made the move from omnivore to vegan (I skipped vegetarian because I am allergic to milk products) and am trying to learn all I can to stay on track. This blender would be a blessing, since so many recipes call for a really good one, and mine dates from the 70’s! I follow you also on FB and Twitter, and if I can find the link I’m getting on the Blendtec list too ;-)

  136. Heidi Hess says

    I already follow you on Pinterest and receive your emails. The spring me will make soup, the summer me, margaritas for our neighborhood get togethers.

  137. Mason says

    Oh where do I start?! I would make SO many things! If I must pick one item, it would probably by cashew cheese! I absolutely love nut cheese and would love to achieve a perfectly smooth version at home!

  138. Ericka says

    I had trouble posting a comment last night so I hope this isn’t a duplicate. I would be so excited to make nut milks, then smoothies and nut butters. What an exciting giveaway!

  139. sharon Engel says

    A gorgeous blender.!!! I love Blentec…so much easier to clean than a VitaMix. I would blend up everything. They even say you can blend a video camera. :)

  140. sharon Engel says

    I already follow you on Pinterest, like you on Facebook, and receive your blog posts via email. You may guess that I love your recipes.

  141. Megan says

    Smoothies, hummus and soups,…Oh My! Margies, pesto, and butters … OH MY! I even might have to pick the red awesome Blendtec because it matches Dorothy’s slippers. (Gotta love the red slippers being from KC!). Huh, funny the Blentec actually acts as the tornado too!

  142. Carrie Perry says

    First I would make Curried Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cherries and Cilantro (mmmm!!) which is why I clicked and found out about this giveaway! Then I would make vegan cheese, smoothies and nut butters for my 5-year old who just announced 3 days ago that she is going vegan (she is already veg, now eliminating dairy)

  143. Jennifer Oliva says

    If I had a powerful blender like this, I would make smoothies and crush ice! (an ultimate test of a good blender. I would probably also chuck my old food processor….

  144. Meghan M. says

    SOUP!! I would make soup every day!! Also, all the necessary nut butters & milks. I would also like to be able to add my Chinese tonic herbs to my morning cacao energy shakes…my current blender does not like to emulsify the capsules. I can’t even imagine the possibilities!!

  145. Shannon says

    What wouldn’t I make with this fantastic blender?! Creamy hummus, black bean brownies, green smoothies, homemade tomato sauces, various kinds of nut butters. I already use my food processor and/or ninja on a daily basis. The real question is what will I do with all my extra time saved from high speed blending.

  146. Allie says

    I would make hummus, sauces, soups, and smoothies! I followed you on Twitter and signed up for the Blendtec newsletters.

  147. Angie says

    I love your blog! I make a lot of your recipes and they are big hits with the family! With the blender, I would make pesto sauce, green smoothies (my blender doesn’t do too great a job on it but I make do), hummus, and of course soups. My kids’ fave is butternut squash or carrot parsnip! Thanks for all you do!

  148. Angie says

    I am not sure if my previous comment posted! My computer froze. I love your website – thank you for all your great recipes. I have tried many and my family always enjoys what I make. So thank you!! With the blender I would make green smoothies, hummus, pesto and of course soups. I would like to try and make my own almond butter too!

  149. Jennifer says

    I would blend up some breakfast smoothies! They would be perfect to make ahead and grab-n-go in the morning. :)

  150. Eleanor Lipinski says

    I would make a potato-leek bisque (my hand immersion blender is so heavy!), green smoothies (my kids need more veggies) and cashew milk (yummy protein).

  151. Jenny Rocci says

    With the blender, I would make homemade tomato soup just like my grandma used to make. I’ve just started to cook, so it may take me a few times, but hopefully this blender would give me an extra head start!

  152. Paige L says

    I would absolutely love to win this blender! What a dream!!! I don’t even know where I’d begin, since I have so many recipes I’m dying to try, but I don’t have a proper blender to make them in. I think I’d start by making my own nut butters, though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. Donecia says

    I love the recipes I find here! This blender would make all of my green smoothies, pureed soups, nut butters, and pestos a snap! Plus it would just look plain great on my counter! :-)

  154. Marla says

    I would make birthday cake ice cream (like a recipe on and SMOOTH cashew cream and cashew sour cream.

  155. cheri says

    I would start with tahini…so easy but my current blender moves across the counter when I make it!!!! My husband loves to use it with my strawberry jam on whole grain bread. Then I would proceed to large batches of pesto for my freezer, then hummus, then any type of nut butter, oh I could go on. Thanks for the possibility.

  156. Robyn (R&R) says

    What a handsome blender! My first task with a new blender would be to see how it stands up to my husband’s daily breakfast shake.

  157. Mary says

    I would make a nut butter like the one I bought called NuttZo…it’s a blend of several nuts and seeds, e.g. peanuts, flax seed, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds. It was AMAZING….I would LOVE to use the BlendTec to come up with my own nut butter combinations. I would also use it almost every Sunday to blend soups for our SOUPER Sunday parties.

  158. Greg Parker says

    Would love to win this… Even if I don’t I love the blog. One of my favorite feeds. If I won its pretty simple. What a great product to make so many raw foods for my daughter. Its hard to convince children of the power of whole foods and a powerful machine like this one makes that easy… So super green smoothies and sorbets.

  159. Sarah says

    If I were to win the blender I’d use it to make cupcakes (oatmeal, yogurt, banana muffins) and fruit “ice-cream” for breakfasts for my family.

  160. Teri Pastorino says

    I would make avocado chocolate pudding
    I tried it tonight in my food processor and decorated the kitchen walls with chocolate. Lol not. Good idea

  161. Teena Jibilian says

    I’m a subscriber to the Blendtec blog. That savory beet soup recipe on their blog looks good. I would make that too!

  162. Hannah N. says

    I would love to make some ice cream for the warmer months with this blender. I also want to try making a soup, like yours! I’ve never made any kind of soup using a blender and I would love to try.

    I am also a subscriber to your blog via RSS.

  163. kate says

    this blender would make my and my husband’s lives so much simpler. both of us are training (he’s a professional athlete, i’m gearing up for a half-marathon in paris!) and we can’t get enough fruit/veggie packed smoothies – greek yogurt, kale, carrots, almond butter, berries and agave. would love to whip them up with this beautiful machine!

  164. JoBeth says

    I would make a simple broccoli soup with just 3 ingredients – broccoli, salt, and water. Simple, cheap and delicious!

  165. jen says

    Wow! This soup is totally getting me back on lentils! It’s gorgeous, too :) I would love to try a Blendtec. Looking forward to checking out the recipes from the blog. Subscribed!

  166. Sass says

    Followed you on Facebook! (Can’t believe I hadn’t already so I will now look forward to snippets of your wisdom in my news feed)

  167. bonnie schmitt says

    Well, I have 7 month old and another on the way so having this blender would be such a time saver as I make all his babyfood and my hubby and I love making soups and bisques, butternut squash is one of our favorites along with fruit smoothies, and endless nut butters!

  168. Em says

    It’s so hard to decide on something, so many possibilities. I’d have to take your word for it and try out making coconut butter…It takes way too long to do it in a food processor!

    Also, following you on Pinterest. Thanks for all the great posts!

  169. Stephanie Khoury says

    Well after I make your soup (it looks delicious) I would use the Blendtec to make some homemade hummus or maybe pesto.

  170. Mindy Temple says

    I would make curried red lentil soup with dried cherries and cilantro, of course! And maybe icecream! Thanks for the opportunity.

  171. hollykate says

    I have very excitedly subscribed to Blendtec’s weekly blog email newsletter.

    Good luck to all those who have entered!

  172. Ashlie says

    I can’t have dairy and I’ve been wanting to make cashew-based cheeses and pastry cream for years, but I don’t have a blender capable of doing it – this would be at the very top of my to-do list! Thanks for an amazing give away!

  173. Katie Yohnke says

    What couldn’t you use this for?! As a vegetarian I have loads of options! from tofu chocolate pudding to tofu/walnut meatballs. The possibilities are endless!

  174. Katia says

    Also, I’ve never owned but always wanted a blender, especially now that I’ve suddenly grown studied of all commercial hummus. Yogurt- based smoothies are also something I would make regularly. She I’m DYING to try this soup!

  175. Katy says

    I would go crazy making nutbutters!! My current blender/food processor takes 30 minutes to make almond butter. I would also make more sauces!

  176. Krystina says

    Loads of homemade baby purees for my eight-month old! Along with some luscious soups and sauces for me and hubby. I’m excited to try out this lentil soup recipe, it’s looks delicious.

  177. says

    If I won, I’d make my world-famous butternut-apple soup. OK, it isn’t really world-famous, but it is definitely good – and the perfect thing for a snowy, blustery day.

  178. AW says

    Wow where to start… I’d first give this soup recipe a try before the winter cold is replaced by warm spring sunshine: Next I’d make your tropical pesto again from your coconut quinoa and kale recipe- one of my favorite dishes I’ve ever made! Finally I really want to try my hand at making nut butters- I’m really inspired by these flavours: Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  179. Meagan says

    I have been dying to make the hummus from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem…I’ve heard rumor that it tastes JUST like actual hummus from Jerusalem! Now I just need the tools! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. Alice DiTullio says

    I would make many wonderful things with this blender. I love to make foods from scratch, such as almond milk and almond flour, coconut milk, butter and flour. During warmer months I would make nut milk ice creams and shakes.

  181. Rosanna says

    I’m obsessed with red lentils lately. I just made this red lentil dish from the Art of Living According to Joe Beef which is described as “a bit of a Quebecois-lumberjack-in-Bollywood taste.” Delicious, the recipe is available on the web and you can easily omit the bacon to make it vegetarian. I’d up the salt though as the sweet/salty taste really makes the dish.

  182. Kate says

    I love making root vegetable purees and experimenting with different flavors – Blendtec would enhance my ability to do so!

  183. Terri Swanson says

    I have recently become a raw addict and am exploring and indulging in delicious and beautiful ways to improve my diet and lifestyle. Accordingly, my food processor is in constant use. As you pointed out in the article, a nut butter that takes 10-15 minutes in a food processor would be beautifully made in seconds with the Blendtec! Just thinking about all the butters and soups and foods…oh, my! I can’t choose! So the first thing I’d make with a new Blendtec would be this yummy looking soup.

  184. Kim Catapano says

    I would make cashew butter, something that I’ve been dying to make but lack the food processor & blender to make it in. I would love to make other nut butters as well and would go to town in making fruit & vegetable purees for sauces, soups and so much more.

  185. says

    I would make smoothies (like all the time-my current blender is not doing too well), but also this soup (or another soup) would be a new experiment for me, too!

  186. Holz says

    Besides spinach blueberry smoothies, this delicious looking soup on this blogpost, strawberries and cashew cream, and almond flour, if I won this blendtec, I would make pesto.

  187. Kellie Russell says

    If I were fortunate enough to win this blender, my fist culinary adventure would be nut butter; especially Almond Butter. :)

  188. Kellie Russell says

    I left a comment on your FB page “If I were fortunate enough to win this blender, my fist culinary adventure would be nut butter; especially Almond Butter. :)” Okay, I think I covered all 3 bases. By the way, I really enjoy your blog :)

  189. Carrie says

    I’ve worn out my blender making green smoothies, so that has to be the first thing I’d make with a new blendtec.

  190. Misha Hann says

    I would make organic, natural baby food for my little one due in a few weeks! And, of course, natural salad dressings and low-sodium soups for my family.

  191. Heather Pfeiff says

    I follow you on pintrest and I receive BlendTec’s weekly blog!
    The first thing that I would make with a BlendTec blender would be baby food for my son!

  192. Alicia says

    The better question is what wouldn’t I make? Nut butters, smoothies, soups… Oh how I could go on. I’m a sucker for a good blender, and cool technology.

  193. Donna Ferguson says

    I would make smoothies with the Blendtec. I like to always include a banana, spinach, and carrots, but after that I just start adding what ever is in the frig – usually an orange, blueberries, strawberries, and ground flaxseed. Sometimes I throw in a little cucumber and a roma tomato, too. They taste sooo good! Love, love, love Blendtec. They make a great product and are made in the USA! Can’t beat that!

  194. Jenna Madsen says

    I subscribe to weekly Blendtec emails. LOVE the Blendtec. I would made soups and nut butter with it!i love the tomatoe basil soup recipe and Wisconsin cauliflower soup in the Blendtec !

  195. Katrina Homerick says

    I would make savory soups, smoothies, homemade baby food and would make nut butters for the first time!

  196. Jessica says

    My friend has one and I LOVE the green smoothies. They are creamy and delicious rather than the chunky ones I make with my blender now. Please please please!

  197. Christina says

    What wouldn’t I make with the blender? This recipe, carrot-ginger soup and green smoothies for my marathon training! Yummy.

  198. Shannon O. says

    Regardless of whether I win the blender, I am so totally making this soup … the blender would just make the process that much more enjoyable!

  199. Stefanie Jane says

    This looks amazing! I love making soups and salsas and this blender would be awesome for it! Any excuse to dip pita chips into some homemade dip is a great one :)

  200. Bree says

    I would use it to make healthier meals for me and my family, I’d particularly LOVE to have this blender to make more raw desserts, soups, and nut butters!! :)

  201. Bree says

    Also, I am following you on Facebook and Pinterest, AND I subscribed to the weekly Blendtec newsletter!! :) Thank you!!

  202. Melissa says

    I would make soooo many things with that blender! Definitely a bunch of green smoothies, plus a lot of blended soups. Also some of my favorite salad dressings, like vegan ranch (made with tofu) and oil-free balsamic vinaigrette.

  203. says

    We would make r daily green smoothies :)
    As well as creamy, smooth delicious raw food butters, sauces, dressings, spreads, fruit purée and everything else we uncook

  204. Katherine Parker says

    I love your ideas,creativity and art. My family and I are blessed by you!

    With a nice blender we would make many smoothies for our three year old to get some liquids in her (she doesn’t like beverages too much). Smoothies, yes!

    Also, as a midwesterner at heart, soups are a must, even in hot Houston!

  205. Kay says

    I’ve been making the same lentil soup for years–this makes such a nice change. Love the coconut milk. Your photos are beautiful!

  206. says

    I have to say it is important to have the right gadgets in the kitchen! It make someone’s life so much easier and faster! For a long time I’ve been looking for an excellent blender. However, such a pity the jar itself is in plastic! I’m a great believer that food & plastic should stay way apart, BPA free or not! Beautiful presentation and mouthwatering recipe!
    Zoe xxx