Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower

Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower -

Afternoon forecast: too many decisions up in the air. I stayed up to an ungodly hour last night trying to plan out what I need for my new [rent] house and where to put everything. I don’t know why I didn’t drag my blinky-eyed self to bed earlier, as my subconscious sorted some things out while I was asleep. Isn’t that how it always goes?


So today, in addition to sucking down two mugs of strong coffee and stumbling across a promising oatmeal cookie recipe, I’ve made some executive decisions. I’m feeling good about my pendant lamp choice for the dining area and can’t wait to hang this big print on the living room wall.

I’ve also been searching Craigslist for a used washer/dryer set (is buying used a bad idea?). Speaking of Craigslist, I feel compelled to tell you about an app I found called Craigslist Pro. For two bucks, you can save searches and get notified when there are new results! Major time saver. Oh, also, I’m supposed to tell you that Glam’s new Game Day recipes app is available for download for free over here.

Maybe I should publish a post about all of my favorite tech tools soon. Would that be helpful? I could also post some before and after pics of my new space. Any takers?


I’m sorry, my mind is all over the place. Please be patient with me over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be going nuts trying to pack and unpack and get organized in my new place. At least I have lots of quinoa leftovers for sustenance. This dish is a new favorite. Although it definitely doesn’t qualify as authentic Indian food, the Indian flavors of turmeric, curry powder and coconut milk complement quinoa nicely. Dinner’s ready!

roasted cauliflower with cayenne pepperIndian spicesgreensCurried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower Recipe -

Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower
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Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Indian
Prep time: 
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Serves: 4
Quinoa cooked in coconut milk with spicy Indian flavors, mixed with greens and topped with roasted cauliflower. A simple, vegan and gluten-free meal.
Roasted Cauliflower
  • 1 head cauliflower, cut into bite-sized florets
  • 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil or olive oil
  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • Sea salt
Curried coconut quinoa with greens
  • 2 teaspoons melted coconut oil or olive oil
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • ½ teaspoon curry powder of choice (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 1 can (14 ounces) light coconut milk
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 cup quinoa, rinsed well in a fine mesh colander
  • ⅓ cup raisins
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 4 cups baby arugula or chopped chard, spinach, maybe even kale*
  • Optional garnishes: 2 green onions, chopped, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes
  1. Roast the cauliflower: Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Toss the cauliflower florets with coconut oil, cayenne pepper and a light sprinkle of sea salt. Roast for 25 to 30 minutes on the middle rack, turning halfway, until the cauliflower is tender and golden on the edges.
  2. Cook the quinoa: In a large pot with a lid, warm the coconut oil over medium heat. Add the onion and cook until it is turning translucent, stirring often, about 5 minutes. Add the ginger, turmeric, curry powder and cardamom and stir until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Pour in the coconut milk, water, rinsed quinoa and raisins. Bring the mixture to a boil, then cover and reduce heat to a simmer. Cook for 15 minutes, then remove the pot from heat and let it rest for 5 minutes.
  3. Fluff the quinoa with a fork. Stir in the salt, vinegar and greens (if you intend to eat this dish as leftovers, I recommend storing leafy greens separate from the quinoa, as the greens don't reheat well). Divide the quinoa into bowls and top with roasted cauliflower. Garnish with green onions and red pepper flakes if you'd like.
  • Loosely inspired by the sweet potato wrap at The Mixx in Kansas City, which also inspired this quick roasted Brussels sprouts dish. If you like curried cauliflower with coconut, try this soup.
  • *Greens: I'm pretty sure chopped spinach or chard would work great in this recipe. If you'd like to try kale, remove the ribs first. To soften the chopped kale, you might want to sauté it in a little coconut oil or massage it first, like you would for a raw kale salad.
  • For added protein, mix in some cooked chickpeas or pre-steamed lentils. For what it's worth, though, I find this dish to be very filling as is.


    • Kara Modica says

      Delicious dish! I have always used water to cook quinoa, never anything else, so I enjoyed exploring new territory with the coconut milk. I probably would have scrapped the water altogether for a thicker consistency (this seems to be a common issue whenever I cook quinoa- the 1:2 recommended ratio is a bit off) but otherwise I absolutely loved it! Thanks Kate!

  1. says

    Yes to pictures of the new place and yes to tech tools! When Erin at Naturally Ella posted her favorite tools it introduced me to so many great things. Good luck on packing and moving, it will be worth it!

  2. says

    hang in there… just keep packing and unpacking… soon, you will be all settled in and every stress in the present will just be a memory. good luck with the move!

    i love this recipe… if the snow wasn’t 5 inches and coming right now, i would be headed off the the grocery store to grab some cauliflower.

  3. says

    Kathryne! Yes, please post a few pics of the before / after of your new space. I daydream often about having a place sans roommates, one entirely my own to arrange and decorate. Yours sounds fabulous and it would be a treat to see once you are settled and have the time to document :)

  4. says

    I definitely want to see before and after pics of your place! And this bowl sounds amazing. The polar vortex seems to have returned this week and the thought of warm curry spices is mighty appealing right now!

  5. says

    I have to ask … does Cookie have a piece of cauliflower in his mouth?!
    I think I must be a closet vegetarian because dishes like this always seem to attract me the most when I’m reading blog posts. Must try roasted cauliflower – seems to be so popular at the moment.

  6. Liz says

    Thank you for info. and nice recipe. Slow yourself down a little, Kate. Don’t want you getting sick. Cookie is a beautiful dog. I have one too. Her name is Maggie Mae and she’s a miniature border collie. She’s beautiful and so smart. Black and White. Have a good evening and take a break.

  7. says

    Moving is the worst and definitely puts some serious mayhem into your brain. But it will all work out! Pinky swear.

    I love curry flavors no matter where I find them, authentic, inauthentic…who cares so long as it tastes good!

  8. says

    We’re gearing up for a big move ourselves… so I hear ya regarding the stress. Love that print though. It’s going to look awesome.

    Speaking of awesome… hello beautiful quinoa bowl! Such a sucker for all these ingredients!

  9. Amanda says

    Made this as soon as I saw it with some salvageable cauliflower and it was amazing!!! Thank you for such a flavoursome and nourishing dish! Yum yum, will try many more of your recipes!

  10. Sophie says

    Yes! This is JUST what I need to make myself for dinner one night while my husband is at work and then pack the leftovers to the office for lunch. Sounds so delicious! Love the healthful fuels of quinoa and veg.

    YES to before and afters of your new place, by the way! I am handicapped at making things look pretty, most especially our living spaces, and I love looking at what others pull off with such easy and creativity! Good luck! Moving is stressful….. quinoa is needed, most certainly.

    • says

      Hope you love this recipe, Sophie! I’m very visual and tend to get pretty obsessive about how my place looks… hopefully that will show in the final pictures!

  11. says

    I can’t believe you didn’t get that dress! I showed it to my daughter (who’s Senior Prom is coming up) and she thought it was a cool concept to rent a beautiful dress! I’m sure you found something equally as lovely.

  12. says

    Congrats, Kate!! Moving is both stressing and rewarding (at least in the end). Exciting times. Would totally love to see some before/after pics!

    I don’t know if it’s the cold weather but I’ve had a huge curry craving lately. I also love cauliflower (especially roasted) so this recipe is definitely a winner!

    Stay strong (and eat cookies),

  13. Amanda says

    Congrats on the new place. I love your blog! Your pictures are pretty, your recipes are crazy delicious & your writing is awesome! I would definitely be interested in hearing ab tech tools you use & seeing before/after pics!

  14. says

    I have tried making roasted cauli only once – and failed. It is the only dish I have ever made with cauli that did not wow me (what a versatile vegetable – my favourite). But your dish is inspiring me to try again!

  15. Allison says

    I know you are a vegetarian but I can’t help to think how good this would be with shrimp on top!! I might try that out!! Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing all of these amazing recipes. I cook from you blog every week!

  16. Olivia says

    This was fantastic! I used purple kale which I sautéed in olive oil. I have never used coconut milk before but it added a delicious flavor dimension to the quinoa. I usually don’t like cauliflower but roasting it makes all the difference. I will definitely make this again. Your food photography is outstanding.

    • says

      Olivia, I’m so glad you enjoyed the coconut milk and roasted cauliflower in this recipe. I’m a big fan of both of those ingredients! I’m glad you found my blog. Thank you for commenting.

  17. Jackie! says

    Just made this – SO tasty and delicious~ It’s perfect comfort food for the crazy polar vortex days ahead. I also can’t wait to taste it chilled as leftovers tomorrow. I am SO glad I found your blog!

  18. Sara says

    This was great! Super easy and so tasty! I brought it to work so I didn’t mix in the arugula when I made it at home. I microwaved the cauli & quinoa at work and then while eating, mixed in raw arugula! Not exactly the same, but almost. Love your recipes. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi again! Great idea, mixing in the greens when you’re ready to serve. My reheated greens didn’t taste so good. I’ll add that as a suggestion in my recipe notes.

  19. Sammie says

    Just made this for lunch – holy yum! I tweaked a bit and added in some canned tomatoes I needed to use up and couldn’t resist adding some lentils with cilantro and lime at the end. Thanks for the delicious inspiration! Excited for my leftover lunch tomorrow = )

    • says

      Thanks for commenting, Sammie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the quinoa dish. Tomato pairs so nicely with curry. Your version sounds great!

  20. cindy says

    Made this for dinner tonight–rainbow chard for the greens–and YUM! Love the variety of texture and flavor–thanks so much for this one! A lovely, complete meal, and we didn’t miss gluten or dairy a bit.

  21. Carol Allen says

    Hello….made this dish last night and loved it…do admit to adding chicken with curry and tumeric seasoning on the side….delicious!! One question tho…did not see the nutritional values listed for it…do you have them? I log my foods daily and can’t log this unless I break down all the ingredients….

    • says

      Hi Carol, I’m so glad you enjoyed the quinoa. I’m sorry, I don’t have the nutritional breakdown. I would also have to use an online calculator to figure it out. I might start adding those details to my recipes soon, but each post takes 12 hours as it is, so we’ll see.

  22. Jane says

    Made this dish tonight – just the ticket after an ice storm on the East Coast! It was quick and easy and really delicious. First time I have made a C&K recipe!

  23. Tara says

    Just recently found your blog in a search for vegetarian recipes and whole foods. This was recipe number four from your index and my husband and I loved it. My 3 yr old wasn’t ready to try it even with my strong PR campaign about yellow “sunny” quinoa…so she settled on plain quinoa with raisins. We used chard, found it delicious and will definitely make it again. We are trying your butternut squash chipotle chili tonight…it’s on the stove as I write. Best of luck with your blog!

  24. Sheena says

    My husband and I cook from your blog almost on a nightly basis so no matter how far out of my comfort zone I always trust it’ll be good! Although the combination of ingredients scared me a bit while making it, we LOVED it! I only had kale on hand so I sauteed it a bit like you said. Perfect! Our 10 lb poodle even gobbled the left over kale. :)

    • says

      Cookie eats kale, too! And cauliflower. The other day, she was stealing collard green scraps from the table… I let her do it because it was so cute to watch. Oops.

  25. Lindsey says

    As a fellow blogger I love trying other of my favorite blogs recipes, and this one was so amazing! My boyfriend was practically licking the bowl, which says a lot. Thank you for sharing such an awesome weekday veg dish keep em coming!

  26. Holmes says

    My 9 year old is preparing this as I type. :). I’m arm-chairing this…we’re both proud. Curious where the vinegar plays its part?

    • says

      Wow, bravo to your 9 year old for cooking quinoa! The vinegar is purely for flavor. I thought it added some nice complexity to the finished dish. I often add small amounts of vinegar, sugar or mustard to recipes for a boost in flavor.

  27. says

    This was my first time cooking with coconut milk….2 words to describe this recipe: Incredibly delicious! Your recipes never disappoint. I didn’t have cayenne so I seasoned the cauliflower with 1/4 tsp chile powder and 1/4 tsp paprika. I also didin’t have tumeric and cardamom so I just upped the curry powder to a teaspoon.

  28. AmyV says

    Just wondering if you cooked the quinoa before adding it to the coconut milk. The colon in the instructions make me think no, but just wanted to check before I end up with undercooked quinoa. Thanks

    • says

      Hey Amy, no, don’t cook the quinoa before adding it to the coconut milk. They will cook in the coconut milk. I’m sorry you found the instructions confusing.

  29. says

    There is one piece of cauliflower in one of the pictures that looks “perfect” lol. It’s completely golden brown -I would save that one for myself :) This dish looks amazing! I’m really into cauliflower right now.

    • says

      Haha, I remember wanting to pluck that one piece of cauliflower off the pan and eat it while I was taking photos! Cauliflower is the new Brussels sprout, from what I can tell. :)

  30. Audrey says

    This recipe is amazing! I added lentils, which were delicious. The next time I make this recipe I’m going to roast some raw cashews with the cauliflower too. Thank you for my new favorite recipe!!

  31. Liz says

    I made this recipe last night, and I LOVED it! The coconut milk and the spices made the quinoa so delicious. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

  32. Ashley says

    My husband is S. Asian and would be happy if I made curries every night of the week but I have an infant and toddler at home and that just isn’t happening. I made this quinoa tonight, used spinach for greens and because I didn’t have cauliflower I baked some salmon. It was as if I curried the salmon and spinach only I didn’t and this too me no longer than it would to regularly make quinoa. Looking forward to making it again as intended with the cauliflower.

  33. Janelle says

    Hi Kate
    I made this for dinner tonight and it was terrific. My husband was very complementary. Sorry to all the vegans, but I served it with some oven roasted honey mustard chicken thighs. All in all a delicious warming meal for a cold, windy night in Sydney Aus. Thank you for sharing another delicious recipe. Archie, our Jack Russell Terrier sends his regards to Cookie.

  34. Amybeth Hurst says

    Wow, that sounds fantastic. I roast almost all vegies, including cauliflower. Thank you for sharing this fantastic recipe! Amybeth Hurst, Portland, ME

  35. Amybeth Hurst says

    Wow, they all look so delicious I don’t know where to start. What great ideas, thank you for sharing. Amybeth Hurst, Portland, ME

  36. Tricia says

    Delicious and so full of flavor! The coconut milk in the quinoa was divine. My husband, a meat-eater probably said, ‘This is so good!” about a bazillion times as we were eating dinner. He also mentioned how everyone should be a vegetarian for at least a week so they understand what flavors are instead of just throwing salt on meat and calling it a meal. I’ll say this was a big win.

  37. Kia says

    This is the second time making the curried quinoa. I liked it so much I’m back at it. The first time I missed that there were raisins in the recipe lol I am transitioning to vegan and this is a great dish. I find myself coming to your site a lot lately. Thanks for the ideas!

  38. Marianne says

    Sounds so good and will be making it very soon. One question: Could you substitute coconut milk you buy in half gallon located in the refrigerated section for the canned coconut milk?

    Love your blog.

  39. Brittany says

    Made this recipe a few nights ago..not only was it delicious the night we made it, but perfect for lunch the next day (I used kale and didn’t have any problems with soggy greens). Considering making it for the 2nd time this week. Thanks!

  40. michell says

    This is by far the best tasting quinoa I have ever had. This is my new favorite way to eat quinoa. Thank you for the beautiful photos as well.

  41. Diane says

    Well, this is a first as my husband (who is not a big fan of quinoa) raved about how good this turned out! Thanks so much for your yummy recipes – so healthy too!

  42. Miranda says

    This looks amazing! One question though; I’m cooking for a vegetarian cauliflower-hater, is there anything in particular that you’d suggest as a substitute? Thanks :)

    • says

      Hmmmm! Are you *sure* your cauliflower hater hates roasted cauliflower? It’s really different from raw/steamed cauliflower. I bet this dish would be great with roasted butternut or maybe broccoli.

  43. Niki says

    gorgeous dish!! Wow, it’s so good – shame my hubby isn’t here to enjoy it with me, lucky for me because I’ll just have to make it again!

  44. Katie says

    I made this last night and absolutely love it! I don’t care for coconut milk, so I used water to cook the quinoa instead and it turned out really well. It’s really budget friendly too! Thanks so much for all of your great recipes.

  45. Amanda says

    Great recipe! A lot of heat in this from the spices, even without the extra pepper flakes at the end. Seems like to get the ratios right you would need an extra head of cauliflower. I used the kale (gently steamed ahead of time) and I think it works well especially if using as leftovers, because it’s sturdier than arugula. This dish is very filling, will definitely make again!

    • says

      Thanks, Amanda. I try to be careful with my spices. I love spicy but I know not everyone does. :) Kale sounds like a great sub.

  46. Robin says

    Very very yummy! Found myself craving this meal after mine was all gone… Awesome recipe! Love the coconut milk with the quinoa. I’ve always wanted to find a way to spice up quinoa. Excellent.

  47. Casey says

    This dish is amazing. The quinoa is so flavorful and creamy with the coconut milk and spices… And the arugula and raisins are perfect additions. In love. Think this will be on our menu weekly!

    Glad I found your blog.. Thank you!

  48. Wendyiswonderful says

    I am curious – do you think this will freeze well? trying to come up with some make ahead meals so I can be a healthy human, but do not want boring meals, and this looks fan-tas-tic!

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