Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas

Fresh grapefruit margaritas with a spicy kick! cookieandkate.com

I am so excited about the change in seasons. It’s warm outside! Daylight savings is back! Light is streaming through my windows and I’m having so much fun capturing the rays and shadows in photos. I thought we could celebrate with some sweet and spicy margaritas. I know, I know, I was just going on about detoxing, but grapefruit is in season and it’s bursting with vitamin C, so that counts for something, right? Right.

grapefruit margaritas ingredients

When we were in Austin, I found grapefruits on special at HEB (six for a dollar!), which kick-started my grapefruit cocktail streak. Grapefruit, while not my favorite of the citrus family, is fantastic in cocktails. It really cuts the taste of alcohol and plays nicely with tequila, gin, vodka and whiskey.

I’m evidently on a mission to post every fruity margarita possible, so here we are with spicy grapefruit margaritas. They aren’t too far off from my fizzy serrano-spiced palomas, but they’re delicious in their own right. I muddled a tiny slice of jalapeño in my margaritas for some kick and mixed some chili powder into the salt mixture that goes around the rim.

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Greek Broccoli Salad

Healthy Greek broccoli salad is a great make-ahead side dish. It's perfect for potlucks! - cookieandkate.com

After consuming all the chips and salsa in Austin (which were washed down with margaritas and queso, which were followed by tacos and more tacos), the unfortunate state of my midsection practically dictated that I be more kind to myself. So, I took a week off from drinking and dragged myself back to yoga. I’ve also been eating at home and filling up on lots of fresh produce. I’m feeling more balanced by the day.

broccoli and lemon dressing

I’ve never put much stock in detox diets or cleansing juice fasts, but I found myself googling “detoxifying foods” the other day. I patted myself on the back when I saw the list: greens, alliums, citrus, olive oil, cruciferous vegetables, beets, whole grains, etc. It was like skimming a list of all my favorite ingredients! Whole foods really are the best medicine.

This healthy broccoli salad contains a good number of those detoxifying ingredients. Broccoli, shallot, olive oil and almonds combine with a few of my favorite Greek flavors to create a simple and utterly delicious side salad. Sun-dried tomatoes play a leading role, of course. Almonds add some crunch and play nicely with the flavor of broccoli. Feta or kalamata olives lend a bold, salty punch, but they overpowered the other flavors once combined, so I would choose one or the other. This salad will be perfect for spring potlucks and picnics, which are surely coming soon, right?!

I almost forgot! This recipe is part of Becky’s monthly #eatseasonal campaign. Visit her blog to find a collection of beautiful, seasonally appropriate recipes from other bloggers. Wondering what’s in season this month? Check out my March seasonal produce guide!

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Super Simple Vegan Pancakes

Super simple, healthy vegan pancakes. Who knew that eggless, whole grain pancakes could be so fluffy and delicious?! cookieandkate.com

I’ve been laying low since I got home after a month of being away. Hibernating, if you will. Reveling in the quiet and making coffee without worrying about waking someone. Making pancakes over and over. Spending lots of quality time with Cookie, the pancake thief.

It’s been lovely. My pancake endeavors have paid off, too. I realized the other day that I don’t have a basic pancake recipe on the blog, so here we are. Meet my new favorite pancake recipe. It’s easy, healthy and vegan, to boot!

vegan pancake ingredients

Basically, I reduced my gingerbread pancake recipe to its most essential formula, then I traded almond milk for cow’s milk and olive oil (or coconut oil) for the butter. I was concerned that I’d be able to taste olive oil in the finished product, but I really can’t! Coconut oil works just as well, but it solidifies on contact with cold ingredients, so olive oil is just the easier choice.

I tried a “buttermilk” version as well, with almond milk combined with a tablespoon of vinegar and lesser amounts of baking soda and baking powder. Even with the vinegar to react with the baking soda, the pancakes tasted terribly bitter. I’m still mystified. I scratched the buttermilk idea and carried on with one tablespoon baking powder as the leavener, which works great.

Then I tried omitted the eggs completely, surprisingly without any ill effects. Just to be sure, I tried a version with flaxseed to make up for the egg, but it didn’t make any difference. The batter gets nice and bubbly thanks to the baking powder, then it fluffs up on contact with the hot cooking surface like flatbreads typically do.

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Coconut Curried Kale and Sweet Potato

Hearty coconut curried kale and sweet potato recipe - cookieandkate.com

I’m finally back in Kansas City. I arrived home on Tuesday, to a house full of all the things I haven’t used in the past month. I almost hoped I’d greet the things like long-lost friends (oh hello, favorite knee-length boots!) but I really just sighed at the sight of those things, those burdens that I pack up and carry from place to place.

If you took away the blog-related cookbooks and photography props (code word for so many breakable plates and glasses), maybe it would be a more reasonable amount of stuff for one person. My closet is definitely overstuffed, however. The end of winter is nearing and I’m feeling some pressure to wear all of my cold weather apparel at least once before it goes. I have too much!


I think about minimalism a lot—how much I love the concept and how difficult it is to put into practice. I’m too attached to my things. I often find myself looking around my place and wondering, how much does one person really need? Is this a reasonable amount for one person?

I’ve watched my grandmothers downsize into smaller, more manageable living situations and I think about all of the care and time that went into filling their homes and the difficulties in downsizing. Some of that is inevitable, but I don’t want my life to be characterized by the getting and getting rid of things.

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What’s in Season? March Produce

Learn what to do with March fruits and vegetables! Find recipes, preparation tips and more. cookieandkate.com

Finally, spring is near! I’m camped out on my parents’ couch, recovering from a cold and planning spring recipes in between episodes of House of Cards. Could be worse. It’s hard to believe with all the snow on the ground, but asparagus will be here soon. Yes! I need all the green things after overindulging in Austin all last month.

Thanks again to Becky for letting me base this resource on her “Eat Seasonal” monthly seasonal produce lists. You can download her free screensaver for February produce over here. For more seasonal inspiration, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram, too!

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Butternut Tabbouleh

Fresh and light wintertime taboulleh recipe - cookieandkate.com

Today is the day our Austin adventure ends. We’re packing our bags and preparing for long drives north, back to reality and moderation and freezing cold temperatures. As I leave Austin, I find some peace in knowing that I can recreate my favorite dishes here at home, like I’ve done with my Israel experience. (Tacos, coming up!)

flowers and mint

This wintery spin on traditional tabbouleh will go down as the last meal I cooked in our modern white and wood kitchen here. It was inspired by my trip to Israel last fall, which I’ve talked about in this quinoa dish and this tahini shake. Like I’ve said already, Israel is complicated. The people and places we visited, though, were warm and inviting, not to mention gorgeous. That magical Mediterranean air really makes the scenery sparkle.

I included quite a few photos below to round out the Israel experience. This herbaceous salad is just right if you’re craving a light, healthy salad or side while we wait for spring. Tender, cubed butternut replaces the traditional tomatoes and I added some cranberries for intrigue. Adios from Austin, I’ll be posting soon from Kansas City!

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