Cherry Couscous & Arugula Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

A recipe for a fresh summer salad, plus a $50 Whole Foods gift card giveaway! -

Are you stuck on the slow summer wavelength, too? Let’s embrace it. Let’s sit in the shade and watch the sun go down. Sip on cold drinks. Hop in the pool. Play board games on the porch. Stretch at yoga class. Maybe even do less work (and not feel bad about it). Let’s fill up on big, fresh salads, too. Salads like this cherry stunner you see here.


This salad came to be after Whole Foods asked me to come up with a cherry recipe. Any recipe, as long as it contains cherries. Challenge accepted! As a reward, I got a $50 Whole Foods gift card for you (and a gift card for me, too). I don’t do a lot of giveaway posts, but an offer for high quality, free groceries? You deserve a chance at that. Just don’t spend it all on the dark chocolate mini malt balls in the bulk bin section… or do. They’re delicious.

The winner will also receive a copy of a beautiful new cookbook that I’ve been meaning to tell you about. It’s called The Vibrant Table: Recipes from My Always Vegetarian, Mostly Vegan, and Sometimes Raw Kitchen by Anya Kassoff of Golubka Kitchen. This cookbook would be great for someone whose diet is both vegan and gluten free. A number of the recipes call for specialty ingredients, but that’s where the Whole Foods gift card comes in.

cherries, celery and pistachio

So, this salad features sweet, ruby red cherries, which I rounded out with spicy arugula and some of my favorite Middle Eastern ingredients, couscous and pistachios. I added celery for some complementary crunch and goat cheese for a creamy component. It’s light, filling and very refreshing.

I’ve been eating big bowls of this salad for lunch over the past week and plan to make another with plums for lunch today. Feel free to substitute quinoa for the couscous, if you’d like (check the notes for details). Three cheers for summer salads!

pitted cherriesUpdate: The giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Allison for winning the giveaway! She’s craving heirloom tomatoes, cherries, blueberries and peaches. Thank you to all who entered.

Giveaway details: One lucky winner will receive $50 worth of gift cards to Whole Foods Market and one hardcover copy of The Vibrant Table by Anya Kassoff. Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm CST on Sunday. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by email on Monday. No cash value. To enter, leave ONE comment below. Tell me: what are you craving this summer?

Arugula, cherries and celery salad - cookieandkate.comCherry and arugula salad  with goat cheese and pistachios - cookieandkate.comCherry, couscous, arugula and pistachio salad in balsamic vinaigrette - cookieandkate.comCherry, couscous and arugula salad - cookieandkate.comCherry, couscous, arugula and pistachio salad in balsamic vinaigrette (recipe) -

Cherry Couscous & Arugula Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette (plus a giveaway!)
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Recipe type: Salad
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
A delightful summer salad featuring fresh cherries, arugula, pistachios and goat cheese (optional) tossed in a simple balsamic vinaigrette. Feel free to substitute pearl couscous for the fine couscous shown here, or quinoa to make the salad gluten free (cook according to package directions and proceed to step 2).
  • ¾ cup whole wheat couscous
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • Several twists of freshly ground black pepper
Balsamic vinaigrette (this makes extra)
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
  • 2 teaspoons honey or maple syrup or agave nectar
  • Generous amount freshly ground black pepper
  • ⅛ teaspoon salt
  • 4 big handfuls arugula
  • ½ pound cherries (about 2 big handfuls), pitted, halved and quartered
  • 2 stalks celery, chopped
  • 3 ounces goat cheese, crumbled (to yield about ⅓ cup crumbled goat cheese)
  • ⅓ cup shelled pistachios or almonds (choose slivered or sliced almonds and you can skip the chopping step)
  1. To make the couscous: Bring ¾ cup water to boil in a small saucepan. Once it's boiling, remove the pan from heat and pour in the couscous, olive oil, sea salt and a few twists of freshly ground black pepper. Stir, cover and let rest for 5 minutes. Remove the lid, fluff the couscous with a fork and set it aside for later.
  2. To make the dressing: Whisk together all of the vinaigrette ingredients in a small bowl until emulsified.
  3. To toast the nuts: In a skillet over medium-low heat, toast the nuts, tossing frequently, until fragrant, about 3 to 6 minutes. Remove from heat and use a chef's knife to chop the nuts into small pieces.
  4. To compose the salad: In a large serving bowl, combine the arugula, sliced cherries, chopped celery, crumbled goat cheese and chopped nuts. Drizzle with enough vinaigrette to lightly coat the greens (you might only need half of the dressing) and toss to combine. Serve immediately.
Why buy organic? Conventionally grown celery, cherries and leafy greens are notoriously high in pesticide residues.
Make it vegan: Skip the goat cheese and substitute maple syrup or agave nectar for the honey in the dressing.
Make it gluten free: Substitute cooked quinoa for the couscous.
Storage suggestions: For best results, store the dressing separately from the greens and toss just before serving.
Change it up: Feel free to substitute sliced peaches, plums or nectarines for the cherries. You can also use spinach in place of the arugula.
Prepare in advance: You can cook the grains and whisk together the dressing. Store them in the refrigerator, covered, until you're ready to serve.
Recommended equipment: A cherry pitter makes pitting cherries a much more pleasant experience. I love this cherry pitter by Oxo.
More of my favorite cherry recipes: Check out my vegan cherry chocolate cake, rainier cherry mojito and balsamic stone fruit sundae.


  1. Daniel Rowen says

    As tempting as it is to say I’m craving cherries, what I really crave is freshly picked peaches once those are in season.

    • Monica says

      I can’t believe I’m finally commenting on your blog. After each of your amazing posts I say “I need to comment” and then….well, I never do. I have been a long time lover of your blog and have made so many of your recipes.
      Hummm, what am I craving this summer…just about everything I can get at my farmer’s market. I’m basically addicted to my local markets (and I don’t just mean one). I live in Boston and have a wonderful farmers market on Saturdays in my neighborhood. My only limitation (thankful I have one or I would buy everything) is what I can carry home as I live on top of a steep hill. Luckily, if I forget something I can easily bike to another market across town on Sundays. Additionally, I have two markets near my work that run on Mondays & Wednesdays and the other on Tuesdays and Thursday. Yes, I have a farmer’s market addiction. I love walking to my market on my lunch break to find my lunch. Yes, I will literally buy a couple Diva cucumbers, a red and yellow tomato and whatever else happens to be there (corn, green beans or shelling peas) and go back to my office and make a salad (salad greens totally optional).
      I have been eating as many local berries as I can. My excuse is that the season is so short that I need to load up now. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and basically anything berry will do. However, I do crave pickles. Last week I saw some pickling cukes at the market and had to whip a batch of refrigerator pickles the moment I got home. My latest craving (yes, there are so many cravings) is gazpacho. Since I live in New England we really have to wait a long time for tomatoes but I’m starting to see them in the markets. One of my favorite farmers is starting to have loads of tomatoes in all kinds of beautiful shapes, colors and sizes. Yes, gazpacho is in my very near future!

      • says

        Monica, it’s great to hear from you! Thank you for commenting. Your farmers’ market office salads sound spectacular! I have never made gazpacho, I think it’s time to change that.

    • Jackie Dubin says

      This summer, thanks to the bounty of farmers markets, I’m not craving anything. Peaches, cherries, apricots, plums, all the summer fruits are there for the taking, well, purchasing! Supporting farmers markets is one of my favorite things to do and, living in CA, I’m able to go year round. I feel very fortunate. Can’t wait to try your cherry salad – looks amazing!

    • Nancy says

      I can’t wait for the white peaches. Thanks for the cherry ideas. They have been wonderful this year. I have been pigging out on raspberries. I should be happy but why are blackberries so expensive this year? Happy Summer from a Florida teacher.

    • Meridith Miller says

      I’m craving the cherry pitter because I’m going to be making a lot of this salad! Cherries are my favorite fruit so I always pit and freeze a bunch of them for later in the year. The combination of cherries, goat cheese & pistachios is like dessert and salad on one plate. Thank you!

  2. Kim says

    I’ve been craving (and thus gorging on) all the summer fruits: peaches, nectarines, plums and, of course, cherries! Thank you for the giveaway – the cookbook looks interesting as my husband is eating vegetarian and I’m trying to reduce my meat consumption.

    • Sarah says

      I’m craving peaches, blackberries and blueberries…yum!! Keep the great recipes coming! My family is eating healthier because of you! Thanks!

  3. Nadine says

    Blueberries! I have a great blueberry, feta, and corn chicken salad. Blueberries fit in many salads, sauces, and dressings just like cherries.

  4. says

    This summer, I am craving anything to which I can add fresh, organic berries. Definitely getting into raspberries lately; I love how tart they are!

    P.S. Your salads are so amazingly colorful!

  5. Allie says

    I have been craving fresh GREENS (kale, spinach, arugula, etc) in addition to dates and almond butter! Kind of all over the place, but it depends on the day!!

  6. Toby says

    I just returned from Maui (I know, poor me!) and I am craving really ripe pineapple right now! In Washington, there aren’t too many places to find ripe pineapples – you have to buy and wait. I am terribly impatient!

  7. Aleena says

    I’ve been really craving grilled veggies and fruit. Squash, zucchini, asparagus, pineapple (yes pineapple), mushrooms, basically any fruit or veggie I can get my hands on.

  8. Mary Ellen says

    This summer, I’m craving bright, clean Mediterranean flavors (which your blog supplies so well!): lemon, garlic, olives–and also as much local fruit as I can get my hands on. My toddler loves all summer fruits, especially watermelon, and he also loves beets and spinach and fish, so I’ve been into those this summer, too. For grains I’ve been into farro (which you introduced me to), quinoa, and brown rice pasta.

  9. Allison says

    This summer, I’m craving big, juicy heirloom tomatoes to old-fashioned tomato pies! I also cannot give enough of cherries, blueberries and peaches. Love summer produce!!

  10. Katherine says

    All the berries all the time! Finally, strawberries and blueberries at the farmer’s market – hooray!

  11. Rachel P. says

    I’ve been craving fresh basil, mint, and Utah peaches. I can’t wait for peaches to be in season!

  12. Diana @ASpoonfulofLuxe says

    I’ve been craving salads like crazy… which is good because they are so healthy and fresh! It’s been so hot here in the South, but also so beautiful!

  13. Amanda says

    Peaches! I’d give anything to get my hands on a GOOD peach. We moved to Northern Illinois (I grew up in the DEEP south)and I expected to make trip to Southern Illinois to try theirs this year. But alas mother nature has ruined my plans. Next year. I guess.

  14. Meghan says

    I crave all the fruit, in all the things! I’ve been on a cherry and peach kick lately so this recipe is perfectly timed!

  15. says

    Wow, this recipe is a stunner! I crave the Rainier cherries all year, so I am happily munching away on those now that they’re back in Whole Foods. I could definitely get on board with throwing them into a salad with pistachios and couscous.

  16. John says

    Thank you for doing what you do. Frankly I’m craving fish – a nice, clean salmon. Otherwise I’m also in love with hummus and anything I can dip into hummus — carrots, celery, cauliflower, you name it.

  17. says

    This salad looks amazing. Must try it. As much as I wish I was only craving salads though, fruit pies are what I want. Cherry, raspberry, any and all fruit pies!

  18. Alyssa says

    This summer, I’ve been craving sweet and tart fruits paired with sharp, creamy cheeses (think watermelon&feta, strawberries&goat cheese, etc). This salad is right up my alley!

  19. Katie says

    I’m craving sugar snap peas and peaches as well as beets!!! I love beets – just simply roasted and tossed in a salad. Beet greens are good too!!! Can’t wait to make this salad!

  20. says

    Stunning salad! To be honest, I’m craving fresh cherries and lots and lots of ice cream! (I really want to try that peanut butter honey ice cream you posted earlier this week….)

  21. Emily says

    I’m craving the yellow grape tomatoes growing in my backyard! And salad, as always. I love a good salad, and this looks like one I’ll add to my to-make list. You’re recipes never let me down (:

  22. Becky says

    Craving frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit – peaches, strawberries, cherries… I can’t get enough.

    Thank you for this recipe! I was looking at the bag of cherries I have in my fridge and wondering what I should do with them. Problem solved!

  23. Tess says

    This salad is gorgeous! This summer I’m craving outdoor adventures, picnics with board games and good books, nectarines and berries, grilled corn on the cob, and homemade ice cream :)

  24. says

    I’m craving the fresh apricots from my mother’s tree in her garden in California. We would collect all the apricots, save some to eat home, put some in little gift bags to share with the neighbors and our friends, and make jam from the rest. I’m definitely craving the homemade apricot jam as well which I would spread on toasted whole wheat toast along with some almond butter. Nothing compares to your mother’s cooking, food made at home, and produce from your own home garden!

  25. Dara says

    Think I’m craving vegemite…

    Not that I’m Australian or anything but I just ran out of my fav breakfast spread and would love to replace it!
    But, yes cherries are pretty much my top summer fruit.

  26. Riley Jane says

    I have been craving strawberry shortcake ever since the Fourth of July! It has always been a family tradition to make it for the fourth, and as I am off traveling (aka couch surfing, because I am young and poor hehe) I didn’t get to be with my family this year. When I return we will make it and celebrate :) Love the blog!

  27. Kelsey says

    Watermelon, always watermelon. Also wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your “statement” about what being a vegetarian means to you. It was like you were voicing my thoughts.
    Keep up the awesome work.

  28. Meredith says

    Kohlrabi! Strange I know, but my kids love the crunch and taste. We just dice it up and snack on it or throw it into a salad…yummy!

    I love your website and your delicious and easy to make recipes!

    Thank you!

  29. Elizabeth says

    I’m craving bruschetta made with tomatoes and basil from my garden! It made the perfect dinner last night on a super hot day.

  30. Vix says

    I’ve been craving every kind of fruit this summer, but right now it’s cherries (of course!) and WATERMELON. I’ve yet to have a good one this summer and it’s killing me! Something tells me that’s on the grocery list for this week…

  31. Taylor H says

    What am I craving this summer? ADVENTURE.
    I live in Victoria, BC and have the unique opportunity to be surrounded by an abundance of local wines and farm fresh cuisine. This summer I hope to fill my cravings for adventure by exploring the island as a culinary tourist; tasting and drinking my way through vast amounts of locally sourced goodness. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and wine … here I come!

  32. Madeline says

    I’m craving fresh,clean, do-able homemade food (which is where my discovery of your blog comes in). I just started my first full-time job after grad school, and I am loving my time after work spent in the kitch! I left Texas for this job, but your Mexican dishes have given me a little taste of home away from home!

  33. Yoojin says

    this summer, i’ve been craving smoothie bowls every morning! i love topping them with fresh berries, like blueberries & strawberries :)

  34. Nikita says

    I am craving some summer galettes, love them so dearly. Also just fresh new cooking ideas which is why I love your blog (and a few others including Smitten Kitchen!).

  35. Meghan says

    Super ripe, red, juicy tomatoes…a big slice of tomato on sourdough, with just a swipe of mayo, topped with Maldon and pepper – best summer lunch ever!

  36. says

    Ooh, this salad sounds so good! You know I am all about the fruit in salads (and, um, everything lately), and I love the contrast of pistachios too. Most of my summer cravings seem to involve either fruit, salad, fruit and salad at the same time, or gigantic glasses of iced tea. :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  37. Katie Miller says

    I am currently living in Texas and craving all things PNW: berries, rainier cherries, and smoked salmon!

  38. Suzanne says

    I’m craving smoothies. Smoothies with yogurt, banana, strawberries or peaches and sweet honey.

  39. says

    TOMATOES! A juicy heirloom tomato sliced on a thick slab of toast with maybe a bit of mayo is pure. heaven.

    Also, this salad looks delightful and will shake up my lunch routine at work- can’t wait to make it!

  40. says

    Right now I am in Juneau, Alaska, performing in a play. This environment, while completely different from what I am used to (summers in LA!), has been full of fun, surprises and beauty. There is an abundance of seafood here, but what I am craving and what unfortunately I have not yet been able to find is a good lobster roll! I know that it wouldn’t be found on your blog here, but I would love to pair it with some of your salad recipes and refreshing cocktails (whee!) for a good old fashioned picnic. Hope you are having a lovely summer!

  41. Heather says

    Love this recipe. I never would’ve thought of the grain/fruit/veggie combo. This summer I want allllllll of the caprese combos. Give me fresh basil (from my balcony garden!), heirloom tomatoes and gooey delicious mozzarella.

  42. Rosie says

    I keep pinching myself because I do live near a Whole Foods! I keep craving smoothies made with organically grown fruits and the freshest ingredients! I can’t get enough of them – I’d pick that over a fancy meal! Any healthy smoothie!

  43. Cory says

    Could I substitute pumpkins seeds for the nuts (I’m allergic)…can’t wait to try this salad!!!

    • says

      Cory, I’m sorry I missed your comment! Yes, you could definitely substitute pumpkin seeds for the nuts in this salad. (Or any of my other salads! I love pumpkin seeds!)

  44. Jan Lariviere says

    What a wonderful way to use the delicious Bing cherries I just bought. Can’t wait to try this salad. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  45. Mia says

    I’m craving corn off the cob everyday!!! (preferably sauteed in some bacon grease or butter!)

    ps. This salad looks delicious…cherries, pistachios, goat cheese, I love it.

  46. says

    Caprese everything! Currently working on a caprese panzanella recipe and loving every second of its development.

    Also just tomatoes and nectarines in general. Can never have enough

  47. Abby says

    I’ve been craving berries (all types) like crazy. And ice cream. Aaand…. more ice cream. No shame here.

  48. LB says

    I’m craving beets like crazy, which is good because the ones I’ve been getting from the farmer’s market are gorgeous!

  49. Molly says

    I have been craving raspberries. A local farmers has had a bumper crop and they taste the best right after they have been picked on a sunny day!

  50. says

    Well, after reading this post I think I’m craving this salad… but previously and always in the summer I crave Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Backyard Mint flavor.

  51. Kim says

    Cherries, cherries and more cherries!!! I’m not sure mine will last long enough to make it into this salad…

  52. Kit says

    Maine’s tiny, tart wild blueberries, and a little later, the big juicy blackberries of August, picked fresh on the trail and gobbled by the handful while I’m out hiking!

  53. Anna Lisa says

    I am looking to garden fresh heirloom tomatoes the most! Caprese salad with basil and tomatoes from my backyard is very enticing.

  54. Cassie T says

    Honestly, I’ve been craving nutty and sweet salads, so this recipe came at the perfect time! I’ve been adding pecans and raspberry vinaigrette lately, but I can’t wait to try this Cherry Couscous version. :)

  55. Krystina says

    This salad looks delicious – and I just picked up a bunch of cherries from my local farmers market today! Perfect timing! I am craving summer peaches and lots and lots of zucchini to bake (and freeze) zucchini bread, muffins, brownies, etc. And some coconut milk ice cream! Oh perhaps a peach coconut ice cream??

  56. Caitlin says

    Berries and stone fruit! One of the best things about summer…fruit for breakfast, snacks, savory recipes, sweet recipes, dessert, cocktails! Oh my!!!

  57. Nikki says

    I’m craving green tomatoes! I have so many recipes I’m dying to try and I’m just waiting for them to show up at my local farmer’s market!

  58. Linda says

    Greens of all kinds form my garden: kale, blue kale, arugula, rainbow chard, sorrel, spinach ,leaf lettuce, romaine… it all tastes like heaven.

  59. Rebekah says

    I’m currently on a juice fast so I’m really craving some cooked food. Specifically a snap pea, green bean, and cherry tomato quinoa salad with avocado cream!

  60. Stephanie says

    I’m craving mangos like crazy and can’t seem to find them in stores! Besides that it’s all unhealthy stuff – ice cream, a cold coke, etc.

  61. says

    Thanks so much for introducing us to Anya, Kate! I love finding new bloggers/writers that follow a similar dietary philosophy to my own, and her gorgeous photography makes it even better! Your salad looks amazing, and cherries are the food I’m craving this summer! I’ve yet to buy them because they’ve been so expensive, but I plan to get to the farmer’s market (maybe tomorrow if I can get away at lunch time from work – it’s right up the street!) to see if they’ve got some. Then I will be making your salad!

  62. Tobie says

    I love summer—-I just love all stone fruit and on a hot day some icy cold sweet watermelon can’t be beat.

  63. says

    This has to be one of the most beautiful and elegant summer salads I have seen! I wish it was cherry season here so that I could cook up a big batch for lunches. Guess I’ll just have to wait and flex my anticipation muscles :)
    I hope you are finding some time to relax and enjoy your summer with Cookie :)

  64. says

    You always post the most beautiful salads! I love everything about this flavor combination.

    What I am craving most this summer is fresh herbs. My CSA has a u-pick herb garden, so I can go pick as much as I want. I’m adding herbs to everythingggg and I absolutely love it!

  65. Flor Barajas Tena says

    I am craving grilled corn with cotija cheese and a little bit of chile powder. Fresh salsa and strawberry mango guacamole.

  66. Nicole says

    I’m craving the perfect guacamole paired with the perfect margarita, ideally with some fresh herbs and fruit!

  67. Luke says

    WESTERN FOOD! I’m in Korea currently and salads are so sad here. Even decent lettuce is very hard to come by. Cottage cheese is my key craving right now, but salads are much harder to do without.

  68. Susan says

    I’m craving fresh seafood this summer! Especially fresh raw oysters and lobster for perfect summer lobster rolls!

  69. Sabrina Talukder says

    I’m studying for NY bar exam right now sadly- and all I’m craving is avocado pasta! Something hearty but filled with summertime happiness. Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  70. Jenni says

    I’ve already been indulging in cherries like crazy and I’m eagerly waiting for summer tomatoes to hit their peak!

  71. Stephanie K says

    I’ve been craving watermelon. It’s so refreshing on hot summer days, and it’s better for me than ice cream.

  72. Yvonne says

    I am craving red, juicy tomatoes from my garden. My plants are loaded with green fruit and I can not wait for them to ripen!

  73. Sarah Cathryn says

    Peaches! They used to be one of the few fruits I didn’t love, but suddenly they’ve become an almost daily treat

  74. says

    I LOVE the salads on your blog, and love that FRUIT was incorporated into this one! I am craving your spring carrot, radish, and quinoa salad with herbed avocado…with a nice glass of white wine!

  75. Grace says

    Well- chocolate, ice cream, and salt are normal cravings for me, but the seasonal stuff that I love is fresh corn (yum!), cherries, peaches, and smoked whitefish. Yum- so many reasons to love summer!

  76. Kim says

    This summer, I seriously want to eat *all* of the fruit (and it looks like I’m not the only one). Right now, peaches and berries are the heaviest hitters in our kitchen.

  77. Jessica Johnson says

    I crave homemade lemonade in the summer months! I love creating different variations like lavender, lovage and basil.

  78. Rebecca says

    This salad looks amazing!! Esp since I am craving cherries!! Sweet, tart, juicy, that’s what I’m craving .. Things that have lemon, goat cheese, pickled things, melon…

  79. Debbie S. says

    We have a very old old peach tree that has the best ever peaches. I’m craving a peach crumb pie as soon as the peaches are ready. yum yum!

  80. Jackie says

    Grilled veggies are always a summer favorite of mine! This summer, I’ve been especially craving grilled BEETS :)

  81. kristie says

    I am craving a fresh salad with nasturtium flowers, orzo, sweet peas and goat feta, drizzled with a cherry/mint vinaigrette. the spiciness of the nasturtium flowers, creaminess or the goat feta, and sweetness of the cherry/mint vinaigrette compliment warm summer nights.

  82. Alexis says

    currently craving some delicious homemade popsicles of some sort. thanks for all your recipes btw – you’ve made me a kale salad convert :)

  83. Barbara says

    this sounds delicious! I think I will try it with quinoa. I have been craving peaches! Sweet, juicy summer peaches!!

  84. Flor says

    Another winning salad! I love your strawberry kale granola cluster salad. This came together quickly and was what my hubby and I needed after caring for two sick babies.

  85. Becca F says

    I just had my first bag of cherries of the season. Looks like I’ll have to run out to get some more. This looks delicious

  86. Susan Christy says

    I crave Watermelon in the summer. So excited that Whole Foods is almost finished building a store here – finally!!

  87. Kristin says

    This looks postively delicious.
    This summer, I am craving fresh, overripe figs. A friend has a tree that produces overwhelming amounts of the sticky and rich fruit, so I am hoping to go pick a couple of pounds from that tree. Who knows what all I will end up creating out of them! it’s always an adventure.

  88. Kelsey says

    I’m craving basically all the fruit I can get my hands on – stawberries, peaches, red plums, mangos – it’s all so delicious right now!

  89. Mickie says

    I’m craving grilled vegetables, picnics, and my mom’s cooking.

    I love your blog, Kate. All of your recipes that I have tried have been so delicious and easy to make. Thank you

  90. Cecily says

    I’m in Seoul for the summer (with no kitchen or blender) so I’m really craving all kinds of smoothies, especially green ones. Fruit is much more expensive here and smoothie places I’ve seen are, of course, nothing like what I can find in the Bay Area :'(

  91. Kristen says

    I’ve been crazing avocados, fresh tuna, and crunchy things…. So we’ve been eating a lot of sushi with Asian slaw around here!

  92. Sara says

    Caprese salad! Big juicy tomatoes, a generous slice of mozzarella, sweet basil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar…it’s one of my favorite lazy summer salads, by far.

  93. Paige Saizon says

    I am craving Whole Foods amazing breakfast bar! I live next to a Whole Foods and look forward to their eggs, turkey sausage and french toast every morning. It is truly unbeatable and the friendly service makes its a delightful experience.

  94. Jennifer says

    I always look forward to my first tomato sandwich of the season. Tomatoes, whole wheat bread, Duke’s mayonnaise, and black pepper. Yum!

  95. says

    Kate, I am loving all of the great summer fruits, especially cherries so I am pumped about this recipe! I seriously spent $20 on cherries the other day at WF and my husband looked at me like I was crazy (ok, maybe I am but only about cherries) :)

  96. Christina says

    I’m craving sounds (big summer leaves blowing in the breeze, waves at the beach) textures (sand and wooden docks), smells (sunblock, and the sea) and tastes (peach and blackberry cobblers)!

  97. R says

    Well this salad now! Haha!!! Anything from the farmers market, but a juicy tomato on a sandwich is by far the best summer favorite for me! Reminds me of childhood…

  98. Melinda says

    After visiting my meat-loving family, I am craving any type of vegetarian dish. Particularly your black bean tacos which is a must at my house at least once a month!

  99. Holly says

    I’m craving homegrown tomatoes and can’t wait until mine start ripening! Also, fried zucchini (so far, I’m being good and baking mine, but I may have to give in just once!).

    And that salad looks like THE BOMB!!!

  100. Lis says

    I’m craving anything and everything on the charcoal grill – last night was fish tacos and asparagus, for the 4th weekend we got through bbq chicken, burgers and hot dogs, stuffed bell peppers, and grilled tilapia. The more grill marks the better!

  101. lynsay says

    I am craving fresh tomatoes out of the garden. I love the scent of the vines and then the actual treat of the tomatoes themselves!

  102. Christina says

    I have been craving fresh, local tomatoes! Since trying to eat mostly local and seasonal produce, I have mostly avoided the pale grocery store tomatoes. I have already made gazpacho with the tomatoes from my farmers market several times in the last couple weeks…

  103. Nancy Hudgins says

    Salads, salads and more salads. So glad there are new ones like this to try. Arugula and kale are my new favorite greens. Never heard of them one year ago.

  104. Tiana says

    I can’t wait to make this salad! I looks delicious. I have been going through a bag of cherries a week, but I also crave grilled sweet corn and juicy nectarines. Thank you, summer!

  105. says

    This looks great and I may try it tonight so karma can make me a winner as I love Whole Foods but cannot afford a lot there. (I never win, but keep entering giveaways). I too will substitute peaches for cherries!

  106. Ingrid says

    I’ve been wanting to sit on the patio at lunch time and not go back to work… :) here is to slushy drinks in the summer!

  107. Caroline says

    Craving salads: southwestern chicken w cilantro dressing; easy vega gazpacho w avocados; margaritas & mojitos!

  108. Fiona says

    This looks so good! I haven’t been eating many sweets lately, but for some reason, I’ve really been craving a strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. Also, berries–blackberries and raspberries in particular.

    It’s not the season AT ALL, but the Whole Foods brand hot cocoa is so delicious–and is always sold out at my store!

  109. Megan says

    I’m craving berries (like a lot of people). Looking forward to trying out that salad, it’s making me hungry looking at the pictures!

  110. Kathryn says

    I absolutely cannot WAIT for the first heirloom tomatoes from our garden! Once they are ripe, I will make a batch of fresh mozzarella, pick some basil from the pot outside the back door, and have an insanely flavorful caprese salad!

  111. Andrea says

    My cravings change every time I pass by the farmers’ market. Oooh, tomatoes! Ooh, peaches! Ooh, blueberries! All the best things are in season right now and I’m craving ALL of it!

  112. Andrew G. says

    I’ve been craving some local tomatoes and watermelons. I just got some green heirloom tomatoes at a farm market last weekend and they were amazing!

  113. Corey White says

    Corn on the cob with every meal! My friends and family know the way to please me at any meal is to have some grilled corn on the cob. I will always leave happy.

  114. Robin says

    This summer I have been craving anything quick easy and tasty. Trying to come up with a dinner menu for two vegetarians/vegans and one carnivore (I have two teenage children), can sometimes be challenging. Thanks to your website and others, you all have done all the work! So, all that is required of me is grocery shopping! Thanks again!

  115. Amanda says

    Forgot to add what I’m craving – grilling! Summer makes us get out and grill more often and I LOVE seared zucchini and of course corn on the cob :) Can’t wait to add this salad into the mix. :)

  116. Kristina says

    Think this salad will be a new summer BBQ favorite! I can’t get enough cold ice tea with orange or lemon this summer. Which I usually drink wearing a scarf – since I’m in “cold” and foggy SF. Ah, summer dreaming :)

  117. Jessica says

    Definately craving lots of strawberries and watermelon…my favorite summertime fruits :) … oh and mangoes def can’t forget them!

  118. Beth says

    I’m craving colorful, juicy summer fruits and the pea pods in my garden right now. Your photos are amazing. They caught my eye first and now it is your recipes that capture my attention. Thank you.

  119. Jen says

    I am craving juicy, sweet nectarines! I just made your blueberry honey bran muffins, and would love to substitute nectarines for the blueberries. I’ve never tried nectarines in a muffin before, it would be fun to experiment with a new muffin ingredient.

    Also, thanks for writing such a beautiful recipe blog! I make something from your blog at least 4 times a month, and am always pleased with the result!

  120. Raya T. says

    Tomatoes! Perfectly ripe heirloom tomatoes with cheese and bread–that can be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all summer long.

  121. Stephanie says

    I am craving cocktail popcicles (margarita, pina colada, mai tai etc), but I have not figured out how to make them yet!

  122. Laura says

    Well, NOW I’m craving cherries! :) I’ve been craving roasted broccoli for some reason, which is unfortunate because it’s been warm enough without me having to go and turn on the oven!

  123. Jill says

    This recipe looks Delicious!!! I have been craving any and all fruits this summer, Rainier cherries have been my go-to dessert this week – cannot get enough of them! I’ve always been a fan of summer salads sprinkled with the freshest fruits. The cookbook sounds amazing, as a vegetarian I’m always looking for new, great recipes!

  124. Kate says

    I can’t wait to try this salad out, I absolutely love cherries!! I’m craving big salads, packed full of veggies, fruits, nuts, and cheese.Especially in the heat of the summer, getting a full meal from a salad bowl is perfect.

  125. Sara Day says

    This summer I’m craving my dining al fresco favorites: corn on the cob, baked beans, and fried zucchini!

  126. Tara says

    I’m now craving this salad! And I think my Whole Foods has their cherries on sale tomorrow, so I’ll be making it this weekend!

  127. Autumn says

    Mmmmmm I’ve actually been craving salads like this and currently have a big bag of juicy cherries in my fridge now! They are so freaking tasty!!!! I can’t wait to make this salad!

  128. Annie says

    This salad looks delicious–can’t wait to try it! I’ve definitely been craving grilled peaches and corn this summer!

  129. Megan says

    Avocados. I have been eating them like a mad woman all summer–they are so good! Grilled, made into guacamole, sliced on a sandwich or salad–give it to me! Also, I’ve been roasting mushrooms. I crave those, too.

  130. Penny says

    Well now I’m craving this Cherry Couscous & Arugula Salad! Thanks for the chance to win – I love Whole Foods!

  131. Kathy Lippke says

    During the summer I crave lots of watermelon with a grilled piece of meat. Usually I do not eat much meat, but during the summer cooking a good steak, burger or chicken on the grille is the best.

  132. Elle says

    I am craving pasta salads – I love pasta salads in the summer as sides during barbecues and like to play around with different, unique recipes.

  133. kelly says

    All the summer greats- corn on the cob but with a new type of yogurt based topping with fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes, watermelon and something cool and refreshing to drink…mojito anyone?

  134. says

    Usually in the summertime I crave salads and smoothies, but in the spirit of wanting something new… Im craving all things coconut. Coconut oils, shavings, and milks. I can’t seem to get enough right now and Ive been thinking about trying some new recipes. Cold soups, curries, and maybe some desserts. My palette is crying for a new and energetic flavor. Im going to try your coconut curry with greens and cauliflower tonight! I would love a recipe with coconut and dark chocolate and maybe cherries or oranges! Love your blog!

  135. Sharon Engel says

    I ALWAYS crave fresh, cooked greens with lots of garlic, salt and pepper. But in the summer I crave (and eat too much of) berries and stone fruits. Yummm.

  136. Jill says

    I am craving “time” and “energy” to cook homemade vegan meals every night instead of going out to eat. We shop Whole Foods in Scottsdale and love the choices- plant based and oil free. I’d love a copy of your cookbook and a gift card to WF!!

  137. Sarah says

    Ok–this is an odd one–I’m craving sardines! I need more protein and tuna is off my list of go-to’s (because of high mercury/toxins)
    I have been eating them with crackers and well as in a yummy chopped salad of cucumbers, chickpeas, red onion, black olives and feta.

  138. Mason says

    I am on a quest to find my favorite vegan ice cream recipe, and based on my cherry obsession, I’m thinking it will have cherries in it!

  139. Nicole says

    Fruit! I get so caught up on making full meals that I forget to listen to my body, but when I do all it wants is big big bowls of fruit with kombucha on the side – ahh summer:)

    Also.. goat cheese never hurts;)

  140. Ericka says

    I’m craving all the seasonal fruits and veggies! Watermelon, cherries, peaches, grapes, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, summer squash – I love it all!

    By the way this recipe was awesome Kate! I happened to have everything in my pantry except for the pistachios, so I subbed chopped almonds instead and it was still delicious!

  141. mark guncheon says

    Suggestion, when using slivered almonds raw in salads or even pecans or walnuts, I toasts them in a hot pan (no oil, butter or anything) on the stove top until they start to brown. You can smell when this is starting to happen. Remove from heat. Let them cool and then add to salad. It really brings out the flavor.

  142. Mandy says

    I just returned from Lanai, Hawaii, and I am really craving gingersnap cookie/pineapple ice cream sandwiches from the Four Seasons at Manele Bay! But on a healthier/more realistic note…..watermelon, I can’t get enough once it’s in season!

    I just bought a huge bag of fresh cherries, so this salad will be happening soon.

  143. Suzanne Parvey says

    I totally crave salads in summer along with fresh fruit. I love cherries so this salad looks delicious and I must make it. Right now with lavender blooming I enjoy lavender in baked goods and fresh lemonade/limeade. A quick energy lift for me is fresh veggies dipped in hummus. I appreciate your blog and wonderful recipes. Kate. Thank you.

  144. Valerie says

    I’m not a huge fan of arugula but will still try this – it looks wonderful. Might sub in some other green too.

    I love the crunchy/smooth contrast and really love cherries but don’t usually bother with them for just straight-up eatin’.

    THANKS as always.

  145. Sonja B says

    I had never thought of putting cherries in something like this but why not? Now that I think about it my mouth is watering so will be off to the shops soon to find some luscious cherries.

  146. Catwalk803 says

    I crave peaches, peaches and more peaches — but only from SC or GA. In my humble opinion they have much more flavor. I tried CA peaches this past weekend in my normal cobbler recipe and it was no where near as good as one made with SC peaches. I also crave arugula year around. I can eat it every day.

  147. Janice says

    I am looking forward to fresh, ripe peaches. I love them all but particularly the white ones with their light but intensely floral taste and their amazing internal color. I add them to my pico de gallo and serve it with any number of dishes. Often you might catch me eating it directly from the bowl! I also love them just plain with their fuzzy skins giving my tongue a tickle and their juice dripping down my chin. They always come after summer is well underway and I have a sense of anticipation building and my mouth waters as I wait for their arrival.

  148. Susan says

    I have been craving smoothies like crazy! Big mix-ups of frozen fruit, almond milk, greens..delicious, easy to make, and so good after a hot workout!

  149. Saniel says

    That looks yummy! I am so craving some fresh corn the kind that melts in your mouth without butter or salt needed. Always fresh local fruit-GA white peaches.

  150. Margaret says

    Thanks for all of your delicious recipes! What I’m really craving this summer is Guava Chiffon cake. This cake is light, yet so satisfying. Would love it if you were able to work your magic and come up with a healthier, yet still tastes great, version.

  151. Sharon says

    I am craving peaches and nectarines from the farmers market. The ones in the grocery stores are terrible.

  152. Kat says

    Last summer I ordered a watermelon-feta-mint salad in Greece. Ever since I’ve craved SAVORY dished with watermelon. The more exotic the better!

  153. Lil says

    What I’m craving is mostly salad featuring all of the summer’s bounty. This salad looks amazing! Thank you for always listing alternative ingredients.

  154. ASSILA says

    I do not live near a whole foods (i live up in alaska during the warmer months), but frequent the lower 48 regularly. I have been craving a fresh filet of salmon all winter. We can a lot of our salmon for the winter months, but you can beat a fresh filet. Headed to subsistence fish this weekend to fill the freezer and cans, and fulfill my craving!

  155. Emily L says

    I’ve been craving fruit like crazy! Cherries, berries, watermelon, peaches…

    Also, fresh fruit IN pastries/baked goods! I just made your lemon blueberry muffins again yesterday night and my next baking project is making mini cinnamon sugar + berry braided buns!

  156. Liz says

    I am craving watermelon, radish, feta and mint salad with lime juice drizzled over top – I have been living on it for days! I am so excited to see this new recipe. My boys have cherry pitter ‘guns’ that they love to use. We love to eat salads with nuts and fruit.

  157. Stephanie says

    I am craving pizza! Pizza is definitely my trigger food, and something that I could have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So all that being said, I am craving a light, fun, summer-time pizza :-)

  158. Christina Dubin says

    This is perfect because I’ve been craving salads! And smoothies are a close second with homemade almond milk, banana, berries, nut butter, and flaxseed. I LOVE your blog! It’s one of my two main go-to’s!

  159. Sandy says

    What I’m craving are some fresh picked Missouri blueberries, from the u-pick-em farm just three miles from my house. And I’m craving them in a Blueberry-Chia Seed smoothie, with fresh squeezed lemon juice, and a tablespoon of local honey. That’s what I’m craving!

    Thank goodness I’ve been picking blueberries twice a week since the season started. So far, I’ve got over a hundred pounds frozen to last me the rest of the year.

      • Sandy says

        I pick at least 15 pounds everytime I go–about 5 pounds an hour. Here’s a link to a u-pick-em a little south of Kansas City, MO: They are open until mid-August. I’m in Rolla, MO, and our local farm is done for the season.

        The Cherry Couscous & Arugula Salad was amazing. I’m making a double batch to take to a picnic this weekend. Don’t think I’ll bring anything back!

        • says

          Awesome, thank you for sharing, Sandy! My friend and I talked about going berry picking last summer but never got around to it. Maybe we can go to The Berry Patch before the season’s over. I’m so glad you enjoyed the salad, too!

  160. Kristin Q says

    I have been craving some strawberry rhubarb desserts-like a crumble. Also love berries of all types!

  161. Kimber Bennett says

    I’m craving fresh peaches (sprinkled w/a wee bit of cinnamon – oof), watermelon and big fat juicy blueberries – in no particular order.

  162. Denise says

    Craving garden tomatoes, I eat the cherry ones like most people eat candy. Craving a 700 year old Asian melon I found last summer at Whole Foods. I know who would think a 700 yrs old melon be so delicious. So hope they have it this season. Craving more blogs about Cookie, she is the cutest! Craving more recipes from you too.

  163. Mark VanDeVelde says

    Excellent website, recipes and food photographs. I had chilled Gazpacho soup at Glen Gordon Manor in Huntly, VA prepared by Chef Dayn Smith. I do not have the recipe seemed like beets and tomato based it was fantastic! Great Gazpacho soup captures the freshest ingredients of the season.

  164. cheri says

    The salad looks lovely. I seem to crave whatever is in abundance at the Farmer’s market…right now I’ve been gorging myself on blueberries and peaches, not a bad thing. Just made a ragu from all of my leftover produce since Saturday is market day again and I will inevitably bring home more than we can eat in a week. We’re lucky here on the Central Coast of California to have year round markets and grateful to the magnificent farmers that take care of the land and fill our bellies.

  165. Amity says

    Can’t wait to try this salad! I’ve been craving fresh bruschetta…with fresh picked basil and heirloom tomatoes. YUM.

  166. says

    First of all, this salad is just beautiful and the combo of celery and cherries would be DIVINE. Mmm.

    I’m craving cold soba noodles with peanut sauce and blueberries -but not together :)

  167. Alexandra says

    This recipe looks amazing, and I would love to get the giveaway! So far, the produce I’m craving most is anything fruit! Strawberries, raspberries, watermelon…you name it, I’ll eat it!

  168. willie grigg says

    My name is Willie and I’m a yellow lab. I crave tangerines whole. I love the crunch skin and all except for the pit. I just twirl the pit around and spit it out

  169. Julie Jones says

    I have been following your website for about 9 months now and I look forward to recieving your new recipes each week. I am craving any type of fruit this summer. I just bought a huge container of cherries yesterday so I plan on making your cherry and arugula salad tonight for dinner. I made your black bean and sweet potato burgers last night for dinner and they were a big hit even with my kids. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. Keep up the great work!

  170. Beth Mirizio says

    Hi Kate- I found your blog about 2 weeks ago when I was looking for a salad recipe with quinoa and spinach. I loved your salad with strawberries so much I’ve eaten it at least 6 times now. This cherry arugula salad looks awesome. I’ve been craving another bowl of Fraiche frozen yogurt since I had a bowl of it in the SF airport. I just have to figure out how to make it at home. Would love to have a copy of the yummy sounding cookbook and a gift certificate to Whole Foods.

  171. Sue says

    This summer I’ve been craving watermelon and pineapple like crazy… though I can’t deny that I’m now also craving your salted peanut butter and honey ice cream!

  172. Kim Henrichs says

    I am craving a good watermelon!! I have had the worst luck so far and it’s already mid-July…

  173. Allison says

    I am craving a juicy peach- I had my first peach of the season today and it has left me wanting more! I didn’t grow up eating many cherries, but lately I have been intrigued by all of the recipes featuring them. Thank you for the salad inspiration!

  174. Lauren Pinchin says

    Currently craving basil, basil, basil! In apps, salads, desserts, finishing toppings…. yum!

  175. says

    This looks so good, Kate! I went cherry picking last weekend so I’ve been making tons of things with cherries. I did a quinoa salad with arugula and cherries with balsamic and olive oil. So very similar to your recipe here. Cravings? Right now, watermelon because it’s HOT here in Seattle!

  176. says

    While I love summer fruit (I want to just eat strawberries and peaches all day), what I’m craving most this summer is a grilled cheese sandwich, made on the stove. Since I’ve been home for summer we’ve been remodeling the kitchen and everything’s been made in an electric skillet or in the microwave. :(

    • says

      Oh, I feel you! I lived in France for a semester and the dorm kitchens only had a stove. No refrigerator or microwave. I once tried to reheat a slice of pizza with my hair dryer… ok, I tried that more than once. :)

  177. Danielle says

    I’m constantly craving caprese salads in the summer — made from the basil and tomatoes from our garden!

  178. Mandy says

    I’ve been craving a good thick and creamy pineapple smoothie lately. Would totally help with the hot weather!

  179. Jess says

    I’ve been craving beets like crazy! Which is good, since we have so many in our garden :) Can’t wait to try your colorful salad!

  180. charlotte! says

    This summer, I find I am constantly craving citrus and avocado (especially together)…maybe with a margarita to wash them down with?

  181. Erin says

    I live in Michigan so cherries just came in season! I’ve been craving all fruits and veggies this summer. Can’t wait for tomatoes from our garden!

  182. says

    I’m so excited about this giveaway, I would absolutely love a copy of Anya’s book and Whole Foods is the best! This summer, I am craving peaches – we’re about a month away from the bounty of peaches in farmer’s markets and roadside stands where I live. They are a marker of summer coming to an end but also seem to signify warm sunny weather, and without wanting to wish time away, I honestly cannot wait to bite into one.

  183. Krystal says

    Kate, this looks incredible! The prospect of making this salad this weekend is making my week awesome. Summertime makes me crave salads and thanks to you I have been kicking arse in that department. Just finished replying to a request for your Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad, while recommending your new Fiesta/Lime/Jalepeño salad deliciousness. Anyway, back to the task. Summertime definitely makes me crave berries and ice cream! And grilling. And sangria. And get-togethers. This is too much. But summer is just so much fun. Thanks Kate!

    • says

      Thank you for your amazing comments, Krystal! I appreciate you. I just got a hand-me-down grill so I am hoping to post some grill recipes soon. And sangria… I need a sangria recipe!

  184. Lacey says

    This salad looks divine. I am craving tomatoes! I never buy them out of season and the ones in season are such a treat :)

  185. says

    Hi Kate, I am an avid follower and love to make messes in my kitchen as well. I also garden, love my fresh from garden to table produce and never tire of the flavor of fresh picked foods. I am looking for something different to do with summer squash. I find that I remain in a rut, grating it into cakes, and stir fries, making the usual ratatoille, squash saute,( not a fan of pickles), making fritters and quiche, and simple sautes. I am trying to stay away from the foods that add unwanted fats to our diet at home, keeping foods lean with simple flavor. I do like to taste my vegetables. Could you please come up with something to add to the palette? Please, stuffed is not an option either, been there don that. p.s. I find that Martha has nothing on you! You are colorful, tasteful, and inventive. Love your recipes. I share them all the time. Thanks, Robyn

    • says

      Hi Robyn, thank you for your sweet note! I’m totally flattered by your Martha reference. :) Have you tried raw zucchini noodles/ribbons? I like raw zucchini when it’s sliced very thinly. I got an awesome Kuhn-Rikon julienne peeler that turns squash into noodles. I like to put squash noodles and ribbons (made with a vegetable peeler) on pizza, too. Here are some more squash ideas for you:

  186. Kate says

    Another great recipe! I wish you & Cookie lived next door so I could scrounge some leftovers… This salad looks good enough to stop me from eating the entire pound of cherries by themselves.

  187. Meredith R. says

    I am craving homemade salsa, of all sorts! Pico de gallo, tomatillo, mango, kohlrabi, whatever comes in my CSA basket!

  188. says

    Beautiful! I’ve been craving cherries this summer too. Cherries and arugula just seem to go hand in hand. I’ll be making this to share for a potluck this weekend!

  189. Erika says

    I’m craving ALL the summer fruits– in salads, in smoothies, in ice cream, in juices, and on their own! Thanks for another great recipe!!

  190. Jan says

    I’m craving greens, watermelon and anything with red quinoa in it this summer! Red quinoa is my current ingredient of obsession. And I had a thing for greens this winter that is still lingering. Good thing we are growing chard and kale in our garden! But the watermelons this year? Fantastic here so far! A new chef in town is making a gazpacho with watermelon that is the ultimate on hot days. Love the cherry salad recipe. Thanks for the inspiring take on a new salad Kate!

    • says

      Oh, that gazpacho sounds great! I just bought the most disappointing watermelon at a grocery store. I need to visit a farmers’ market. I love red quinoa, too—so much more nutty flavor than the white kind!

  191. Rachel says

    Perfect timing! I just bought a ton of cherries. Other than that I’m craving…cooler weather. Or a vacation. :)

  192. taimi says

    This Summer, like every Summer, I crave white nectarines. I eat them by the bucketload because they’re seriously the best thing on this planet.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes! I love your blog and frequently share it with new found health-conscious, food loving friends.

  193. Caitlin says

    I’m moving back to the US in a week after working abroad for a while, so I’ve just been craving cooking anything & everything with friends, boyfriend, and loved ones I haven’t seen in a year!

  194. Jessica says

    I’ve been on a banana ice cream kick this summer! Once I actually made it correctly (and it wasn’t runny) I realized how absolutely easy and delicious it is :)

  195. dana says

    fruit! fruit! fruit! it’s crazy!!! can’t get enough of it this summer… especially the cherries. on sale at WF near me today for $1.99/pound you can bet I’m stocking up!!!

  196. Paige says

    Cherries..this is literally the first summer I have ever bought a bag for myself. And I have been popping them into my mouth like I’m addicted! So this recipe is perfect for me! :)

  197. says


    This summer I have been craving CORN. My husband and I just started grilling corn on the grill… it is AWESOME. There was a grand idea on Naturally Ella about putting spices on the corn before grilling… nom. nom. nom.

    Also craving pesto — I can’t wait to fire up a pizza on the grill with some fresh veggies and pesto. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  198. Rachel says

    This summer I’m craving lots and lots of fresh fruit, and I’m on a quest to recreate the delicious and refreshing watermelon juice that I drank while volunteering in Haiti. Someday I’ll get it right!

  199. Sara says

    Looks delicious! This is my first summer outside the South in many years, and I’m craving some good Alabama or Georgia peaches. In the meantime, California strawberries will have to do!

  200. says

    Ok, so I initially came to this post about the salad (which looks insanely delicious)…and then found out that a giveaway was happening too? How awesome!! This summer I’m all about fresh fruit, peaches in particular, I just can’t get enough of them. I’ve been eating them with every meal -breakfast/oatmeal with peaches, lunch/peaches on a salad, dinner/grilled peaches and pork, dessert/peach pie !!! And the cookbook that’s with the giveaway – I’ve been wanting that!!!! Anyway, thank you so much for your always amazing blog and for doing this giveaway :)

  201. Ewa says

    Love this salad and your wonderful blog in general! Going to be making the Quinoa Tabouli for a pool party tomorrow :)

    That being said, this summer I am craving frozen desserts! Like your salted peanut butter and honey ice cream.

    Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  202. says

    I have been craving more salads that feel like real meals, not punishments for indulging (like the salad you posted here!). I’ve been craving the time to go through your blog and find more salads like this.

  203. Michelle says

    I’m craving a blueberry/milk slushie. I remember my aunt used to drop a handful of the delicious summer berries into a glass of milk and set it in the freezer. After a few hours, viola!, a cool treat was ready to enjoy. Only now I don’t like cow’s milk. I may make it with the fresh goat’s milk yogurt I get from a local dairy.
    I love your recipes & photos! Keep up the good work!

  204. says

    I am craving a large, green salad with “rainbow vegetables” as my ‘cherry’ on top. (Rainbow vegetables meaning eating every color of vegetable ‘red through purple’ on top of my salad to get the benefits and nutrition from all the fresh summer vegetables around my town! Plus, whole foods ROCKS MY WORLD!

  205. says

    My goodness, this looks fantastic! I’ve been waiting for an excuse to stop by my neighborhood cherry stand… I think this is it!

    As far as summer cravings go, I’m absolutely craving watermelon and blueberries all the time these days (my giftcard would almost assuredly be spent on mountains of Oregon blueberries at WFs!). And Salt and Straw ice cream, in Portland! So good.

  206. Kristin says

    Corn (straight from the cob) and fresh cherry tomatoes are top of my craving list right now. I cannot get enough!

  207. Diane says

    I am craving all sorts of sweet, juicy fruits: peaches, nectarines, cherries + lovely salads & herbal or green teas with a splash of oat milk. I would love to win not only for the gift card, but for the cookbook. I am currently in treatment for cancer so I am trying to cook even healthier than pre diagnosis. That book looks wonderful…By the way, your posts are good fun…

  208. Emmett says

    I’ve been craving watermelon. Have had watermelon as part of my breakfast for the past few days too! This recipe looks amazing and I even think I have everything I’d need for it now. Might need to be dinner tomorrow…

  209. meredith says

    Im craving watermelon – the season is almost here – we have watermelon now but they arent yet the really good summer watermelons!

  210. says

    cherries especially yummy yellow ones are always a summertime love of mine. Also ripe peaches that when you bite into them juice ouzes down to your chin. Thanks for sharing this delicious salad recipe…I will certainly need my little sous chefs in the making to help with the pitting of the cherries. Happy Nesting.

  211. Jennifer A. says

    I’ve been craving strawberries! We just started growing some on our balcony; cannot wait to try them! : )

  212. Kathleen says

    I’m craving heirloom tomatoes and ripe peaches! Love your blog…and have loved everyone of the recipes I have tried!

  213. Abby says

    This summer is the summer of popsicles for me, and I’m craving Greek yogurt popsicles with fresh local berries.

  214. Nicole B. says

    I’ve been craving raspberry sorbet – I can’t see to get enough of it this summer. My husband and I are really trying to eat healthy and bringing yummy salads to work is a regular. We’re always looking for a new recipe to keeps things unique and interesting. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and recipe!

  215. Rachel O. says

    This summer I’ve been craving watermelon like crazy! I live in Seattle, but used to reside in the South and watermelon is just not quite the same up here (and insanely more expensive!). CHERRIES, however, are aplenty here in the Pacific Northwest, so this salad will definitely go on my to-make list! Looks delicious!

  216. lisatberry says

    I’m graving cherries, peaches, corn and my favorite heirloom tomatoes. I could live happily all summer on these.

  217. Ashleigh says

    It’s weird, ever since we got corn on the cob for our fourth of July barbeque, I could NOT get enough of it! I ate leftover corn on the cob everyday last week! I also have a huge craving for blueberries and DEFINITELY watermelon. My mom and I finished an entire quarter of a watermelon the other day. And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been eating mangoes like they’re a new foreign delicacy and I’m in love with peanut butter and banana fake ice cream blended in the blender.

  218. says

    Like so many others, I am craving fruit this summer! I didn’t used to pay attention to what fruit is in season, but now I know the glory of a peach in the summertime and apples in the fall!

  219. Dominique says

    I am craving summer fruits. Getting them from the store or farmer’s market is great but we are trying to grow some of our own moving forward. It’s rather exciting to be able to pick your own!

  220. Stephanie says

    We are craving cherry clafoutis (someday I will manage to recreate my French grandmother’s recipe) and cherries in kirsch (your bourbon recipe inspired us to make something similar). We’re also craving tomatoes fresh from our small urban garden. There are few things in life better than a fresh cut tomato sprinkled with sea salt.

  221. Jessica says

    I have some beautiful organic cherries from Whole Foods in my refrigerator right now! I have been craving lots of stone fruits-grilled, on salads, topping vegetarian burgers, in crumbles, with yoghurt, or just plain. Also I have been eating a lot of delicious crunchy, hydrating salads with all of the different varieties of lettuces and greens I’ve been receiving through my CSA.

  222. Lori says

    To be honest, I have been craving naps- but since this is a food blog I am guessing the “crave” should be somewhat related. In that case, my crave lately has been horseradish….. Weird huh.

  223. Jackie says

    Thank you so much for all the great ideas. I just recently discovered your blog and I’m addicted.
    What am I craving? Hmmm…. A low carb Mac and cheese… As well as a pitcher of a beautiful red sangria.

  224. Katie says

    Love this post! I was looking for something delicious and light for a ‘detox’ dinner after guests were in town for the weekend! Awesome!

  225. Eliesje says

    I crave all summer fruit: cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, etc. MMmmmm…. I love fruit! Too bad it is so expensive. Thank you for an opportunity to win a gift card to offset the cost of my fruit cravings. :)

  226. debbie says

    Every morning I eat plain Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and homemade pumpkin granola. I crave it all day long. I’m craving it right now!

  227. Amber says

    What a great way to use cherries! (Though I have a hard time getting them past my mouth and into a recipe when I take them out of the bag!).

    One of my favorite summer indulgences is vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes in all sizes and colors! Right off the plant or chilled, sliced, and drizzled with fresh basil pesto.

  228. kelli heidtmann says

    I am craving a chicken and apricot curry hand pie from the best vendor at the port townsend Washington farmer’s market—CRUST
    can’t wait for Saturday to go get one

  229. says

    I have been craving juicy strawberries all summer – I can’t stop buying them. So good. (ps – I’ve sometimes been baking those strawberries with your crisp topping from your strawberry rhubarb crisp – even better!)

  230. says

    Cherries are ridiculously expensive back home, so I’ve never really thought to experiment much with them. BUT… here in the northern hemisphere, they’re everywhere!! And cheap! I am rather excited to try this gorgeously wholesome, colourful combination Kate! I can imagine how good the juicy cherries would be with the goats cheese and pistachios. Yum! Another amazing recipe, salad queen! xxx

  231. Anne says

    Oh how I love how you help me use my produce! I would like to praise the celery in this one–perfect addition of crunch and that “green” flavor. Everything else in it was great, too, but celery so rarely gets praised so I want to give it a shout out.

  232. says

    Hey Kate!
    We just made this with the very last of the local cherries (sob, sob!). I subbed tri-color quinoa for couscous, walnuts for almonds (we were out of almonds. How are we out of almonds?!), fresh corn for celery (nobody in my family appreciates celery, myself included), and agave for the honey. My mom hates goat cheese but my dad and I LOVE it- it’s the only non vegan thing other than honey that I will gladly make an exception for. So I set aside some for her and dumped a whole big bunch of goat cheese in for the rest of us :). It was awesome! Love how the tart balsamic played with the cherries and the corn! And, as always, when my dad asked who this recipe was from- “Slaw Lady.” “Ahah! Slaw Lady! She knows what she’s doing.” HAHA!
    My mom wants to add that she thinks yellow bell peppers would be a nice addition as well. We will have to give that a go with next summer’s produce. Thanks for another stellar recipe!

    • says

      Thanks, Ella! Glad this salad got some thumbs’ up from your family! Your substitutions sound great. Bell pepper would make up for celery’s crunch. I think veggie plates ruined celery for most people. I don’t particularly like it plain, but I really love it chopped up in salads!

  233. Lorel says

    Hi Kate! I’d really like to try this, but I’d have to adapt this for the fall season, since all the cherries are gone. I was thinking subbing kalamata olives for saltiness instead of sweetness, or a fall fruit like apples. What do you think?
    By the way, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have tried many of your recipes–all great! I’m currently devouring your pumpkin muffins without moderation…!

    • says

      Thanks, Lorel! Good question! I bet apples would be nice, or kalamata olives for a simple Greek-flavored salad. Pears would be good, too! Glad to hear you’re enjoying my recipes!

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