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about kate of cookie and kate

Welcome! I’m happy you’re here. You can call me Kate, which is one of many nicknames, or Kathryne, which is my full first name. Either way, I’m a 20-something self-taught photographer and cook from Oklahoma. I recently moved to Kansas City, Missouri, in search of new adventures.

You should know that I’m totally obsessed with food. I daydream about new recipes. I devour cookbooks. I read up on food policy and nutrition. I love photographing food and hope my photos inspire you to step into the kitchen to cook a delicious, healthy meal.

Above all, I love eating food, especially while in the presence of good company. Good food in good company—does it get any better than that?

I believe that cooking should be fun and recipes, flexible. I choose not to cook meat, so all of the recipes on Cookie and Kate are vegetarian. I believe in eating whole foods, which are foods that are as close to their source as possible. I’m also an avid supporter of the occasional indulgence, and I laugh with friends over drinks as often as possible.

This blog is all about celebrating good food—real, sustainable food that delights the senses and nourishes the body.


about cookie of cookie and kate

About Cookie

Cookie is a jaunty spotted mutt who makes friends everywhere she goes. She is my eager four-legged assistant, my chief crumb catcher and the best companion a girl could ask for.

I adopted Cookie in the summer of 2009. She came with her name and nothing more. Whether she was named for being one smart cookie, or for looking like cookies and cream, the name suits her.

After five years of referring to Cookie as a “mystery mutt,” I finally caved and ordered a DNA test. My beloved, one-of-a-kind pup is half schipperke and half dachshund/Australian koolie mix.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera do you use?
I finally retired my eight-year-old Nikon dSLR in April 2015 and upgraded to a Nikon D750. Check out my food photography tips for more details.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
Check out my top 20 tips for food blogging and how to start a food blog (includes design and web hosting tips).

Can I publish your photos or recipes on my blog/website?
Thank you for asking. Please refer to my photo and recipe policy for details.

Do you do sponsored posts, freelance recipe development, writing and/or food photography?
Yes, I do! Let’s talk.


Get in Touch!

Please contact me here or comment below! You’re also welcome to check out my press page for interviews and other features.


  1. says

    Through cupcakesandcashmere I came across your blog and we have a black and white Cookie at home too! It’s a different breed though!

    Your recipes look fabulous. I have to try the peach & avocado salad/salsa!

    P.S. Love the logo!

  2. Pedram says

    Hmm your Cherry Chocolate Cake looks YummY along with the Blueberry Lavendar Lemonade, I have desire for cooking and these pictures are tempting, i will try to cook the Cherry Cake next week, but am not sure if i can find a jar for my drink.

  3. says

    I just found your blog and love it. I am a vegetarian and have recently been diagnosed with Meneire’s disease. To help control the vertigo I now have a very low sodium diet and your recipes are low sodium to start with and also easily adaptable. Plus they are real food, wholesome looking and easy to fix. Thank you so much!

  4. says

    Somehow, in all my time spent admiring your blog, I’ve missed that you’re an Oklahoma girl like me! I live in Arizona now, but you know the saying–“You can take the girl out of Oklahoma, but you can’t take the Oklahoma out of the girl.” My family is from Oklahoma City and Kingfisher and part of my heart will always be there.

    • says

      Always a delight to hear from a fellow Oklahoman! I grew up in the OKC area but my family is from Woodward—we always drive through Kingfisher on the way there.

  5. Victor says

    Great recipes! I have a question for you: if I want to translate some of the recipes I liked to French and publish on my blog, on what conditions can I use the images? Can I even do such a thing?


  6. says

    Great job!! You’re just a tad North of me. Texas girl here. Great blog. Will be checking from time to time to get more inspiration. I know nothing! :-) LOL The more blogs I see, the more I see greatness. I love it. :-)

  7. says

    Great job!! You’re just a tad North of me. Texas girl here. Great blog. Will be checking from time to time to get more inspiration. I know nothing! :-) LOL The more blogs I see, the more I see greatness. I love it. :-)

  8. R says

    Chickpea, Kale and carrot, and Squash Soup.

    I didn’t have Thai spice for the soup but used the basic recipe and Kitchen Basics chicken soup stock. It was flavorful (not spicy) and done in an hour from start to finish.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  9. ela wagner says

    Hi Kate! Just got married three months ago. Has been a full time wife since then. Just couple of weeks ago I realized I am becoming obsessed! Yeah, obsessed of trying brand new things at our home sweet home and feeding my husband with lots of healthier foodies. And today is the day that I am soooooo happy (Yippeee!) because I found your cookieandkate.com. Well, I told my husband (via phone) when he was on his business trip in Washington State, we must try to eliminate all the meat in our meal. Well, since he came from the state where the real beef is (Kansas!), he asked me to do it bit by bit. ^_^ Am not so sure if he notices that we did not have meat since he got back from Washington State two weeks ago. Yey! A good start for us. And so I keep looking and looking for recipes that he and I would love. All your recipes made my day! Definitely, I am going to try all of them. :-) I hope you will keep posting new and yummy recipes that – US – turned vegan would love and love. More power!

    From: Corvallis Couple L(*__^)/

    • says

      Hi Ela, thanks for your sweet comment! I’m glad you and your husband are enjoying my vegetarian recipes. More veggies and less meat is the way to go!

  10. Erin says

    Your blog is awesome! I love to cook, and it’s so great to find someone who cooks the same way I do! Cheers to celebrating whole foods and deliciousness. :)

  11. Linda says

    Your recipes are great! Just made the banana-oatmeal pancakes, they taste just like banana bread! Thank-you . You have made going wheat free a little easier.

  12. Kylie says

    I have to say I am so thankful to have found your blog!

    I consider it a real treat to read over your posts and try the various creations you have posted. (The vanilla bean ice-cream was to die for, Oh and I have to mention the roasted tofu & quinoa! yum yum!)

    Thank you for your amazing work!

    Love, Kylie x

  13. says

    I simply stumbled upon your blog one day, and what a find. I began taking note of recipes I wanted to try. The list became to long and I had to stop and instead bookmark your blog. All the recipes look really tasty can’t wait to try them out

  14. says

    Hi Kate:

    What a gorgeous site! Was just looking for a recipe for breakfast quinoa and found you! Well done. Will visit often. If you are at all interested in mindfulness or meditation, check out my website: mindfulhub.com. Maybe you’d like to do a short guest blog on the importance of eating whole foods and the effect this has on mental/emotional well-being?
    off to make some quinoa….. cheers!


  15. Hope says

    I just found your blog, and I am loving your recipes. Healthy, simple, and delicious. Thanks for sharing them!

  16. Fiona says

    You are so pretty! I’ve never looked at your photo before, even though I do stalk you regularly (only via internet).

    Love your blog!

  17. Bailey says

    Hi I have just found your blog! I love cooking to! I am only 11 and want my own show, cookbook and blog. Your blog has inspired me and will help me along my journey! Such a cute dog!!!

  18. Robin says

    Hi Kate,
    I linked to your blog from Houzz.com and am impressed. You’ve got great style. I was interested to read your tips on cooking in a small kitchen, and now that I’ve seen your kitchen, mine seems huge! So I guess you solved my problem. :-)
    Also, I think Cookie is also part blue heeler! Gotta go now and try out those carrot pancakes.
    Take care.

    • says

      Thanks for commenting, Robin! Glad you found my blog. Cookie is my mystery mutt, she must be either party blue heeler or Australian shepherd to have her coloring, I think! She’s a smart little one.

  19. says

    Hi Kate,

    Stumbled across your lovely blog while researching photos for a non-profit group I am designing a booklet for. They, CCAS, are a professional organization for college deans of arts and sciences. Their annual meeting is this fall and I am working on the program for the event. I like to splice in pictures of the host city and, of course, have very little money to work with.

    I am very interested in your photos labelled: pike_place_market and seattle_space_needle. Obviously I would credit you and/or the blog if you allowed me to use the images.

    We print about 700 programs for the members attending.

    Of course, I’m on deadline.

    Either way, please let me say that your photographs are gorgeous. I’m a designer who has been editing images for 20 years so I know what I’m talking about.

    Best, Jean

  20. says

    Hi! I found your awesome blog while looking for a simple pecan butter recipe — I’m sharing your site with my friends at facebook and with your permission, promoting your site through my husband’s blog by posting your pecan butter recipe and of course a link back to you. Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing here. Keep up the good work!

  21. Rebecca and Brian says

    Just wondering…. do you ever call your dog Little Cooks? We adopted our Cookie 2 years ago from a shelter and her name has morphed into that. We always wonder if anyone else calls their “Cookies” by such silly pet names.

    Loved the mint ice cream!!!! Little Cooks agrees! Can’t wait to try more recipes.

    • says

      Little Cooks, that’s so cute! I call Cookie by her full name and a million nick-names, but several friends call her Cooks!

  22. says

    My Mochachinno (named for her cream color belly and brown coat, when she rolled over she looked like a starbucks drunk with fur) would have appreciated your recipes! Mocha enjoyed being in the kitchen more than anywhere else, and after her passing I’ve been doing a lot more cooking and getting into healthier eating, your blog is my new happy place.

  23. says

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your delicious recipes! You have inspired me to take a greater interest in where my food comes from and the impact it has.

  24. says

    Great blog! I found a lot of recipes I want to try out.
    Your little helper is adorable!
    I have 2 helpers, one sausage dog and one furry scottish terrier. :)

  25. says

    I am so happy I discovered this blog! (thanks to David Lebovitz)

    I feel like your “About” section words were taken straight from my mouth. I back you up 100% and look forward to many more entries.

    Maybe sometime in the future we will be able to cross paths!

    • says

      Thank you, Vanessa! I actually didn’t know that David was linking over (!!!), so thanks for letting me know. Hope you’ll stay in touch!

  26. Emily says

    Hi Kate! I look at your website at least once a day, I love it! I am cooking/baking my way through all of your recipes. I haven’t been disappointed yet! Thanks for sharing your passion for food and for your baby dog.

  27. Luis Lujan says

    Love your blog. I have shared it with friends and family that are making a transitions to eating less animal products. I have tried many of the recipes and have not been disappointed. The quinoa and barley salads rock, smoothies all look great. The grain salad recipes are especially easy for a single guy with a small kitchen. Now that I have tried many of them find they serve as a good point of reference for me to get a little creative with some base ingredients and produce. Thank you. Keep cooking please!

    • says

      Thank you, Luis! Your comment really brightened my day, glad to be a source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing my blog with your friends, too.

  28. Jeanne Bischoff says

    Hello, a friend forwarded the Butternut Squash Chipotle Chile recipe which I’m making today. Looking forward to the final result. Is there any calorie information / estimate on calories for your recipes? It would be most helpful for my food diary.

    • says

      I’m sorry, Jeanne, I don’t offer nutrition information at this time. If I find an easy way to implement it, I might in the future. Sometimes people will calculate the information and paste it in the comments section.

  29. says

    Hi Kate,

    A friend who is a vegetarian passed your blog on to me. So far I have cooked five recipes from your collection and have already picked out two more to make on Sunday! Although I am not a vegetarian I am using your recipes to incorporate more vegetables into my meal planning. So far I have tried butternut squash and brussel sprouts for the first time using your recipes! It’s inspiring me to be more adventurous. Your photographs are beautiful and I have not been dissapointed by a recipe yet. I enjoy your blog and I hope you keep up the great work! I am doing my best to tell everyone I know!


    • says

      Thank you so much, Kristin. Comments like yours make my work worthwhile. I’m happy you’re enjoying butternut and brussels sprouts now. I’ll have more recipes for those ingredients coming as the weather cools. Thank you for spreading the word about my blog! It is much appreciated.

  30. says

    Hi Kate, my first time on your site… I don’t speak very well english but I want compliment for your recipes and your site.
    I’m a Italian food blogger and nice to meet you.

  31. says

    Hi Kate,
    Compliments for such delicious recipes! I am sure you could create wonders with what you would find as fresh vegetables and spices here in Istanbul and throughout Turkey .I have a Turkish culinary experiences company based in Istanbul, please check my website for more info.I will be glad to accompany you everywhere if you ever you decide to travel to Istanbul and Turkey. By the way we also have a foodie Jack Russel Terrier called Yoyo that enjoys all kinds of food we eat!

  32. Allana says

    Love your blog! I actually stumbled upon it recently while looking for a tortilla pizza recipe a couple days ago and a millet one today, where I had more time to poke around…and can I just say….your blog is stunning and drool worthy on so many levels. Your photos and writing style are captivating; which moved me to subscribe to stay connected. By the way, I love how you sandwiched part of your ‘about me’ post in between that adorable photo of you and your pooch…brilliant! Looking forward to making that intriguing Butternut Squash Chipotle Chile and other recipes that caught my eye. I’m on my way to make your Simple Greek Avocado Sandwich recipe…what’s not to love in there…avocado, pesto, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives…yum! Fantastic job all the same…keep it up!

    • says

      Allana, thank you so much for your kind words. You have no idea how much they are appreciated! Please do let me know how those recipes turn out. xo.

  33. Kate Cooke says

    Hi Kate

    Just found your blog thought interesting. My name is Kate Cooke my husbands nickname is cookie or at least used to be. I am mostly vegetarian and also a photographer living in NZ. Anyway just wanted to say hi, one K8 Cooke to another. :o)

  34. nancy says

    LOVE your site. I’ve been unable to get that pic of Brusssels sprouts and cranberries out of my mind. (The foodie photographer thing really does work!). I finally found it, along with your site. Three cheers for fresh, whole and raw. I know that I have always felt better/healthier when I eat this way. My mother was a bit af a grain nut (pun intended?) so I guess I come by it naturally. For years I have enjoyed playing around with grains and veggies – great for cold salads raw or lightly cooked for hot foods. Dogs? Not me. I don’t have a dog. Nobody can figure out why I have four of them under my roof. You go girl!

  35. Andrea says

    Hi Kate! I see you live in KC, welcome to Missouri, I live in Columbia. Hope you and Cookie are enjoying it. Your site made me love collard greens, so fun to cut up :)

    • says

      Thanks, Andrea! I am enjoying Missouri so far. I must say, I was bracing for a much colder winter, but I’m enjoying this warm weather. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying collard greens now.

  36. Kate says

    Hello Kate,

    I found your blog yesterday in search of an oat pancake recipe. This morning I made the banana oat pancakes and loved them. I decided to change my diet to whole food and you are very inspiring. Thank you for this great blog.

    from London

    • says

      Thanks for commenting, Andrea! Turtle looks so sweet. Cookie is always at my feet, too—not sure if I’ve dusted her with flour yet, but I’ve definitely drizzle some honey on her on accident! That’s not easy to get out of fur, by the way. I bet she’d love those homemade dog treats of yours.

  37. Brandy says

    I just found your site and I am so disappointed that it has taken me this long! LOVE! And you’re a dog lover, so your page is at the top of my list now! :) We have three crumb catchers that we affectionately refer to as Dyson, Kirby and Dustbuster (the little one). They have real names, but since they spend most of their time vacuuming the floor…

    • says

      Glad you found my blog, Brandy! Dyson, Kirby and Dustbuster… love it. Cookie is quite the enthusiastic vacuumer herself!

  38. says

    Hi there! I just found your blog through zip list and I’m so glad I did. Your recipes look wonderful, and I look forward to reading more! I’ll be subscribing :)

  39. Jennifer says

    Hi Kate! I recently learned about your blog and have quickly become enamored with your recipes and photos! As someone who has been a vegetarian for 15+ years and loves delicious and beautiful foods, I am in heaven when reading your blog. Thank you!

    One thing I’ve noticed about gorgeous and successful blogs, like yours, is that readers’ comments often focus on how beautiful the food looks and how excited folks are to try the recipes (which is awesome, more power to you for inspiring people to cook!). The down-side is that I often find that I often have to scroll through lots of general comments to find reviews from folks who have actually tried the recipe and have feedback and/or suggestions for improvement. When it comes to online recipes, I think this type of reader comment is just as valuable as the recipes themselves. I don’t know if it is possible or desirable for you, but I wonder if there is a way to separate out comments for recipes – general comments vs those who have made the recipes and are providing feedback/suggestions for modifications for other readers? Just an idea! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with the world — keep up the great work.

    • says

      Hey Jennifer, thank you for your note! I’m glad you’re enjoying my recipes. Great point on the comment front. I’m not sure if I can devise or afford a solution, but I have found a guy to help me with another commenting issue and I’ll ask him for his advice. Hope we can come up with a solution, because I certainly appreciate the issue.

  40. says

    I have to say that I loooove your blog! I’ve already tried a few of your recipes and they were absolutely perfect. I do have a completely un-food-related question for you though, have you ever thought about writing a post about having a dog? As a single 20-something myself, I’ve often thought about getting one, but I worry about training and taking care of it when I work full-time. How do you deal?

    • says

      Hi Nikki! Great suggestion. I will try to write about Cookie/dog ownership soon. I’m really lucky because I work from home, so I get to spend lots of time with Cookie. When I worked full-time and commuted 45 minutes each way, my exboyfriend and neighbor across the street helped take her out during the day. I got her when she was a year old and already potty trained, so that was easy. To be honest, taking care of a dog as a working single person is really hard and can be guilt ridden. I’m glad you’re taking it seriously.

  41. Jeanne Wharry says

    Dear Kate…. I dont have a website yet because Im trying to figure all this out. Not sure how to start blogging yet and your help was greatly appreciated!! Im afraid to spend the money without knowing what I am doing!! It would be nice to bring in some money to go along with all the recipe’s. I am in my 40’s and believe it would be nice to share all that Ive learned when it comes to cooking over the years. I love to cook, bake as well as share so the money would be a great blessing. Thank you so much for your advice and I will let you know when I am up and running. Thanks, Jeanne

    • says

      Jeanne, thank you for your message. Starting a food blog is definitely an investment of time and money. I didn’t try to make money on my blog until after I had been blogging for two years. Do let me know when yours is up and running!

  42. Linda Bergman says

    Hey, Just have to share this with you. We lost my in-laws within 11 days of each other in 2012. It was a crazy time. My husband’s mother passed away very unexpectadly at 80 and 11 days later her husband passed away at 82. Anyhow yesterday my sister-in-law was searching for a recipe and came upon your website. The funny part is that dad’s nickname was cookie and mom’s name is Kate. My daughter’s are vegetarian and are always on us about eating better. I guess this is another sign that we need to take up a more vegetarian lifestyle. At least concentrate on eating healthier :)

    • says

      Well, that is a funny coincidence! I’m sorry to hear about your in-laws, that must have been a very difficult time. Hope my recipes inspire more vegetables on the table!

  43. Jen says

    Just discovered your blog through Bark magazine. I’m vegan, so very interested in the recipes. I also read that Cookie came from Pet Adoption League …. 2 of my rescues came from there and we used to do some fostering for them. Yay for rescued dogs! She’s adorable!

    • says

      Thanks for commenting, Jen! Hope you enjoy the vegan recipes. I have quite a few of them. Hooray for rescued dogs indeed. Cookie is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. :)

  44. says

    Hi Kate! I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching around for food related blogs via Google and I really like what you’re doing. Just wanted to drop in and say hi and give a huge thanks for including a tip section for ‘new bloggers! It’s just what I’ve been looking for :)

  45. says

    I was recently shown your site by a friend and am very much enjoying the recipes. Also, I wanted to say that the coloring of Cookie and her size makes me think she could also have some Blue Heeler in her (which is a type of Australian Sheperd) they are known for the spots and blue (gray/white mixed coloring) and are very smart and loyal dogs (we have one if that’s not apparent)… Thanks!!

  46. Maryann says

    Love this blog. I am going to try the sweet potato chili recipe and sometime some of the drink recipes. You have done a really good job. I will be back.

  47. Brooke says

    Hi Kate! Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful, inspiring blog. I’ve made several of your recipes, and each one is more delicious than the next (I’m tempted to try to zucchini brownies this weekend).

    Also, your gorgeous hair is worthy of its own post!

  48. Stuart Whitwell says

    I love everything about your site. From the pictures of Cookie and you to the little blurb you wrote about yourself to the fantastic recipes and inviting photos. You give such a picture of health and freshness and affection. Every day I see something up at the top of my home page on Chrome. It is as good as joyful little prayer for the day. Thanks for all this. Just showed the bean and hummus salad recipe to my wife. Will think lots of nice thoughts about you as we eat it, indirectly in your company! Stuart (in London, UK)

    • says

      Stuart, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It made my day! I’m delighted that you enjoy my recipes so much and share them with your wife. Bon appetit!

  49. says

    Hi Kate,

    Found your blog while looking for some tips for sweet potato fries. We’ll try them tonight!
    Any thoughts on some vegetable options for my girls (aged 9 and 12)? We cook a wide variety of veggies for ourselves and put a raw carrot on their plates in the hope of boring them into trying something else. So far, no love.



    • says

      Vicki, I’m terribly sorry for my slow response to your great question. How did the sweet potato fries go over? If they liked them, I’d suggest roasting more veggies, especially as the weather cools down. I think that roasting brings out the best in sweet potatoes, eggplant, winter squash, and even broccoli and cauliflower!

    • says

      Welcome, Tagati! Glad you found my blog. You’re right, Cookie sure looks like a Queensland. Maybe someday I’ll buy one of those dog DNA kits to find out for sure!

  50. says

    Hi Kate! I recently found your blog and I love it. It seems we have almost the same philosophy around food – except I’m not a vegetarian. However I cook and eat mostly vegetarian food. I live in Sweden btw and will definitely be back here soon :-) //Sonja

  51. Laura DeWitt says

    I had a Blue Healer that looked a lot like Cookie… they are great dogs. My girl’s name was Frieda, like Frieda Kahlo the artist. I am making your ginger beer concentrate tonight, addicted to the taste–crave it. :) Just found your blog, very well done. I have a background in catering and cooking and was a vegetarian for 7 years–love your message! Laura

  52. Juliette says

    Hello Kate!
    I would like to start a blog about cooking and I like to know what is your blog host? because I found the presentation is clear and simple
    Thank you for all that you share with us!
    See you soon

  53. says

    Kate, just wanted to let you know that I linked to your sweet potato, kale, and chickpea soup today over on my blog. That soup gets me through the winter, let me tell you! Love your blog and your recipes. Thanks for the kitchen inspiration! -Lauren

  54. Petri says

    Hi Kate,
    I came here through the Genesis twitter account. Looking at the nice web design, but this is not only a beautiful site but also a very interesting one. Thanks, also for the Vegan ones!
    1 little remark, if I click the contact link my (unused) e-mail software wants to open itself. I would prefer a contact form.
    Many greetings from France,

  55. Tina says

    Cookie & Kate.

    I’m so happy I found you two – LOVE your blog! I’m always on the hunt for healthy delicious recipes and you make it all so inspiring. You are such a good writer and photographer (and Cookie is a supermodel).

    This might sound weird but somehow I find myself so calm and at ease after I’ve red your posts, there’s just something really welcoming about it. Not one of those overdramatic – hyped up – extreme – food blogs.

    So thank you for sprinkling some magic to my kitchen creations!
    Greetings from south of Sweden…

  56. says

    I absolutely adore your website. Your dog Cookie is so special! Cookie’s picture made me smile so big! Thanks for sharing all your ideas. I live in the Junction City, KS area, about 2 hrs away from you. Best wishes and God bless!

  57. Nikoleta says

    Hi:) I have never followed blogs and never (until now) comment on them. But I think I will be fan of yours because of those great recipes and your nice life philosophy.
    I am 30 something wife and mom from Serbia (Europe) and I live in Indiana for four years now, with hope that I will move home some day.

    Wish you all the best! :)

    • says

      Nikoleta, thank you for your comment! I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying my blog. I hope you get to move home someday, too! All my best.

  58. Sandy says

    Curried Cauliflower Soup brought me to your food blog and now I’ll never leave! I just had a yen for something different to do with cauliflower, and was surprised to find that my pantry had every ingredient listed. I’m subscribing today, and I’ve printed ten recipes to keep me busy this month. I’m a vegetarian, leaning mostly vegan, so I think I’ve found veggie heaven here! Cookie’s adorable and you are both lucky to have each other. >^;^<

  59. says

    I just found this blog (about to make the sweet potato & black bean tacos, now that it’s finally summertime in Chicago!!) and I’m in love with the layout, the photos, the recipes, etc.. I used to visit wholeliving.com but exhausted their recipes, and since the publication stopped they just stopped updating the website. Besides, this is way better!
    Thank you for creating such a great blog!! Can’t wait to try everything!

  60. says

    Hi Kate,

    I just discovered your blog and I love it! I just started out with one of mine own and will definitely refer to your site for inspiration. If you have any helpful tips to get a new blog off the ground I would love to hear them.


  61. Cheryle says

    Your website is absolutely awesome. I came across it last night and I’m so anxious to try so many of your recipes that are so beautifully photographed.I have been a vegan for over 20 years and I am so inspired by the flavors you have combined. Keep up the beautiful work you create and give Cookie a pat on the head. She always looks like she’s smiling. dogs bring such joy. look forward to receiving your emails. Keep smiling.

  62. says

    Howdy. I stumbled across your blog (literally – using StumbleUpon) and added you to my Feedly feed. My spouse is a vegetarian/Celiac Disease, so any gluten free adaptable recipes are a huge plus for me to try out. Thanks again, and awesome blog.

  63. Courtney says

    Hi Kate,

    I recently discovered your blog and I’m absolutely in love! I’ve made several of your recipes and they are all devine. I especially like the ‘notes’ section at the end of each recipe . About six months ago I cut meat out of my diet and your recipes have showed me that I never have to go back! I’ve even converted my husband to a mostly vegetarian diet after making your recipes and using many of your suggestions and ideas. A HUGE thank you for being so creative and inspiring.


    • says

      Courtney, I owe you a very belated thank you! Thank you for your sweet comment. I’m so glad you found my blog. Also happy to hear that you appreciate the recipe notes! I’m never sure if anyone reads those. Thanks again!

  64. Alice says

    Hey, fellow-Kansas Citian! I just stumbled across a pin that led me to your blog. I’m loving it! Can’t wait to pickle some radishes. I’m a GF/vegetarian and always seeking new, delicious foods to make — looks like your blog will keep me busy and happy. :)

  65. Amy says

    Hi Kate!
    Just stumbled upon your blog and I can already tell it will be one of my bookmarked favorites. My husband is coming home for exactly 12 hours and spoiling him with one of your recipes is going to be a treat! Your dog is A-dorable and I can’t wait to dive in to this piece of your lives. Thanks for all you do and keep it up! Peace&Love

  66. Brandi says

    This is one of my new favorite blogs! I love cooking and I love my dogs! I have an Aussie and a Redbone Coonhound. Your Sweet pup definitely has Aussie in her! Fantastic blog can’t wait to read more!

  67. Sander says

    I’m excited to find this site and already bookmarked it! So far I’ve only tried the sweet potato fries (I added garlic) and I’m looking forward to experimenting with other recipes. Great website. Thanks.

  68. Vickie says

    Just found your blog on Yummly.com. Cannot wait to try your recipes. Don’t know where to start. Have to shop. My pantry is full and I don’t have room for anything and my refrigerator always seems to be packed. I need to get rid of stuff to have a good frame of mind.

  69. Kaitlyn says

    I just came across your blog by searching for new vegetarian blogs; and I’m so glad I read your bio, because I’m from Oklahoma, too! (still here finishing college) It’s always nice to find other Oklahomans that care about eating healthy, whole foods. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in the whole state! Haha! Love the blog, and I’ll be trying out the recipes soon.

  70. says

    Hi Kate (and cookie),
    I am French and I follow you regularly for several months. First, I apologize for my English mistakes, I unfortunately don’t speak English very well.
    I just wanted to say that I find your great recipes, I love the joyful spirit of your blog and your photos and articles are for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
    I thought to be serious this time to change my diet to move towards vegetarianism. Do you have any advice for a beginner vegetarian? Maybe there it has an article about it that I might have missed, oops …
    Thank you so much for everything you share here and hope to hear from you soon again and again.

    • says

      Hi Marlene! Your English is very good. Much better than my French! I don’t have a straightforward post on becoming a vegetarian, but I hope you find this one helpful: http://cookieandkate.com/2014/a-week-in-the-life-of-a-vegetarian/. I showed a week’s worth of meals in that post. Personally, I find that I’m satisfied as long as I’m filling up on vegetables and whole grains. I eat beans or lentils and eggs whenever I need a more substantial meal. I like cheese and yogurt, too! Good luck!

      • says

        Thank you very much for your answer and for the link to the article. I think I’ll try to change my way of eating slowly. All your recipes and Week in the life of vegetarian will be a good start to help me. And like you I love yogurt (I’m a fan of my yogurt-maker) and more cheese (but for a French rightly so:-)) ans eggs and pulses, so I hope to get there even if those around me still has troubles to understand.
        Good evening or have a nice day (I don’t know what time is it in USA!!!lol)

  71. says

    Hi Kate! I just wanted to share with you what an inspiration Cookie+Kate has been for me. SO many amazing recipes, and such thoughtful posts (and of course that ADORABLE little Cookie). Actually, reading your blog has made me realize how much I love cooking, and how much I really need to make more room in my life for things that make me happy. I just published my first post on my own brand-new food blog (http://hummusandhoney.wordpress.com – I’m giving it a couple of months before I sink real money into the domain!), which I can only hope will be half as amazing and successful as Cookie+Kate is!

  72. Jordan says

    Hopeless-in-the-kitchen bachelor trying to eat as healthy as I can, with as much nutrition as possible, and move away from meat. I have a pretty active life, so I need to cram a lot in my meals to help me keep up with my pups and my job. I’ve struggled with it, because as much as I like to cook, I can’t design a recipe to save my life. I found you by way of your sweet potato fries, promptly messed those up the first go round (really, I’m hopeless), but got it eventually, and I’ve been trying almost a recipe a day.

    People at work keep remarking on my lunches, and I feel faaaantastic. That Lemony Lentil and Chickpea salad is going to be a staple, and I have Celiac friends who are duly grateful for the kale and black bean burritos (with corn tortilla, of course). Thank you, from the bottom of my Canadian heart!
    Windsor, Ontario

    The furry fam says hi!

  73. says

    Your brownie recipe is divine!

    I have no idea why I decided to make this whilst I was sick, but whatever the reason was, I’m certainly glad I came across your blog.

    Tried using homemade chocolate from the Philippines, and it seems to do the trick.

    I’ll be propagating this recipe throughout my thesis group ^.^ Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  74. Eric John says

    I was searching for a recipe for sweat potato fries and came across your site. I enjoyed looking around. Good luck to you!

  75. Jim says

    Thanks for the pecan butter recipe. You might want to link to dr. Bernsteins diabetes website, as pecans are very low carb. Im going to try your recipe on my 1 net carb cinnamon flatbread and I think it will be terrific. Thanks for sharing it.

  76. Samantha says

    Nice to find a blog by someone in the Midwest! We live in Kansas City too. We also have two dear Aussies – one blue heeler and one is part coolie :-) Awesome breeds – very active, smart dogs! Your site looks amazing and I can’t wait to try some of your wholesome recipes. Keep up the great work!

  77. Pra says

    Came across your blog name in a Health magazine email. Been looking through your recipe pics and they all look so amazing! I gotta try some soon. I’m trying to lose some weight and don’t believe in ‘diets’ per se, rather eating healthy and wholesome. Trick is to cut down on the amount we eat. And manage the stress in life, that’s what kills my resolve. TTYS

    • says

      Hey Pra, I had no idea that my blog was mentioned in Health magazine’s email, awesome! I hope you enjoy the recipes. I am absolutely with you on the diets front and I know that many of my other readers have found success with my recipes!

  78. Nardia says

    I love your website and recipes. Any chance you will release a cookbook in the future? Your photography would make such a beautiful cookbook!

  79. Anne Vlk says

    Hi Kate,

    Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and your photography! Just made your Sweet Potato, Kale and Chickpea Soup for the billionth time last week! Great recipes and so easy for someone such as myself who is a bit challenged in the kitchen! Your photography is beautiful and so is Cookie!

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

  80. Alyssa says

    Kate – you’re a rockstar!

    Thank you for coming up with healthy and delicious recipes – I can confidently say I am slowly making my way through your posts, and I absolutely love it! My latest achievement was your Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato and Broccoli Pasta – I normally don’t love goat cheese, but this recipe has turned me into a believer.

    Keep it up!

  81. Stephanie Petralie says

    I randomly came to your blog when googling vegetarian lunch ideas. I was looking at your Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad recipe and saw you talk about The Mediterranean Deli in OKC. LOVE that place! I am also from OKC and moved to Kansas City 2 years ago. I’m sure there are plenty of vegetarian blogs out there, but I think I’m going to stick to yours since you are a fellow OKC/KC girl :)
    Stephanie Petralie

    • says

      Hey Stephanie! What a coincidence! I moved here about two and a half years ago myself. Thanks for saying hello, maybe our paths will cross someday!

  82. says

    I am so happy I found your blog tonight! I love what your site is all about; celebrating whole foods! That is wonderful! Cookie is also adorable, my 2 dogs are my partners in crime as well (and chief peanut butter taste testers) I can’t wait to look around some more and find some tasty recipes to make : )

  83. Ali McDonald says

    I’ve finally found a food blog that’s worth saving to my “favourites”!

    I thought I would never find a source that catered to my numerous requirements: healthy, delicious, vegetarian, adabtable for friends/relatives with further diet restrictions, tasty enough for the meat eaters in my life, versatile enough for those tiring, long ‘I just want to use what is in my kitchen’ days, inspiring enough for the ‘I want ro cook up a storm!’ weekends, relatable enough for a Kiwi girl in the Southern Hemisphere, photographed for inspiration, and finally, peppered with friendly hints, ideas and a personable commentary.

    From the far reaches of Aotearoa: a profound thank you!

  84. Kristen says

    I just stumbled across your website this afternoon and its now 4 hours later and i’m still here and loving it!! I’ve even followed you on instagram and Liked your facebook page! Keep up the great work!!

  85. Jen Harrigan says

    Hiya Kate!
    I just had to add to the gazillion praises here and tell you some more about how much my husband and I LOVE your recipes. I am a former vegetarian (I love cheese WAY TOO MUCH to ever be a vegan, ha!) and my husband is not. I stumbled upon your blog after new years when I took a somewhat serious vow to make more wholefoods, healthier foods but gosh darn it still frickin’ delicious foods, I thought this was an impossible feat hence the somewhat seriousness… So far I have made 3 recipes …mango lettuce cups, sweet potato tacos, farro & cauliflower (and 2 more on the menu for next week)…and have now become obsessed with your recipes, posts and well, ideas. WELL DONE.

  86. Lauren says

    Kate, I think I could eat only recipes from your blog for the rest of my life. So beautifully presented and delicious. Your ideas inspire me to get creative and eat the healthiest I can! You do such great work, never stop.

  87. Mike C says

    I was traveling them KC for work a few weeks ago when I discovered Manifesto. I was entranced with the Beautiful Red Bell, and delighted to find your take on the recipe when I was searching for the ingredients. They were a hit last night!

  88. Sonia says

    I love this blog – I’m a mother of three, working full time and two of my girls have recently turned vegetarian. This blog has been brilliant – we’ve been living off it for a month. I love that it’s seasonal, quick and that you have clearly tested the recipes thoroughly before posting them as they always work well.

    We use a lot of your salds for packed lunches as well.

    The food is really nutritious, clean and simple to prepare but not boring in anyway.

    Thanks from Cambridge in the UK


  89. Ali McDonald says

    Hi Kate,

    In the short few months since I’ve discovered your site I’ve been inspired to cook numerous dishes (all delicious) and I’ve certainly noticed that most recipes – even the extra tasty deserty kind – are health-conscious and considered.

    So… having recently made the decision to go back to university to begin a BSc I’ve been doing a lot of reading on biology basics… most recently on lipids! It got me to thinking about the foods I eat in my diet, more specifically the ‘good’ (unsaturated) vs ‘bad’ (saturated & trans) oils.

    I was horrified to learn that my ‘good fat’ peanut butter was being artificially hydrogenated – to make it last longer and look better on shelf – and I was infact eating a transfat. Suffice to say I’m now happy to pay the extra price for all-natural non-hydrongenated peanut butter. But this revelation prompted me to take a closer look at the few naturally occuring plant-based saturated fats that might be included in my diet, primairily coconut oil, which is about 90% saturated fat. And I noticed that this is often an ingredient (though usually optional) in recipies you post.

    After much reading it seems there’s no clear conclusion. Scientists seem to be erring on the side of caution, suggesting that we only use coconut oil “ocassionlly”. While it does boost “good” HDL cholestrol, studies so far have only been short term and therefore we can’t really know how it affects our risk of heart disease.

    So that’s my ‘thought for the day’ :) I’m sure many of your readers & followers are well aware of this already but I certainly wasn’t. I won’t stop using coconut oil – it tastes great and is wonderful when I need to do any vegan baking – but I’ll limit my intake and go with proven good-oils like soybean and olive oil.



    (As far as ‘google’ resources goI found this link to be quite helpful:

    • says

      Hi Ali, thank you for sharing! I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I’ve researched coconut oil and believe it’s a healthy fat to cook with in moderation. I’m far more concerned about the vats of cheap, hydrogenated vegetable/soybean oil used to fry food at restaurants than I am about cooking with quality oil of any kind at home. I actually wouldn’t recommend soybean oil unless it’s organic. The latest research on olive oil indicates that it is safe for cooking up to 425 degrees, so olive oil is my go-to oil. I just got my cholesterol checked and it’s remarkably low (both HDL and LDL are in the 70s), so I feel comfortable recommending my recipes to others. They work for me, at least! All just food for thought.

  90. Ellen says


    I just found this site! Yea! I’m making a list for the store tomorrow to try some of your recipes.They sound really yummy and very healthy. I live on the Kansas side of the city in Overland Park, so I wanted to say Hi.


  91. Jeni says

    My husband and I recently decided to radically change our diet from meat and potatoes to vegetarian with a little fish for health reasons. I want to say a BIG thank you for your website. I seem to find myself here everyday looking for inspiration. We have tried the Roasted Ratatouille with Spaghetti, Butternut Squash Frittata and and the Portobello and Poblano Fajitas. All of the recipes were easy to follow and so satisfying. We really haven’t been missing the meat at all. This weekend, I am going to attempt your Easy Whole Wheat Pizza, wish me luck I’ve never been very successful with dough but this looks doable.

    • says

      Jeni, thank you for saying hello! I’m thrilled to hear that you two are enjoying my recipes! I hope the pizza dough worked out great for you. I always appreciate feedback on my recipes!

  92. says

    Hi Kate, I love your blog! I found it via an internet search and am so glad I did:) You have great information and excellent healthy recipes. I think it’s neat that you ordered a DNA test of your dog; I have a mix as well and have often wondered what breeds she is comprised of. Thank you for all your amazing content! Best, Sara

    • says

      Thanks for saying hello, Sara! I’m so glad you found my website. The DNA results were so interesting! The test cost me about $80 through wisdompanel.com, if you’d like to settle your mystery!

  93. PatK says

    I just discovered your blog, and love it! I look forward to trying the Soba Noodle Salad this afternoon, and many more soon. Thank you for your passion and tenacity!!

    Frannie and Pat, a Papillon and her loving servant

  94. Klaudia says

    I just came across your site and I am so excited that I have found delicious meatless recipes that are healthy! Thank you for the wide variety of items you have posted! Can’t wait to try all of them!!

  95. says

    Just happened on your blog and I love it. The recipes and the pictures are fabulous. Currently in Bali doing yoga (I love to be able to write that sentence:-) ). Your blog made me look at going back to Norway not so bad, because then I can make all these delights in my kitchen. Thank you for a wonderful blog. Have a happy day.

  96. Phyllis says

    Kate: I just recently found you!!!! I probably have downloaded most of your recipes. Have you published a book – it would be so much easier than having lots of paper in a folder. Thank you for all your blogs/insights into your life. Love Cookie!!!

  97. Jen says

    Hi Kate & of course Cookie,

    I ate vegetarian for nearly a decade & after 15 plus years (and declining health), I am returning to a mostly plant based diet. Your blog has been my go to for meal ideas and inspiration for quite some time now. Thanks for all you do to make meal time something I look forward to again.


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